2021-09-13 Andrey Miroshnikovrm-deb-chroot: Added a script for removing the configur...
2021-09-13 Andrey Miroshnikovmk-deb-chroot: made schroot profile config into a varia...
2021-09-12 Andrey MiroshnikovAdding coriolis_install for installing coriolis by...
2021-09-12 Andrey MiroshnikovAdded check to see if brokenproxy apt fix was already...
2021-09-10 Andrey MiroshnikovChanged chown and chgrp to change ownership of the...
2021-09-09 Luke Kenneth... ARGH getting really fed up with ISP transparent proxies...
2021-09-08 Luke Kenneth... add apt-acquire-retries to coriolis2-chroot
2021-09-08 Luke Kenneth... sort out coriolis-chroot
2021-09-08 Luke Kenneth... add apt-acquire-retries to both chroot and host
2021-09-08 Luke Kenneth... add apt-acquire-retries to stop debootstrap failing
2021-08-31 Luke Kenneth... do not use external unauthorised uncontrolled servers.
2021-08-31 Luke Kenneth... add python 2.7 to list of packages to install
2021-08-25 Jacob Lifshayupdate pia-install to use
2021-08-25 Jacob Lifshayupdate pia-install to use
2021-08-20 Mikolaj WielgusDo not create duplicate sections in schroot.conf
2021-08-20 Mikolaj WielgusExit if the chroot directory already exists
2021-08-20 Mikolaj WielgusUse pacman, not apt, when on Arch Linux
2021-08-20 Luke Kenneth... whoops spelling
2021-08-20 Luke Kenneth... add pin-priority for buster backports
2021-08-19 Luke Kenneth... set up profile for schroot, do not copy over nssdatabases
2021-08-19 Luke Kenneth... coriolis2 chroot use different fstab non-bind-mount
2021-08-19 Luke Kenneth... experiment using schroot itself for install
2021-08-19 Luke Kenneth... use schroot "type=directory" which means no need to...
2021-08-19 Luke Kenneth... use http not https
2021-08-19 Luke Kenneth... not being reliable redirection, changing to
2021-08-19 Luke Kenneth... add python2.7 explicit install dependency in buster...
2021-08-19 Luke Kenneth... use python3 to create crypt password
2021-08-16 Luke Kenneth... must be a .list file
2021-08-16 Luke Kenneth... add buster backports to hdl apt dependencies
2021-08-08 Luke Kenneth... add symbiflow-install notes
2021-06-10 Luke Kenneth... add svgwrite to list of dependencies
2021-06-05 R Veera KumarAdd sphinx documentation system dependencies.
2021-05-23 R Veera KumarAdded \ to configure command for nice look and 80 chara...
2021-05-23 R Veera KumarUpdated gcc configure command.
2021-05-23 R Veera KumarUpdated and finalized cocotb script.
2021-05-22 Luke Kenneth... add TODO
2021-05-22 Luke Kenneth... do not use pip3 for installing cocotb
2021-05-22 Luke Kenneth... update hdl-dev-repos with pyfnwriter
2021-05-22 R Veera KumarAdded cocotb setup script.
2021-05-22 R Veera KumarAdded iverilog setup script.
2021-05-22 R Veera KumarAdd ghdl install script.
2021-05-20 Luke Kenneth... add texinfo to ppc64-gdb-gcc
2021-05-20 Luke Kenneth... add wget to install-hdl-apt-reqs
2021-05-20 Luke Kenneth... add wget used in ppc64-gdb-gcc script
2021-05-19 R Veera KumarAdd verilator install script.
2021-05-02 Luke Kenneth... sort out dependencies ordering in hdl-dev-repos
2021-05-02 Luke Kenneth... add -p to mkdir src
2021-05-02 Luke Kenneth... correct mkdir paths in hdl-tools-yosys
2021-05-02 Luke Kenneth... add deb-src
2021-05-02 Luke Kenneth... nope, correct EOF, sort out apt-get install dependencies
2021-05-02 Luke Kenneth... whoops missing EOF
2021-04-23 Luke Kenneth... update dev-env scripts to include openpower-isa
2021-03-30 Luke Kenneth... check out specific version of yosys needed for ls180...
