2022-04-25 Luke Kenneth... add reproducible script master
2022-04-25 Luke Kenneth... charter, yken
2022-04-25 Luke Kenneth... add README
2022-04-15 Luke Kenneth... missing quote
2022-04-15 Luke Kenneth... comments on fasm build dependencies
2022-04-15 Luke Kenneth... add libantlr etc. to nextpnr-xilinx-install,
2022-04-15 Luke Kenneth... comments on why cp-scripts-to-chroot is needed
2022-04-15 Luke Kenneth... add manual install/download of fasm-0.0.2.post88
2022-04-14 Luke Kenneth... check out verilog-wishbone at specific tag
2022-04-14 Luke Kenneth... add verilog-wishbone (for async bridge) to hdl-dev-ls2
2022-04-08 R Veera KumarAdd fpga-boot-load-prog-install script
2022-04-06 R Veera KumarRemove and add yosys and nextpnr-xilinx pkg dependencies
2022-04-04 Luke Kenneth... also add powerpc64le gcc compiler
2022-04-04 Luke Kenneth... add tercel, uart and ethmac to ls2 repos
2022-04-04 Luke Kenneth... add no-deps to nmigen_boards
2022-04-04 Luke Kenneth... remove backports and installation of yosys, this is
2022-04-04 R Veera KumarAdd nextpnr-xilinx installation script
2022-03-31 Luke Kenneth... update iverilog to known-good version d8cb29f6e0
2022-03-26 Luke Kenneth... add devscript for ls2, bork-fix nmigen dependency grr
2022-03-26 Luke Kenneth... add ls2 repo
2022-03-26 Luke Kenneth... add minicom to dependencies
2022-03-26 Luke Kenneth... add specific versions for nextpnr-ecp5
2022-03-26 Luke Kenneth... sort out pinmux
2022-03-26 Luke Kenneth... use gitlab nmigen repos for now
2022-03-26 Luke Kenneth... install powerpc gcc afterwards in case it fails
2022-03-26 Luke Kenneth... mkdir -p on /opt/chroot/$chrootdir
2022-03-25 Luke Kenneth... more notes about yosys and ghdl
2022-03-25 Luke Kenneth... require specific versions of yosys and ghdl and ghdl...
2022-02-20 Luke Kenneth... add python3-jinja2 to list of dependencies
2022-02-20 Tobias Platenfix broken build on ppc64le
2022-02-08 Luke Kenneth... add comment about libxml2
2022-02-08 Luke Kenneth... update vtr to latest master, stops the segfault
2022-01-29 Luke Kenneth... disable python and gui build of nextpnr-ecp5
2022-01-29 Tobias Platenadd ghdl-yosys-plugin, update links to yosyshq
2021-12-15 Luke Kenneth... add python3-cffi to depedencies
2021-11-13 Luke Kenneth... replace github download of nmigen with libre-soc.
2021-10-18 R Veera KumarAdd git-man/buster to git install and minor shell...
2021-10-17 R Veera KumarInstall TBB and build vtr with TBB and other fixes
2021-10-10 Luke Kenneth... add buster-backports and fpga-interchange
2021-10-10 R Veera KumarFix for vtr file path
2021-10-09 R Veera KumarInitial Symbiflow toolchain addition
2021-10-07 Andrey Miroshnikovcoriolis-install: Changed example cell name to chip_r
2021-10-07 Andrey Miroshnikovcoriolis2-chroot: Added optional argument for specifyin...
2021-10-07 Andrey Miroshnikovcoriolis2-chroot: Script updated to run all the steps...
2021-10-02 Andrey Miroshnikovcoriolis-install: Script working. Did one run with...
2021-10-02 Andrey MiroshnikovRemoved duplicate coriolis scripts with old names.
2021-10-01 Andrey Miroshnikovcoriolis-install, cp-scripts-to-chroot: adjusted names...
2021-10-01 Luke Kenneth... use adder benchmark not ARM benchmark
2021-10-01 Luke Kenneth... alliance is installed locally, in the user home directo...
