tests: arch-power: Add 64-bit hello binaries
[gem5.git] / tests / gem5 /
2021-02-10 Gabe Blackscons: Add support for debug info compression.
2021-02-04 Bobby R. BruceMerge "misc: Merge branch v20.1.0.3 hotfix into develop...
2021-02-03 Bobby R. Brucetests: Changed 'long' boot tests to X86 from GCN3_X86
2021-02-03 Bobby R. Brucemisc: Merge branch v20.1.0.3 hotfix into develop
2021-01-27 Andreas Sandbergtests: Remove Python 2.7 glue code
2021-01-19 Giacomo Travaglinitests: Fix syntax error in cpu_tests/test.py
2020-12-08 Bobby R. Brucetests,arch-gcn3,arch-x86: Changed X86 testlib tests...
2020-12-08 Bobby R. Brucetests: Standardized used of the ISA constants tags
2020-11-26 Bobby R. BruceMerge "misc: Merge branch hotfix v20.1.0.2 branch into...
2020-11-19 Xiongfeicpu-minor: this is a bug fix for MinorCPU for thread...
2020-11-16 Bobby R. Brucemisc: Merge branch hotfix v20.1.0.2 branch into develop
2020-11-09 Giacomo Travaglinitests: Add realview64-kvm.py test to quick regressions
2020-11-09 Giacomo Travaglinitests: Add realview64-kvm.py testing platform
2020-11-09 Giacomo Travaglinitests: Update guest binaries used by regressions
2020-11-08 muptonarch-x86, kvm: clean up x86 long regresion kvm code
2020-11-06 michaeluptonarch-x86, cpu-kvm: add x86 kvm test to long regression
2020-11-02 Giacomo Travaglinitests: System is expecting a kvm_vm param for KvmVM
2020-10-27 muptontests: fix dezip of ubuntu images in long regr
2020-10-21 Giacomo Travaglinimisc: BaseCPU using ArchMMU instead of ArchDTB/ArchITB
2020-10-13 Gabe Blackconfigs,tests: Update configs to use compatible SE...
2020-10-01 Bobby R. Brucemisc: Merge branch 'release-staging-v20.1.0.0' into...
2020-09-30 Bobby R. Brucetests,misc: Updated TestLib and boot-tests for gzipped...
2020-09-29 Bobby R. Brucetests: Removing gem5/hello_se/ref/simerr
2020-09-29 Bobby R. Brucepython: Flush the simulation stdout/stderr buffers
2020-09-29 Giacomo Travagliniext: Add timing indications to every TestCase
2020-09-25 Bobby R. Brucemisc: Merge branch 'release-staging-v20.1.0.0' into...
2020-09-22 Bobby R. Brucemisc: Merge branch 'release-staging-v20.1.0.0' into...
2020-09-20 Gabe Blacksim: Create a Workload object for SE mode.
2020-09-15 Bobby R. Brucemisc: Merge branch 'release-staging-v20.1.0.0' into...
2020-09-15 Jason Lowe-Powertests: Remove MIPS from Learning gem5 tests
2020-09-11 Jason Lowe-Powertests: Update x86 system.py for MemCtrl interface
2020-09-10 Shivani Parekhmisc: Replaced master/slave terminology
2020-09-08 Hoa Nguyenext,tests: Copy test's output files from /tmp to testin...
2020-09-08 Wendy Elsassermem: Clean up Memory Controller
2020-09-08 Wendy Elsassermem: Make MemCtrl a ClockedObject
2020-09-08 Bobby R. Brucetests,arch-sparc: Move SPARC insttests to long
2020-09-04 Bobby R. Brucetests: Removed author info from insttest test.py
2020-09-04 Bobby R. Brucetests,arch-arm: Pass gem5_root as an arg in run.py
2020-09-04 Bobby R. Brucetests: Standardized test resources download dir
2020-09-04 Bobby R. Brucetests: Moved realview config files
2020-09-04 Bobby R. Brucetests: Removed the ignoring of tests
2020-09-04 Bobby R. Brucetests: Removed SPARC Insttests from .testignore
2020-09-04 Bobby R. Brucetests: Removed `tests/halt.sh`
2020-09-04 Bobby R. Brucetests: Removed realview tests from .testignore
2020-08-26 Ciro Santillitests: ignore 32-bit arm dual linux boot tests
2020-08-25 Bobby R. Brucetest,arch-riscv: Removed the RISCV Insttests
2020-08-24 Bobby R. Brucetests: Removed m5threads tests from .testignore
2020-08-24 Bobby R. Brucetests: Removed the hello tests from .testignore
2020-08-14 Bobby R. Brucetests: Dropped the i386 host tag in tests
2020-07-30 Hoa Nguyentests: fix name collisions in verifier.py
2020-07-20 muptontests: fix .testsignore for long regression
2020-07-20 Bobby R. Brucetests,arch-riscv: Migrated asmtest to testlib
2020-07-04 Bobby R. Brucemisc: Merged m5ops_base hotfix into develop
2020-06-18 Giacomo Travagliniext: Fix the MakeFixture setup
2020-06-18 Giacomo Travaglinitests: log_call is not returning any value
2020-06-08 Bobby R. Brucemisc: Merge hotfix v20.0.0.2 into develop
2020-06-08 Giacomo Travaglinimisc: Remove any reference to the ALPHA ISA
2020-06-02 Bobby R. Brucemisc: Merge branch version update into develop
2020-06-02 Bobby R. Brucemisc: Merge in 'hotfix-m5-tick-rounding-error'
2020-05-28 Bobby R. BruceMerge branch 'release-staging-v20.0.0.0' into develop
2020-05-28 Bobby R. Brucemisc: Merge branch 'release-staging-v20.0.0.0' into...
