3 days ago Luke Kenneth... corrections to for classifier, for pypi upload master
3 days ago Luke Kenneth... update for upload to pypi
2021-01-23 Cesar StraussConvert add and sub to return PartitionedSignal
2021-01-23 Cesar StraussRevert order of operations in PartitionedSignal.implies()
2021-01-23 Cesar StraussClarify comment about operations returning plain Signals
2021-01-23 Cesar StraussConvert all bitwise logical ops to return PartitionedSignal
2021-01-23 Cesar StraussAlso copy the module in
2021-01-23 Cesar StraussReturn a PartitionedSignal from the bitwise "not" operation
2021-01-23 Cesar StraussImplement
2021-01-23 Cesar StraussUse z3 solver instead of yices2 when convenient
2021-01-20 Cesar StraussAdd tests for bitwise logical operators
2021-01-20 Cesar StraussReverse order of operations in implies()
2021-01-18 Cesar StraussDo not register carry-out on the PartitionedAdder
2021-01-17 Cesar StraussFix PartitionedSignal.neg and its test case
2021-01-17 Cesar StraussAllow the proof driver to check operations with integer...
2021-01-16 Cesar StraussUse RipleLSB in PartitionedXOR, and invert outputs ls180-24jan2020
2021-01-16 Luke Kenneth... add first cut at formal proof for PartitionedXOR
2021-01-16 Luke Kenneth... add PartitionedXOR to PartitionedSignal (xor operator)
2021-01-16 Cesar StraussCheck PartitionedSignal.any().
2021-01-16 Luke Kenneth... add first cut (untested) of PartitionedXOR
2021-01-16 Luke Kenneth... convert EQCombiner to general-purpose, create XORCombiner
2021-01-16 Luke Kenneth... add partitioned signal any() operator
2021-01-16 Cesar StraussAllow a variable number of operands in the proof driver
2021-01-11 Cesar StraussApparently PartitionedEqGtGe is already conformant
2021-01-10 Cesar StraussImplement checks for all the rest of the comparison...
2021-01-10 Cesar StraussGenerate and check expected values for all possible...
2021-01-10 Cesar StraussGenerate shifted down input and outputs
2021-01-10 Cesar StraussUse styles in write_gtkw to simplify the trace description
2021-01-10 Cesar StraussAdd the Gate Generator to the ComparisonOpDriver
2021-01-10 Cesar StraussFactor-out the code to make equally spaced partition...
2021-01-10 Cesar StraussStart proof for PartitionedSignal equals operator
2021-01-10 Cesar StraussUpdate Simulator interface to current nMigen
2021-01-10 Cesar StraussUse len(sig) instead of sig.shape()[0]
2021-01-09 Cesar StraussUse the correct class name
2021-01-09 Cesar StraussCheck all possible opcodes for PartitionedEqGtGe
2021-01-09 Cesar StraussFormal verification of PartitionedEqGtGe (EQ only)
2021-01-09 Cesar StraussPost-process PartitionedEq to ripple the LSB
2021-01-09 Cesar StraussImplement formal verification of PartitionedEq based...
2021-01-08 Cesar StraussCalculate the expected value, test and assert
2021-01-08 Cesar StraussSplit-out the gate generator from the proof
2021-01-07 Cesar StraussCompare the expected output for all partition sizes
2021-01-06 Cesar StraussGenerate shifted down outputs
2021-01-05 Cesar StraussGenerate the bit pattern of gates corresponding to...
2021-01-04 Cesar StraussWork only with nibbles on the ascending cascade
2021-01-04 Cesar StraussFill the second nibble of the pattern
2021-01-04 Cesar StraussRestart the pattern at partition boundaries
2021-01-04 Cesar StraussStart work on improving formal verification of Partitio...
2020-12-28 Luke Kenneth... partsig: redirect bool to any for now, and use a =...