2021-09-27 Luke Kenneth... check out LS180_RC7_FINAL version of coriolis2
2021-09-25 Luke Kenneth... move symbiflow notes
2021-09-23 Andrey Miroshnikovcoriolis_install: Now using USER var instead of SUDO_US...
2021-09-23 Andrey Miroshnikovmk-deb-chroot: Moved brokenproxy cp command to after...
2021-09-15 Luke Kenneth... add sudo in front of chown/chgrp and make it at the...
2021-09-15 Luke Kenneth... do not use parallel make. guaranteed to fail and/or...
2021-09-15 Luke Kenneth... run under bash
2021-09-14 Andrey New script for copying this...
2021-09-14 Andrey MiroshnikovAdded missing /bin/bash at the start, bug 696 still...
2021-09-14 Luke Kenneth... oooo annoying, scroot refuses to go if done in wrong...
2021-09-13 Andrey Miroshnikovrm-deb-chroot: Added a script for removing the configur...
2021-09-13 Andrey Miroshnikovmk-deb-chroot: made schroot profile config into a varia...
2021-09-12 Andrey MiroshnikovAdding coriolis_install for installing coriolis by...
2021-09-12 Andrey MiroshnikovAdded check to see if brokenproxy apt fix was already...
2021-09-10 Andrey MiroshnikovChanged chown and chgrp to change ownership of the...
2021-09-09 Luke Kenneth... ARGH getting really fed up with ISP transparent proxies...
2021-09-08 Luke Kenneth... add apt-acquire-retries to coriolis2-chroot
2021-09-08 Luke Kenneth... sort out coriolis-chroot
2021-09-08 Luke Kenneth... add apt-acquire-retries to both chroot and host
2021-09-08 Luke Kenneth... add apt-acquire-retries to stop debootstrap failing
2021-08-31 Luke Kenneth... do not use external unauthorised uncontrolled servers.
2021-08-31 Luke Kenneth... add python 2.7 to list of packages to install
2021-08-25 Jacob Lifshayupdate pia-install to use
2021-08-25 Jacob Lifshayupdate pia-install to use
2021-08-20 Mikolaj WielgusDo not create duplicate sections in schroot.conf
2021-08-20 Mikolaj WielgusExit if the chroot directory already exists
2021-08-20 Mikolaj WielgusUse pacman, not apt, when on Arch Linux
2021-08-20 Luke Kenneth... whoops spelling
2021-08-20 Luke Kenneth... add pin-priority for buster backports
2021-08-19 Luke Kenneth... set up profile for schroot, do not copy over nssdatabases
2021-08-19 Luke Kenneth... coriolis2 chroot use different fstab non-bind-mount
2021-08-19 Luke Kenneth... experiment using schroot itself for install
2021-08-19 Luke Kenneth... use schroot "type=directory" which means no need to...
2021-08-19 Luke Kenneth... use http not https
2021-08-19 Luke Kenneth... not being reliable redirection, changing to
2021-08-19 Luke Kenneth... add python2.7 explicit install dependency in buster...
2021-08-19 Luke Kenneth... use python3 to create crypt password
2021-08-16 Luke Kenneth... must be a .list file
2021-08-16 Luke Kenneth... add buster backports to hdl apt dependencies
2021-08-08 Luke Kenneth... add symbiflow-install notes
2021-06-10 Luke Kenneth... add svgwrite to list of dependencies
2021-06-05 R Veera KumarAdd sphinx documentation system dependencies.
2021-05-23 R Veera KumarAdded \ to configure command for nice look and 80 chara...
2021-05-23 R Veera KumarUpdated gcc configure command.
2021-05-23 R Veera KumarUpdated and finalized cocotb script.
2021-05-22 Luke Kenneth... add TODO
2021-05-22 Luke Kenneth... do not use pip3 for installing cocotb
2021-05-22 Luke Kenneth... update hdl-dev-repos with pyfnwriter
2021-05-22 R Veera KumarAdded cocotb setup script.
2021-05-22 R Veera KumarAdded iverilog setup script.
2021-05-22 R Veera KumarAdd ghdl install script.