2021-03-29 Luke Kenneth... add libevent-dev
2021-03-29 Luke Kenneth... add libjson-c-dev dependency (for litex)
2021-03-29 Luke Kenneth... comment out nosetests, add in a few "make" commands...
2021-03-12 R Veera KumarAdd make -j parallelization and chown and chgrp the...
2021-03-12 Luke Kenneth... clean up build scripts
2021-03-12 Luke Kenneth... comment and change build location
2021-03-12 Luke Kenneth... formatting, remove proc/sys/dev mount in case its run...
2021-03-12 R Veera KumarAdd new install script for nextpnr with ecp5 support
2021-03-08 Luke Kenneth... add sudo, remove systemd
2021-03-08 Luke Kenneth... add sudo, remove systemd
2021-03-08 Luke Kenneth... add mk-deb-chroot based on coriolis2-chroot
2021-03-08 Luke Kenneth... add comments
2021-03-07 Luke Kenneth... add python3-sphinx to dependencies
2021-03-04 Luke Kenneth... remove -n from make install
2021-03-04 Luke Kenneth... correction to gdb-gcc build script
2021-03-04 Luke Kenneth... first revision ppc64-gdb-gcc script
2021-03-04 Luke Kenneth... add c4m-jtag to required dependencies
2020-09-10 Cole Poirierupdate lsoc-mesa-dev-env-setup as now it builds and...
2020-08-27 Cole Poirierdev-env-setup add specific mesa apt dependencies instal...
2020-08-27 Cole Poirierdev-env setup change name of install-apt-reqs because...
2020-07-24 Cole PoirierRemove use of uid=1000 in favour of $SUDO_USER globally
2020-07-24 Cole PoirierAdd missing pia step, cargo install maturin the rust...
2020-07-24 Cole PoirierCreate script to build and install power_instruction_an...
2020-07-24 Cole PoirierFix minor bugs, give better name to yosys install script
2020-07-23 Cole PoirierFix bugs and add helpful messages, script is tested...
2020-07-15 Cole PoirierRemove duplication of code, chroot-deps are in coriolis...
2020-07-15 Cole PoirierRemove dependency on mercurial
2020-07-15 Tobias Platenuse 'python3 develop' instead
2020-07-14 Tobias Platenadd setup script for use with virtualenv
2020-07-13 Cole PoirierRemove checkout of known working commit, nmigen issue...
2020-07-12 Cole PoirierAdd nmigen-soc installation to script, use known-workin...
2020-05-19 colepoirierFix silly typo in coriolis2-chroot script
2020-05-19 colepoirierReorder installs, now compiling yosys from source before
2020-05-18 colepoirierApplied JP's patch to correctly set coriolisenv
2020-05-18 colepoirierMade hdl-dev-repos script executable
2020-05-18 colepoirierAdded missing dependency 'libmpfr-dev' to 'install...
2020-05-18 colepoirierCreated simple script to install and 'python3 setup...
2020-05-18 colepoirierSignificantly simplfied yosys and related tools install...
2020-05-15 colepoirierAdded python3-setuptools to 'install-apt-reqs' script
2020-05-14 colepoirierFirst working draft of 'yosys-et-al' script for buildin...
2020-05-14 colepoirierUpdated install-apt-reqs with more than 10 dependecies...
2020-05-12 colepoirierFirst draft of coriolis2 chroot dependency setup script...
2020-05-12 colepoirierCreate alphabetical dedulicated file of apt dependencie...
2020-05-12 colepoirierAdded more of the required apt dependencies, specified...
2020-04-21 colepoirierFirst commit of script that installs host apt dependencies
2020-04-03 Cole PoirierInitial commit