2020-05-28 Bobby R. Brucepython,test: Fixed boot test in python3 by removing map
2020-05-24 Bobby R. Brucetests,python: Upgrading testlib to function with Python2
2020-05-22 Hoa Nguyentests: Update memory tests to be compatible with python3
2020-05-20 Ciro Santillitests: add ruby_mem_test.py to the tests
2020-05-11 Ayaz Akramarch-riscv,tests: small update to make gem5.fast compile
2020-05-02 Jason Lowe-Powertests: Update tests to save output on failure
2020-05-01 Ayaz Akramtests: update linux boot tests
2020-04-29 Ciro Santillitests: create tests for various traffic generators...
2020-04-29 Ciro Santillitests: fix the memcheck test
2020-04-25 Bobby R. Brucemisc,tests: Updated and generalized the resource url...
2020-04-22 Bobby R. Brucebase,misc: Added version to code
2020-03-26 Bobby R. Brucetests: Migrated 10.linux-boot scons-based test to testlib
2020-03-20 Bobby R. Brucetests,learning-gem5: Moved MIPS ISA test from part...
2020-03-19 Giacomo Travaglinitests: Add --bin-path option to insttest regressions
2020-03-17 Bobby R. Brucetests: Migrated 40.m5threads-test-atomic scons tests...
2020-03-16 Bobby R. Brucetests: Migrated 80.dram scons-based tests to testlib...
2020-03-03 Giacomo Travaglinitests: simple_ruby_test's valid_host is X86 only
2020-03-02 Bobby R. Brucetests: Added MIPS ISA test to learning_gem5/part1_tests.py
2020-03-02 Bobby R. Brucetests: Updated 'hello_se' to include other CPU types
2020-02-29 Bobby R. Brucetests: Migrated 51.memcheck scons-based tests to testlib
2020-02-27 Bobby R. Brucetests: Fixed .testignore from 'arch64' to 'aarch64'
2020-02-26 Bobby R. Brucemisc: merge branch 'release-staging-v19.0.0.0' into...
2020-02-26 Bobby R. Brucetests: Migrated insttest tests to be run via `./main...
2020-02-24 Bobby R. Brucemisc: Merged release-staging-v19.0.0.0 into develop
2020-02-18 Gabe Blacktests: Delete authors lists from test files.
2020-02-10 Giacomo Travaglinitests: hello_se using host tag
2020-02-10 Giacomo Travaglinitests: Add --host tag
2020-02-06 Giacomo Travaglinitests: Move old quick regressions back into their origi...
2020-01-22 Giacomo Travaglinitests: Fix python line break in m5_exit test
2020-01-21 Giacomo Travaglinitests: Add a timeout to getremotetime
2020-01-21 Giacomo Travaglinitests: Adding --bin-path option to select tests bin...
2020-01-21 Giacomo Travaglinitests: fs/linux/arm passing M5_PATH via commandline
2020-01-18 Bobby R. Brucetests: Updated tests to download from dist.gem5.org
2020-01-15 Bobby R. Brucetests: Migrated old quick/se/00.hello tests
2020-01-08 Bobby R. Brucetests: Added functionality to allow the ignoring of...
2019-12-23 Giacomo Travaglinitests: Always print stderr in gem5 Fixtures
2019-12-20 Giacomo Travagliniconfigs: arm realview(64) regressions using VExpress_GE...
2019-12-09 Giacomo Travaglinitests: AArch64 Linux as quick regressions (instead...
2019-10-31 Joe Grossmem-ruby: Fixed pipeline squashes caused by aliased...