tests: arch-power: Add 64-bit hello binaries
[gem5.git] / configs /
2021-02-03 Bobby R. Brucemisc: Merge branch v20.1.0.3 hotfix into develop
2021-02-03 Gabe Blackmisc: Re-remove Authors lines from source files.
2021-01-31 Sooraj Puthoordev-hsa: enable interruptible hsa signal support
2021-01-29 Giacomo Travagliniconfigs: Use MmioVirtIO for disk image in baremetal.py
2021-01-26 Andreas Sandbergconfigs: Remove Python 2.7 glue code
2021-01-26 Jiasenconfigs: Added list types of replacement policy.
2021-01-22 Andreas Sandbergconfigs: Weed out old port terminology in Arm examples
2021-01-22 Andreas Sandbergconfigs: Remove Python 2 compatibility code in Arm...
2021-01-19 Adrian Herreraconfigs: MemConfig, add QoSMemSinkCtrl support
2021-01-14 gauravjain14gpu-compute: Support for dynamic register alloc
2021-01-13 Ciro Santilliarch-arm: inform bootloader of kernel position with...
2021-01-07 Giacomo Travagliniconfigs: Remove default bootscript option for fs_bigLIT...
2020-12-11 gauravjain14gpu-compute: Number of TLBs equal to number of CUs
2020-12-07 Tiago Mückconfigs,tests: use Sequencer port connect methods
2020-11-26 Bobby R. BruceMerge "misc: Merge branch hotfix v20.1.0.2 branch into...
2020-11-16 Bobby R. Brucemisc: Merge branch hotfix v20.1.0.2 branch into develop
2020-11-10 Daniel R. Carvalhoconfigs: Fix MemorySize division
2020-11-04 Brad Beckmannconfigs,mem-ruby: Remove old GPU ptls
2020-11-04 Matthew Porembatests,configs,mem-ruby: Adding Ruby tester for GPU_VIPER
2020-11-04 Yu-hsin Wangconfigs: Add dtb-gen to fs_bigLITTLE.py
2020-11-03 Davide Basilio Bar... configs: Do not require default options for caches
2020-10-22 Yu-hsin Wangconfigs: Use absolute path for VirtIO9PDiod default...
2020-10-22 Yu-hsin Wangconfigs: Fix FastmodelCluster cpu initialization
2020-10-21 Giacomo Travaglinimisc: BaseCPU using ArchMMU instead of ArchDTB/ArchITB
2020-10-17 Matthew Porembaconfigs: Make GPU_VIPER config python3 friendly
2020-10-16 Kyle Roartyconfigs: python3 compatibility for apu_se
2020-10-15 Giacomo Travagliniconfigs: Remove dangling reference to bus port in devic...
2020-10-13 Gabe Blackconfigs,tests: Update configs to use compatible SE...
2020-10-12 Tiago Mückmem-ruby: Sequencer can be used without cache
2020-10-01 Bobby R. Brucemisc: Merge branch 'release-staging-v20.1.0.0' into...
2020-09-30 Matthew Porembaconfigs,gpu-compute: Fixes to connect gmTokenPort
2020-09-30 Matthew Porembaconfigs: Fix typo in apu_se.py
2020-09-25 Matthew Porembaconfigs: Set kvm_map in DRAMInterface in Ruby.py
2020-09-25 Bobby R. Brucemisc: Merge branch 'release-staging-v20.1.0.0' into...
2020-09-22 Bobby R. Brucemisc: Merge branch 'release-staging-v20.1.0.0' into...
2020-09-20 Gabe Blacksim: Create a Workload object for SE mode.
2020-09-17 Bobby R. Brucemisc: Merge branch 'release-staging-v20.1.0.0' into...
2020-09-16 Jason Lowe-Powerconfigs: Add special case in MemConfig
2020-09-11 Srikant Bharadwajmem-garnet: Upgrade garnet version to 3.0
2020-09-10 Shivani Parekhmisc: Replaced master/slave terminology
2020-09-10 Dimitrios Chasapisconfigs,python: Fixes an issue with python3 and the...
2020-09-08 Wendy Elsassermem: Clean up Memory Controller
2020-09-08 Wendy Elsassermem: Add NVM interface
2020-09-08 Wendy Elsassermem: Make MemCtrl a ClockedObject
2020-09-08 Timothy Hayesmem-ruby: HTM mem implementation
2020-09-04 Srikant Bharadwajmem-garnet: Integration of HeteroGarnet
2020-09-01 Jason Lowe-Powerpython: Import reduce function in FileSystemConfig
2020-08-30 Kyle Roartyconfigs: Add parameter for GPU scalar cache mandatory...
2020-08-29 Kyle Roartyconfigs: set hsaTopology properties from options
2020-08-28 Richard Cooperconfigs: Update starter_fs.py for latest Arm FS binaries.
