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2021-06-05 R Veera KumarRemove comment sign and add correct path for nmigen... master
2021-06-05 R Veera KumarAdd Makefile modified for sphinx.
2021-06-05 R Veera Kumar Initial addition of sphinx documentation system.
2021-04-12 Luke Kenneth... corrections to for classifier, for pypi upload
2021-04-12 Luke Kenneth... update for upload to pypi
2021-01-23 Cesar StraussConvert add and sub to return PartitionedSignal
2021-01-23 Cesar StraussRevert order of operations in PartitionedSignal.implies()
2021-01-23 Cesar StraussClarify comment about operations returning plain Signals
2021-01-23 Cesar StraussConvert all bitwise logical ops to return PartitionedSignal
2021-01-23 Cesar StraussAlso copy the module in
2021-01-23 Cesar StraussReturn a PartitionedSignal from the bitwise "not" operation
2021-01-23 Cesar StraussImplement
2021-01-23 Cesar StraussUse z3 solver instead of yices2 when convenient
2021-01-20 Cesar StraussAdd tests for bitwise logical operators
2021-01-20 Cesar StraussReverse order of operations in implies()
2021-01-18 Cesar StraussDo not register carry-out on the PartitionedAdder
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