2 days ago Jacob Lifshayadd DivPipeOp in fpdiv/ master
8 days ago Michael NolanFix handling of FPPipeContext.ports()
2020-05-08 Michael NolanAllow partsig to take in a PartitionPoints directly
2020-05-05 Michael NolanAdd in FPPipeContext to the cordic pipeline
2020-05-05 Michael NolanUse from nmutil
2020-05-05 Luke Kenneth... track down error in CORDIC pipe_data, "yield from"...
2020-05-05 Luke Kenneth... whoops cant output .il at the moment
2020-05-05 Luke Kenneth... add progress counter
2020-05-05 Luke Kenneth... allow rtlil file to be created in cordic
2020-05-05 Michael NolanAdd (oops!)
2020-05-05 Luke Kenneth... remove extraneous whitespace
2020-05-04 Michael NolanRemove print statements from
2020-05-04 Michael NolanAdd asserts to fp pipe test
2020-05-04 Michael NolanSorta working FP renormalization in cordic
2020-05-04 Michael NolanExtend clz to work with odd widths
2020-05-04 Michael NolanExtend CLZ to work over even, non powers of 2
2020-05-04 Michael NolanAdd proof for
2020-05-04 Michael NolanAdd count leading zeros module (should probably go...
2020-05-04 Michael NolanHave sin_cos pipeline use bigfloat calculated atan...
2020-05-04 Michael NolanAdd cordic stages to fp cordic pipeline
2020-05-04 Michael NolanAdd stage to convert input float to fixed point number
2020-05-04 Michael NolanBegin adding floating point cordic pipeline
2020-05-04 Michael NolanAllow cordic to work with 64 bit floats
2020-05-01 Luke Kenneth... move to nmutil
2020-04-17 Jacob Lifshayadd libmpfr-dev to .gitlab-ci.yml
2020-04-17 Michael NolanChange tabs to spaces in .gitlab-ci.yml
2020-04-17 Michael NolanAdd libgmp-dev to .gitlab-ci.yml
2020-04-17 Michael NolanUse python bigfloat to calculate atan tables
2020-04-17 Michael NolanRevert "Use higher precision arithmetic when calculatin...
2020-04-17 Michael NolanUse higher precision arithmetic when calculating the...
2020-04-16 Michael Nolanchange test_fpsin to use 32 bit floats
2020-04-16 Michael NolanRun the cordic for the proper number of iterations
2020-04-16 Michael NolanWorking (ish) fpsin iterative cordic
2020-04-16 Michael NolanAssert that fpsin_cos converts floats to fixed correctly
2020-04-16 Michael NolanBegin working on multi cycle float cordic
2020-04-14 Michael NolanAdd experiment testing the effects of adding extra...
2020-04-13 Luke Kenneth... add rtlil conversion and fix yield from in Cordic Data
2020-04-03 Jacob Lifshayrun tests in parallel
2020-04-03 Jacob Lifshaybuilding sfpy works
2020-04-03 Jacob Lifshayadd not yet working .gitlab-ci.yml
2020-04-02 Michael NolanCombine a selectable number of rounds into one pipeline...
2020-04-01 Michael NolanCleanup
2020-04-01 Michael NolanCombine initial stage with first cordic stage
2020-04-01 Michael NolanAdd actual tests to
2020-04-01 Michael NolanRegister each pipeline stage
2020-04-01 Michael NolanAdd test for sin_cos_pipe (kinda working)
2020-04-01 Michael NolanAdd test for sin_cos_pipe (not working still)
2020-04-01 Michael NolanConnect up pipeline stages
2020-04-01 Michael NolanBegin work on pipelined cordic
2020-03-31 Michael NolanCleanup
2020-03-31 Michael NolanWorking sin/cos cordic
2020-03-31 Michael Nolansin/cos cordic partially working
2020-03-31 Michael NolanAdd test for
2020-03-31 Michael NolanBegin adding cordic
2020-03-02 Luke Kenneth... yet another nuisance
2020-03-02 Luke Kenneth... annoying, see
2020-02-27 Michael NolanApply Luke's suggestions/FIXME's
2020-02-26 Luke Kenneth... more fun comments
2020-02-26 Luke Kenneth... shuffle and comments
2020-02-26 Luke Kenneth... update comments on test partitioned signal
2020-02-26 Luke Kenneth... tiny code-shuffle on GatedBitReverse
2020-02-26 Michael NolanAdd shift right to test_partsig and partsig
2020-02-26 Michael NolanRename bitrev signal to shift_right (more descriptive)
2020-02-26 Michael NolanShift left now working
2020-02-26 Michael NolanRemove element mux calculation from PartialResult
2020-02-26 Michael NolanAdd bit reversal to part_shift_dynamic
2020-02-26 Michael NolanAdd partitioned right shift to part_shift_scalar
2020-02-24 Michael NolanAdd gated bit reversal module
2020-02-24 Luke Kenneth... zero out entirety of mask explicitly
2020-02-24 Luke Kenneth... zero bitmask in Shifter
2020-02-23 Luke Kenneth... skip shiftermask when bitwid=0
2020-02-22 Luke Kenneth... fix shiftermask error on pwid=0
2020-02-22 Luke Kenneth... append actual bit, see if coriolis issue goes away
2020-02-22 Luke Kenneth... must declare carry equal to width of partitions+1
2020-02-22 Luke Kenneth... add carry (not zeros, a Const of correct width)
2020-02-21 Luke Kenneth... zero carry-in on __neg__
2020-02-21 Luke Kenneth... deal with zero-width ShiftMask
2020-02-21 Luke Kenneth... deal with zero-width ShiftMask
2020-02-21 Luke Kenneth... use alternative class as an experiment for coriolis2
2020-02-20 Luke Kenneth... test longer name
2020-02-20 Luke Kenneth... change name to not clash with cell name add1
2020-02-20 Luke Kenneth... stop at end of mask index
2020-02-20 Luke Kenneth... ignore last bit of partition mask
2020-02-19 Luke Kenneth... test shift against scalar b input
2020-02-19 Luke Kenneth... all signals must be reset_less
2020-02-17 Luke Kenneth... add fpflags to Overflow class
2020-02-17 Luke Kenneth... comment that roundz is a property
2020-02-17 Michael Nolanpart_shift_scalar now has maked shift amounts working
2020-02-17 Michael NolanFix proof crashing instead of giving a vcd
2020-02-17 Michael NolanIn progress
2020-02-17 Michael NolanAdd ShifterMask modules to part_shift_scalar
2020-02-15 Luke Kenneth... add in PartitionedScalarShift, ready for testing
2020-02-15 Luke Kenneth... whoops shift width reduction not active
2020-02-15 Luke Kenneth... scalar partitioned shift moved, change module import...
2020-02-15 Luke Kenneth... add module
2020-02-15 Luke Kenneth... set initial element to b_interval shape
2020-02-15 Luke Kenneth... split out PartialResults to separate module
2020-02-15 Luke Kenneth... split out ShifterMask to separate module
2020-02-15 Luke Kenneth... truncate max_bits in shiftermask
2020-02-15 Luke Kenneth... really annoying simulation bug, dont know whats going on