2020-12-27 Luke Kenneth... comment PartitionedSignal lt/le
2020-07-20 Jacob Lifshaydisable faulty bit_width reduction logic in DivPipeCore
2020-07-20 Jacob Lifshayfix mismatched comb process delays
2020-07-20 Jacob Lifshayadd process tracing
2020-07-15 Luke Kenneth... remove FPPipeContext (moved to nmutil), name-substitute...
2020-07-13 Jacob Lifshayworking on fixing DivPipeCore's test cases
2020-07-13 Jacob Lifshayclean up DivPipeCoreConfig API
2020-07-10 Luke Kenneth... whoops missed set up of temp variable bw
2020-07-10 Luke Kenneth... only pass in lhs bit_width * 2 for UDivRem
2020-07-06 Luke Kenneth... add arguments to MulPipe_8_16_32_64
2020-07-06 Luke Kenneth... fix unit test
2020-07-04 Luke Kenneth... continue reducing length of signals in div core
2020-07-04 Luke Kenneth... attempt to get simulation for div running
2020-07-04 Luke Kenneth... reduce compare lengths to *2 rather than *3
2020-07-04 Luke Kenneth... whoops set pass_flag[0] always true
2020-07-04 Luke Kenneth... add feedback_width argument to runfp for testing
2020-07-03 Luke Kenneth... allow arrangement for feedback loops to be possible...
2020-07-03 Luke Kenneth... cut top trial comparison
2020-07-03 Luke Kenneth... remove use of Array, replace with treereduce
2020-07-03 Luke Kenneth... cut root_times_radicand if not doing Sqrt
2020-07-03 Luke Kenneth... add "supported" option to div core
2020-06-09 Luke Kenneth... fix imports (allows test command to be run from non...
2020-06-04 Jacob Lifshaymove and to...
2020-05-22 Jacob Lifshayadd DivPipeOp in fpdiv/
2020-05-16 Michael NolanFix handling of FPPipeContext.ports()
2020-05-08 Michael NolanAllow partsig to take in a PartitionPoints directly
2020-05-05 Michael NolanAdd in FPPipeContext to the cordic pipeline
2020-05-05 Michael NolanUse from nmutil
2020-05-05 Luke Kenneth... track down error in CORDIC pipe_data, "yield from"...
2020-05-05 Luke Kenneth... whoops cant output .il at the moment
2020-05-05 Luke Kenneth... add progress counter
2020-05-05 Luke Kenneth... allow rtlil file to be created in cordic
2020-05-05 Michael NolanAdd (oops!)
2020-05-05 Luke Kenneth... remove extraneous whitespace
2020-05-04 Michael NolanRemove print statements from
2020-05-04 Michael NolanAdd asserts to fp pipe test
2020-05-04 Michael NolanSorta working FP renormalization in cordic
2020-05-04 Michael NolanExtend clz to work with odd widths
2020-05-04 Michael NolanExtend CLZ to work over even, non powers of 2
2020-05-04 Michael NolanAdd proof for
2020-05-04 Michael NolanAdd count leading zeros module (should probably go...
2020-05-04 Michael NolanHave sin_cos pipeline use bigfloat calculated atan...
2020-05-04 Michael NolanAdd cordic stages to fp cordic pipeline
2020-05-04 Michael NolanAdd stage to convert input float to fixed point number
2020-05-04 Michael NolanBegin adding floating point cordic pipeline
2020-05-04 Michael NolanAllow cordic to work with 64 bit floats
2020-05-01 Luke Kenneth... move to nmutil
2020-04-17 Jacob Lifshayadd libmpfr-dev to .gitlab-ci.yml
2020-04-17 Michael NolanChange tabs to spaces in .gitlab-ci.yml
2020-04-17 Michael NolanAdd libgmp-dev to .gitlab-ci.yml
2020-04-17 Michael NolanUse python bigfloat to calculate atan tables
2020-04-17 Michael NolanRevert "Use higher precision arithmetic when calculatin...