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Kazan is an in-progress Vulkan driver that supports cross-platform software rendering, and (eventually) is a driver for's RISC-V based GPU.


Kazan is licensed under the LGPL, v2.1 or later. See for details.

Kazan uses third-party software, which has their own licenses.

Code of Conduct

As part of Kazan being hosted by Debian, it is important to follow the Debian Code of Conduct when participating in Kazan's development.


The master branch is the new Rust version. The previous C++ version is in the kazan-old branch. The version as of the end of GSOC 2017 is in the gsoc-2017 tag.

Building using Docker

Building on Ubuntu 18.04


We've moved! - 2018-10-23

Kazan's new canonical location is

The Kazan GitHub repository is now used as a read-only mirror.

Kazan's domain names, and, now redirect to Kazan's canonical location on Debian Salsa.