2020-08-18 Kyle Roartyconfigs,gpu-compute,mem-ruby: connect gmTokenPorts...
2020-08-18 Kyle Roartyconfigs: Add import for FileSystemConfig in GPU_VIPER.py
2020-08-18 Kyle Roartyconfigs: Replace DirMem w/RubyDirectoryMemory, set...
2020-08-14 Kyle Roartyconfigs: Use proper keywordargs for RedirectPath in...
2020-08-14 Kyle Roartyconfigs: Remove unneeded variable assignments in apu_se
2020-08-14 Kyle Roartyconfigs: Remove remnants of /dev/shm mapping from apu_se
2020-07-29 Kyle Roartyconfigs: Change env defaults in apu_se.py for ROCm
2020-07-28 Tony Gutierrezconfigs, mem: Support running VIPER with GCN3
2020-07-09 Chris Januaryconfigs: Add earlycon to default kernel_cmd.
2020-07-04 Bobby R. Brucemisc: Merged m5ops_base hotfix into develop
2020-07-02 Richard Cooperconfigs: Updated DTB warnings in fs.py for Arm platforms.
2020-07-01 Ciro Santillistats: add --stats-root option to dump only under some...
2020-06-19 Xianwei Zhangconfig: fix settings of kernel boundary sync flags
2020-06-15 Tony Gutierrezgpu-compute, mem-ruby, configs: Add GCN3 ISA support...
2020-06-08 Bobby R. Brucemisc: Merge hotfix v20.0.0.2 into develop
2020-06-02 Bobby R. Brucemisc: Merge branch version update into develop
2020-06-02 Bobby R. Brucemisc: Merge in 'hotfix-m5-tick-rounding-error'
2020-05-28 Onur Kayiranconfigs: Specify cache, dir, and mem cntrl interleaving
2020-05-28 Bobby R. BruceMerge branch 'release-staging-v20.0.0.0' into develop
2020-05-28 Bobby R. Brucemisc: Merge branch 'release-staging-v20.0.0.0' into...
2020-05-18 Jason Lowe-Powerconfigs: Updates for python3
2020-05-08 Jason Lowe-Powerconfigs: Remove old boot files
2020-05-06 Ayaz Akrammem-ruby: Deep renaming of Prefetcher to RubyPrefetcher
2020-05-06 Tiago Muckmem-ruby: fix MOESI_CMP_directory functional reads
2020-05-02 Timothy Hayesmem-ruby: MESI_Three_level prefetcher page crossing
2020-05-02 Timothy Hayesmem-ruby: MESI_Three_level prefetcher support
2020-04-30 Joe Grossconfigs: add option to set the timeouts for the TCPs...
2020-04-29 Anouk Van Laersim-power: Creation of PowerState class
2020-04-29 Nikos Nikolerisconfigs: Change fs_power.py to use absolute paths for...
2020-04-29 Ciro Santillimem: make MemTest panic on a packet error
2020-04-29 Ciro Santilliconfigs: remove exec of Options.py from ruby_mem_test.py
2020-04-29 Nils Asmussenconfigs: added bare metal FS support for RISC-V.
2020-04-29 Nils Asmussencpu,configs: let RISC-V use the PT walker cache.
2020-04-28 Matthew Porembaconfigs: Add missing requestToMemory MessageBuffers
2020-04-28 Giacomo Travagliniconfigs: Do not require args.kernel to be set in bareme...
2020-04-23 Giacomo Travagliniconfigs: Use workloads.py in baremetal.py
2020-04-23 Giacomo Travagliniconfigs: Produce list of workload types in workloads.py
2020-04-23 Giacomo Travagliniconfigs: Add an example workloads module
2020-04-22 Gabe Blackconfigs,arch,sim: Move fixFuncEventAddr into the Worklo...
2020-04-22 Gabe Blackarch,sim,kern,dev,cpu: Create a Workload SimObject.
2020-04-21 Giacomo Travagliniconfigs: Add --machine-type option to baremetal.py
2020-04-21 Giacomo Travagliniconfigs: Add --semi-path option to baremetal.py
2020-04-17 Ciro Santilliconfigs: make --disk-images optional in fs.py
2020-04-16 Gabe Blacksparc,configs: Initialize ROMs directly, not with the...
2020-04-09 Wendy Elsassermem: Modify DRAM controller for flexibility and new...
2020-04-09 Adrian Herreraconfigs: add option for memory channel intlv.
2020-04-08 Matt Porembamem-ruby: Replace SLICC queueMemory calls with enqueue
2020-04-01 Giacomo Travagliniconfigs: Enabling SimObj CLI for baremetal platform
2020-03-30 Boris Shingarovconfigs: Add --wait-gdb as option to se.py
2020-03-25 Giacomo Travagliniconfigs: Use ArmFsWorkload for Arm baremetal