tests: arch-power: Add 64-bit hello binaries
[gem5.git] / tests / run.py
2021-02-03 Bobby R. Brucemisc: Merge branch v20.1.0.3 hotfix into develop
2021-01-27 Andreas Sandbergtests: Remove Python 2.7 glue code
2020-02-26 Bobby R. Brucemisc: merge branch 'release-staging-v19.0.0.0' into...
2020-02-24 Bobby R. Brucemisc: Merged release-staging-v19.0.0.0 into develop
2020-02-18 Gabe Blacktests: Delete authors lists from test files.
2019-02-25 Andreas Sandbergtests: Update test scripts to work with Python 3
2019-01-31 Andreas Sandbergtests: Add a helper to run external scripts
2018-03-09 Giacomo Travaglinitests: Python regression scripts using new print function
2016-05-09 Andreas Sandbergtests: Enable test running outside of gem5's source...
2013-09-04 Andreas Hanssontests: Move ISA-independent tests to the NULL ISA
2013-04-22 Andreas Sandbergtests: Add support for testing KVM-based CPUs
2013-01-07 Andreas Sandbergtests: Add CPU switching tests
2013-01-07 Andreas Sandbergtests: Add support for skipping tests, skip EIO tests...
2013-01-07 Andreas Sandbergarch: Make the ISA class inherit from SimObject
2012-02-01 Gabe BlackMerge ... head, hopefully the last time for this batch.
2012-01-31 Gabe BlackMerge with main repository.
2012-01-29 Gabe BlackYet another merge with the main repository.
2012-01-28 Gabe BlackSE/FS: Make both SE and FS tests available all the...
2010-08-17 Steve Reinhardtsim: make Python Root object a singleton
2010-01-30 Brad Beckmannm5: Regression Tester Update
2010-01-30 Steve Reinhardttests: added M5_TEST_PROGS environment variable
2009-07-06 Nathan Binkertautomerge
2009-07-06 Nathan Binkertruby: Fix RubyMemory to work with the newer ruby.
2009-04-06 Gabe BlackMerge ARM into the head. ARM will compile but may not...
2009-03-08 Steve ReinhardtFix up regression execution to better handle tests...
2008-08-04 Nathan Binkertsockets: Add a function to disable all listening sockets.
2007-08-14 Gabe BlackMerge with head.
2007-08-14 Ali SaidiRegression: Use test-progs in /dist instead of tests...
2006-11-13 Kevin LimMerge ktlim@zamp:./local/clean/tmp/test-regress
2006-11-11 Ali SaidiMerge zizzer:/bk/newmem
2006-11-10 Kevin LimMerge ktlim@zizzer:/bk/newmem
2006-11-10 Kevin LimMerge ktlim@zizzer:/bk/newmem
2006-11-10 Kevin LimAlso include a function to form the input path.
2006-11-09 Kevin LimMerge ktlim@zizzer:/bk/newmem
2006-11-08 Gabe BlackMerge zizzer.eecs.umich.edu:/bk/newmem/
2006-11-08 Lisa Hsuthe tests assume -1 to signify MaxTick, that's changed...
2006-10-01 Kevin LimMerge ktlim@zamp:./local/clean/o3-merge/m5
2006-08-16 Ron DreslinskiMerge zizzer:/z/m5/Bitkeeper/newmem
2006-08-16 Ali SaidiAdd ppls contributions from looking at Authors header...
2006-08-16 Korey SewellMerge ksewell@zizzer:/bk/newmem
2006-08-16 Kevin LimMerge ktlim@zizzer:/bk/newmem
2006-08-16 Steve ReinhardtMerge zizzer.eecs.umich.edu:/z/m5/Bitkeeper/newmem
2006-08-16 Steve ReinhardtFinish test clean-up & reorg.
2006-08-16 Steve ReinhardtMerge zizzer.eecs.umich.edu:/z/m5/Bitkeeper/newmem
2006-08-16 Steve ReinhardtMore restructuring of regression tests.
2006-08-16 Steve ReinhardtHalfway through setting up new test structure... commit...