tests: arch-power: Add 64-bit hello binaries
[gem5.git] / build_opts /
2020-09-08 Timothy Hayesmem-ruby: HTM mem implementation
2020-07-04 Bobby R. Brucemisc: Merged m5ops_base hotfix into develop
2020-06-17 Tony Gutierrezarch, gpu-compute: Remove HSAIL related files
2020-06-15 Tony Gutierrezgpu-compute, mem-ruby, configs: Add GCN3 ISA support...
2020-05-28 Bobby R. Brucemisc: Merge branch 'release-staging-v20.0.0.0' into...
2020-05-23 Nadia Etemadiarch-arm: Fixed spacing issue in ARM_MOESI_hammer
2020-05-23 Nadia Etemadiarch-arm: Fixed issue building ARM_MESI_Three_Level
2020-05-23 Jason Lowe-Powermisc: Remove GCN3 as a build target
2020-05-17 Jason Lowe-Powermisc: Update Garnet_standalone build opts
2020-04-30 Tony Gutierrezmisc: Add build opts for GCN3 GPU ISA
2020-02-26 Bobby R. Brucemisc: merge branch 'release-staging-v19.0.0.0' into...
2020-02-24 Bobby R. Brucemisc: Merged release-staging-v19.0.0.0 into develop
2020-02-13 Gabe Blackscons: Delete the ALPHA default build configuration.
2020-02-13 Gabe Blackscons,arch: Remove simple scalar compatibility.
2020-01-17 Timothy Hayesmisc: add Arm build_opts for MESI_Three_Level and MOESI...
2019-06-05 John Alsopmem-ruby: Enable set size increase
2017-06-13 Nikos Nikolerisscons: Make MOESI_CMP_directory the default ARM ruby...
2016-11-30 Alec Roelkeriscv: [Patch 5/5] Added missing support for timing...
2016-11-30 Alec Roelkearch: [Patch 1/5] Added RISC-V base instruction set...
2016-11-17 Andreas Hanssontests, ruby: Move rubytests from ALPHA (linux) to NULL...
2016-10-06 Tushar Krishnaruby: rename ALPHA_Network_test protocol to Garnet_stan...
2016-01-19 Tony Gutierrezgpu-compute: AMD's baseline GPU model
2015-01-20 Andreas Hanssonscons: Do not build the InOrderCPU
2014-09-03 Andreas Hanssonalpha: Stop using 'inorder' and rely entirely on 'minor'
2014-09-01 Nilay Vaishbuild opts: add MI_example to NULL ISA
2014-07-23 Andrew Bardsleycpu: `Minor' in-order CPU model
2014-01-04 Nilay Vaishruby: rename MESI_CMP_directory to MESI_Two_Level
2013-09-04 Andreas Hanssonarch: Resurrect the NOISA build target and rename it...
2013-06-09 Nilay Vaishconfig: add atomic cpu to X86_MESI_CMP_directory build...
2012-04-26 Nilay VaishRegression: Add a test for x86 timing full system ruby...
2012-02-01 Gabe BlackMerge ... head, hopefully the last time for this batch.
2012-01-31 Gabe BlackMerge with main repository.
2012-01-29 Gabe BlackYet another merge with the main repository.
2012-01-28 Gabe BlackSE/FS: Pull FULL_SYSTEM out of the build_opts files
2011-08-09 Gabe BlackX86: Build O3 by default in X86_FS.
2011-08-02 Nilay VaishScons: Drop RUBY as compile time option.
2011-06-21 Korey Sewellinorder: sparc: add hello world regression
2011-06-20 Korey Sewellinorder: make InOrder CPU FS compilable/visible
2011-03-22 Tushar KrishnaThis patch adds the network tester for simple and garne...
2011-03-04 Gabe BlackMips: MIPS_FS doesn't build currently, so delete it...
2011-02-03 Gabe BlackX86: Build O3 by default in SE.
