2018-11-27 Jacob Lifshayimplemented switch CFG parsing master
2018-11-26 Jacob Lifshayworking on adding Switch CFG
2018-11-26 Jacob Lifshayformat source
2018-11-26 Jacob Lifshayworking on calculating CFG
2018-11-26 Jacob Lifshayadd edition = "2015"
2018-11-22 Jacob Lifshayworking on calculating CFG
2018-11-21 Jacob Lifshayworking on compiler; need to add CFG and cross-lane...
2018-11-21 Jacob Lifshayimplement creating functions and basic blocks
2018-11-20 Jacob Lifshayadded more code to shader compiler and split into seper...
2018-11-12 Jacob Lifshaysecond stage of shader parsing works for vulkan_minimal...
2018-11-09 Jacob Lifshayworking on implementing shader compiler
2018-11-07 Jacob Lifshayworking on implementing shader compiler
2018-11-06 Jacob Lifshayworking on getting vulkan_minimal_compute to run
2018-11-05 Jacob Lifshayremove MIR support since Vulkan is dropping support
2018-11-05 Jacob Lifshayupdate external repos
2018-11-02 Jacob LifshaySPIR-V parser generator is complete
2018-10-31 Jacob Lifshayadd check for giant id bound
2018-10-31 Jacob Lifshaynew SPIR-V dump format passes initial test
2018-10-31 Jacob Lifshayfix missing try (?) operators on result of writeln
2018-10-30 Jacob LifshaySPIR-V parser generator is complete except for tests
2018-10-29 Jacob Lifshayadd build instructions
2018-10-29 Jacob Lifshayfix wrong argument to run-cts.sh
2018-10-26 Jacob Lifshayparsing test SPIR-V file works
2018-10-25 Jacob Lifshayworking on spirv parser generator
2018-10-24 Jacob Lifshayworking on spirv parser generator
2018-10-24 Jacob Lifshayupdate readme and moving to Debian
2018-10-23 Nicolas KochDo not build xcb parts on OSX
2018-10-22 Jacob Lifshayworking on parser generator
2018-10-20 Jacob Lifshaystop llvm from rebuilding on every git commit
2018-10-19 Jacob Lifshayadd SPIRV-Headers submodule
2018-10-19 Jacob Lifshaysplit shader compiler backend into separate crate
2018-10-17 Jacob Lifshayadd function parameters
2018-10-17 Jacob Lifshayadd function name validation
2018-10-17 Jacob Lifshayadd unit-test-only mode to Dockerfile
2018-10-16 Jacob Lifshayshader compiler test works!
2018-10-16 Jacob Lifshayfix docker build
2018-10-16 Jacob Lifshaydisable lots of warnings
2018-10-15 Jacob Lifshayadd support for building LLVM 7.0 from downloaded source
2018-10-11 Jacob Lifshayworking on implementing LLVM 7.0 shader compiler backend
2018-10-10 Jacob Lifshaymove backend to separate file
2018-10-10 Jacob Lifshayadd SimpleV Grouping Proposal.md
2018-10-09 Jacob Lifshaycompleted shader compiler backend type system
2018-10-09 Jacob Lifshayworking on shader compiler
2018-10-08 Jacob Lifshaystarted adding shader compiler
2018-10-08 Jacob Lifshayadded buffer and image memory binding
2018-10-08 Jacob Lifshayadd .travis.yml
2018-10-07 Jacob Lifshayadd docker support for building and running CTS
2018-10-07 Jacob Lifshayadd --update-only option to run-cts.sh
2018-10-07 Jacob Lifshayremoved unused setting in Cargo.toml
2018-10-06 Jacob Lifshaybuilding for 32/64-bit windows/linux works
2018-10-05 Jacob Lifshayimplement more functions trying to get testcase dEQP...
2018-10-04 Jacob Lifshayfixed xcb swapchain bug; vulkaninfo just doesn't check...
2018-10-04 Jacob Lifshayadd first part of xcb swapchain creation; memory bug...
2018-10-03 Jacob Lifshayrevert changes to vkGetDeviceProcAddr
2018-10-03 Jacob Lifshayworking on implementing xcb surfaces
2018-10-02 Jacob Lifshayvulkaninfo 1.1.73 works
2018-10-02 Jacob Lifshayvulkaninfo 1.1.70 works
2018-10-01 Jacob Lifshayfinish adding functions and extensions that were added...
2018-10-01 Jacob Lifshaychange cts log file location to make more accessible
2018-10-01 Jacob Lifshayadd location note
2018-10-01 Jacob Lifshayadd readme.md
2018-10-01 Jacob Lifshayadd LGPL2.1+ license
2018-10-01 Jacob Lifshayworking on adding extensions included in Vulkan 1.1
2018-09-30 Jacob Lifshayworking on adding KHR functions that were promoted...
2018-09-30 Jacob Lifshayadd script for running vulkan cts
2018-09-29 Jacob Lifshayworking on implementing vulkan functions
2018-09-28 Jacob Lifshayworking on implementing vulkan functions
2018-09-27 Jacob Lifshayworking on generating rust code from vk.xml
2018-09-26 Jacob Lifshayimplementing get_proc_address
2018-09-26 Jacob Lifshayadd more type asserts and fix api types
2018-09-26 Jacob Lifshaydeclared ICD api
2018-09-25 Jacob Lifshayadd Vulkan-Headers
2018-09-25 Jacob Lifshayinitial commit