2021-04-22 Luke Kenneth... add DMI interface to JTAG TAP
2021-04-22 Luke Kenneth... fix wishbone optional stall
2021-04-22 Luke Kenneth... add default features over-ride option to wishbone
2021-04-22 Luke Kenneth... whitespace cleanup
2021-04-22 Luke Kenneth... whitespace cleanup
2021-04-22 Luke Kenneth... nmigen explicit imports
2021-04-22 Luke Kenneth... Document why FFSynchronizer is not used.
2021-04-22 Staf VerhaegenDouble empty lines between top level definitions.
2021-04-22 Luke Kenneth... whitespace (pep8)
2021-04-22 Luke Kenneth... comments on JTAG IO
2021-04-21 Staf VerhaegenRemove generated test file.
2021-04-21 Staf VerhaegenFix path for env
2021-04-21 Luke Kenneth... comment on why clocks are in FSM
2021-04-21 Staf Verhaegenmodgrammar dependency
2021-04-21 Staf VerhaegenTypo (is -> ==)
2021-04-21 Staf Verhaegensvfcocotb: Fix results access for SDR and SIR.
2021-04-21 Staf Verhaegensvfgrammar: Forgotten SVF statements.
2021-04-21 Staf VerhaegenSupport lower case hex letters.
2021-04-21 Staf VerhaegenConnect tdi to tdo for boundary scan without IOs.
2021-04-21 Luke Kenneth... Handle case with zero IO cells for boundary scan.
2021-04-21 Luke Kenneth... Comment sections in TAP.elaborate()
2021-04-08 Staf Verhaegennmigen-soc dependency
2020-01-06 Staf VerhaegenFix cocotb path for c4m_jtag_svfgrammar.
2020-01-06 Staf VerhaegenBinaryValue API change.
2020-01-06 Staf VerhaegenUpdate the unit tests.
2020-01-06 Staf Verhaegencocotb improvements
2020-01-06 Staf VerhaegenMade nmigen code independent of VHDL code.
2020-01-06 Staf VerhaegenSupport for different IO types in VHDL code.
2020-01-06 Staf VerhaegenForce passing by name for TAP.add_shiftreg().
2019-12-17 Staf VerhaegenAlso clean python cache.
2019-12-16 Staf VerhaegenAdded test bench for nmigen TAP with cocotb.
2019-12-16 Staf VerhaegenFix order of iocells in ioblock.
2019-12-16 Staf VerhaegenSpecify names for TAP signals.
2019-12-16 Staf VerhaegenBasic nmigen generator bench for TAP top cell.
2019-12-16 Staf VerhaegenFix paths after move.
2019-12-16 Staf Verhaegen[broken]Moved test benches to test/vhdl
2019-12-16 Staf VerhaegenMove idcode.vhdl to test/ghdl/idcode
2019-12-16 Staf VerhaegenRemove unused bench
2019-12-14 Staf VerhaegenMade STATE and NEXT_STATE internal to c4m_jtag_tap_fsm.
2019-12-14 Staf VerhaegenPass VERSION generic from controller to idblock.
2019-12-14 Staf VerhaegenMoved function definitions before component definitions...
2019-12-14 Staf VerhaegenAdded TODO for IOMODEs.
2019-12-14 Staf VerhaegenAdd top controller instance from nmigen code.
2019-12-06 Staf VerhaegenSimplify signal generation for TAP wishbone interfaces.
2019-12-06 Staf VerhaegenUse Elif for third m.next assignment.
2019-12-06 Staf VerhaegenUse Wishbone code from nmigen-soc.
2019-12-06 Staf VerhaegenSupport JTAG bus with a reset signal.
2019-12-06 Staf VerhaegenRework ShiftReg and Wishbone elaboration.
2019-12-06 Staf VerhaegenUse the JTAG Interface class as bus.
2019-12-06 Staf VerhaegenGet Wishbone from c4m lib.
2019-12-06 Staf VerhaegenRename JTAG to TAP.
2019-12-06 Staf VerhaegenRenamed jtag.py -> tap.py.
2019-12-06 Staf VerhaegenAdded JTAG bus interface.
2019-12-06 Staf VerhaegenMove pmod resource to own file and convert it in one...
2019-12-06 Staf Verhaegenpython setuptools files
2019-12-06 Staf VerhaegenFix code after move
2019-12-06 Staf Verhaegen[broken]Move code
2019-12-06 Staf VerhaegenSetup new structure for code
2019-12-06 Staf VerhaegenMade _add_files static method of JTAG.
2019-12-06 Staf VerhaegenUpdate test code for interface change of c4m_jtag_tap_c...
2019-12-06 Staf VerhaegenHandle stall signal.
2019-11-13 Staf VerhaegenAdded nmigen wrapper and support code for JTAG interface.
2019-10-29 Staf VerhaegenOnly add assert statement if DEBUG generic is true.
2019-10-03 Staf Verhaegencocotb/c4m_jtag: support trst_n to be None.
2019-10-03 Staf Verhaegenc4m_jtag_tap_controller: Remove TAPSTATE_TYPE signals...
2019-08-26 Staf Verhaegenclean up unused python import statements
2019-07-07 Staf VerhaegenIDCODE:
2018-06-25 Staf VerhaegenDon't use tri-state logic for TDO; introduce TDO_EN...
2018-06-25 Staf VerhaegenSimulation setup improvements:
2018-04-14 Staf VerhaegenAdded SVF_Executor class that allows to execute a SVF...
2018-04-14 Staf VerhaegenAdded SVF grammar parser
2018-04-14 Staf VerhaegenJTAG_master class: fix bug that wrongly changed state...
2018-04-14 Staf VerhaegenJTAG_master class: document need for manual setting...
2017-11-25 Staf VerhaegenFix ghdl sim script.
2017-08-27 Staf VerhaegenImport the JTAG interface code as used for the Chips4Ma...