2010-11-20 Ali SaidiSCons: Support building without an ISA
2010-11-15 Ali SaidiARM: Compile O3 CPU by default
2010-06-07 Steve Reinhardtscons: make RUBY a regular (non-global) sticky var
2010-02-01 Brad Beckmannmerge
2010-02-01 Brad Beckmannm5: Added PROTOCOL default for regress fix
2010-01-30 Brad Beckmannm5: Regression Tester Update
2010-01-19 Derek Howermerge
2009-11-18 Ali SaidiARM: Boilerplate full-system code.
2009-10-27 Timothy M. JonesPOWER: Add support for the Power ISA
2009-05-21 Korey Sewellbuild_opts: update ALPHA_FS cpu models
2009-05-13 Korey Sewellmips-merge: merge hello world regress for inorder cpu
2009-05-13 Korey Sewellmips_se: add cpu_models to build options
2009-05-13 Korey Sewellcpus: add InOrderCPU to default build
2009-04-09 Nathan Binkertalpha: get rid of all turbolaser remnants
2008-02-19 Stephen HinesAdded ARM_SE as a build option.
2007-11-15 Korey Sewellmerge Ali's config change...
2007-11-15 Korey Sewellbranch merge
2007-11-13 Korey SewellAdd in files from merge-bare-iron, get them compiling...
2007-10-31 Steve ReinhardtMerge in bus DPRINTF changes.
2007-09-26 Gabe BlackMerge with head.
2007-09-25 Gabe BlackX86: Get X86_FS to compile.
2007-04-13 Ali SaidiMerge zizzer:/bk/newmem
2007-04-09 Kevin LimMerge ktlim@zizzer:/bk/newmem
2007-04-09 Gabe BlackMerge zizzer.eecs.umich.edu:/bk/newmem
2007-04-09 Gabe BlackMake SPARC build o3 by default.
2007-03-23 Kevin LimMerge ktlim@zizzer:/bk/newmem
2007-03-07 Ali SaidiMerge zizzer:/bk/newmem
2007-03-06 Ali SaidiMerge zizzer:/bk/newmem
2007-03-06 Gabe BlackMerge zizzer.eecs.umich.edu:/bk/newmem
2007-03-05 Gabe BlackMerge zizzer.eecs.umich.edu:/bk/newmem
2007-03-03 Gabe BlackAdd build hooks for x86.
2006-12-16 Gabe BlackMerge zizzer:/bk/sparcfs/
2006-12-15 Lisa HsuMerge zizzer:/bk/sparcfs
2006-12-15 Lisa HsuMerge zizzer:/bk/sparcfs
2006-12-13 Lisa HsuMerge zizzer:/bk/sparcfs
2006-12-13 Lisa HsuMerge zizzer:/bk/newmem
2006-12-10 Steve ReinhardtMerge zizzer.eecs.umich.edu:/z/stever/bk/newmem-cache2
2006-12-10 Steve ReinhardtMerge vm1.(none):/home/stever/bk/newmem-head
2006-12-06 Gabe BlackMerge zizzer:/bk/newmem
2006-12-05 Kevin LimOverride default SConscript options and only build...
2006-10-01 Kevin LimMerge ktlim@zamp:./local/clean/o3-merge/m5
2006-09-15 Gabe BlackMerge zizzer.eecs.umich.edu:/bk/newmem
2006-09-11 Ali SaidiMerge zizzer:/bk/newmem
2006-09-02 Steve ReinhardtMerge zizzer.eecs.umich.edu:/bk/newmem
2006-09-01 Steve ReinhardtAdd o3-timing configuration for ALPHA_SE "Hello world...
2006-07-06 Ali SaidiMerge zizzer:/bk/newmem
2006-06-12 Gabe BlackMerge m5.eecs.umich.edu:/bk/newmem
2006-06-12 Nathan BinkertMerge iceaxe.:/Volumes/work/research/m5/head
2006-06-04 Kevin LimMerge ktlim@zamp:/z/ktlim2/clean/m5-o3
2006-05-30 Kevin LimMerge ktlim@zizzer:/bk/m5
2006-05-29 Ali Saidisplit off fullsystem and se iprs into two functions...
2006-05-22 Steve ReinhardtNew directory structure: