add python2.7 explicit install dependency in buster chroot
[dev-env-setup.git] / coriolis2-chroot
2021-08-19 Luke Kenneth Casso... add python2.7 explicit install dependency in buster...
2021-08-19 Luke Kenneth Casso... use python3 to create crypt password
2021-05-02 Luke Kenneth Casso... nope, correct EOF, sort out apt-get install dependencies
2021-03-30 Luke Kenneth Casso... check out specific version of yosys needed for ls180...
2021-03-08 Luke Kenneth Casso... add sudo, remove systemd
2020-07-24 Cole PoirierRemove use of uid=1000 in favour of $SUDO_USER globally
2020-07-24 Cole PoirierFix minor bugs, give better name to yosys install script
2020-07-23 Cole PoirierFix bugs and add helpful messages, script is tested...
2020-05-19 colepoirierFix silly typo in coriolis2-chroot script
2020-05-19 colepoirierReorder installs, now compiling yosys from source before
2020-05-18 colepoirierApplied JP's patch to correctly set coriolisenv
2020-05-12 colepoirierFirst draft of coriolis2 chroot dependency setup script...