change all uses of dataclass to plain_data
[ieee754fpu.git] / src / ieee754 / div_rem_sqrt_rsqrt /
2020-07-20 Jacob Lifshayfix mismatched comb process delays
2020-07-20 Jacob Lifshayadd process tracing
2020-07-13 Jacob Lifshayworking on fixing DivPipeCore's test cases
2020-07-04 Luke Kenneth Casso... attempt to get simulation for div running
2020-06-09 Luke Kenneth Casso... fix imports (allows test command to be run from non...
2019-07-25 Jacob Lifshayskip slow tests
2019-07-23 Luke Kenneth Casso... split out div/sqrt/rsqrt trials to separate module
2019-07-22 Luke Kenneth Casso... rename long parameter name to shorter n_stages
2019-07-10 Jacob Lifshayadd more tests; they all pass
2019-07-10 Jacob LifshayDivPipeCore tests pass; still need to add more tests
2019-07-10 Jacob doesn't crash anymore
2019-07-09 Jacob Lifshaymake tests executable
2019-07-07 Luke Kenneth Casso... set reset_less=True - the data is protected by muxid...
2019-07-07 Luke Kenneth Casso... remove "fail" in test
2019-07-07 Jacob Lifshayadd fixme
2019-07-07 Jacob Lifshaywork on adding tests; currently fails