v3d: rename vertex shader key (num)_fs_inputs fields
[mesa.git] / src / broadcom / cle / v3d_packet_v21.xml
1 <vcxml gen="2.1" min_ver="21" max_ver="21">
3 <enum name="Compare Function" prefix="V3D_COMPARE_FUNC">
4 <value name="NEVER" value="0"/>
5 <value name="LESS" value="1"/>
6 <value name="EQUAL" value="2"/>
7 <value name="LEQUAL" value="3"/>
8 <value name="GREATER" value="4"/>
9 <value name="NOTEQUAL" value="5"/>
10 <value name="GEQUAL" value="6"/>
11 <value name="ALWAYS" value="7"/>
12 </enum>
14 <enum name="Primitive" prefix="V3D_PRIM">
15 <value name="POINTS" value="0"/>
16 <value name="LINES" value="1"/>
17 <value name="LINE_LOOP" value="2"/>
18 <value name="LINE_STRIP" value="3"/>
19 <value name="TRIANGLES" value="4"/>
20 <value name="TRIANGLE_STRIP" value="5"/>
21 <value name="TRIANGLE_FAN" value="6"/>
22 </enum>
24 <packet name="Halt" code="0"/>
25 <packet name="NOP" code="1"/>
26 <packet name="Flush" code="4" cl="B"/>
27 <packet name="Flush All State" code="5" cl="B"/>
28 <packet name="Start Tile Binning" code="6" cl="B"/>
29 <packet name="Increment Semaphore" code="7"/>
30 <packet name="Wait on Semaphore" code="8"/>
31 <packet name="Branch" code="16">
32 <field name="Address" size="32" start="0" type="address"/>
33 </packet>
34 <packet name="Branch to sub-list" code="17">
35 <field name="Address" size="32" start="0" type="address"/>
36 </packet>
37 <packet name="Return from sub-list" code="18"/>
39 <packet name="Store Multi-sample Resolved Tile Color Buffer" code="24" cl="R"/>
40 <packet name="Store Multi-sample Resolved Tile Color Buffer and EOF" code="25" cl="R"/>
42 <packet name="Store Full Resolution Tile Buffer" cl="R" code="26">
43 <field name="Address" size="28" start="4" type="address"/>
44 <field name="Last Tile" size="1" start="3" type="bool"/>
45 <field name="Disable Clear on Write" size="1" start="2" type="bool"/>
46 <field name="Disable Z/Stencil Buffer write" size="1" start="1" type="bool"/>
47 <field name="Disable Color Buffer write" size="1" start="0" type="bool"/>
48 </packet>
50 <packet name="Re-load Full Resolution Tile Buffer" cl="R" code="27">
51 <field name="Address" size="28" start="4" type="address"/>
52 <field name="Disable Z/Stencil Buffer read" size="1" start="1" type="bool"/>
53 <field name="Disable Color Buffer read" size="1" start="0" type="bool"/>
54 </packet>
56 <packet name="Store Tile Buffer General" code="28" cl="R">
57 <field name="Memory base address of frame/tile dump buffer" size="28" start="20" type="address"/>
58 <field name="Last Tile of Frame" size="1" start="19" type="bool"/>
59 <field name="Disable VG-Mask buffer dump" size="1" start="18" type="bool"/>
60 <field name="Disable Z/Stencil buffer dump" size="1" start="17" type="bool"/>
61 <field name="Disable Color buffer dump" size="1" start="16" type="bool"/>
62 <field name="Disable VG-Mask buffer clear on store/dump" size="1" start="15" type="bool"/>
63 <field name="Disable Z/Stencil buffer clear on store/dump" size="1" start="14" type="bool"/>
64 <field name="Disable Color buffer clear on store/dump" size="1" start="13" type="bool"/>
66 <field name="Pixel Color Format" size="2" start="8" type="uint">
67 <value name="rgba8888" value="0"/>
68 <value name="bgr565 dithered" value="1"/>
69 <value name="bgr565 no dither" value="2"/>
70 </field>
72 <field name="Mode" size="2" start="6" type="uint">
73 <value name="Sample 0" value="0"/>
74 <value name="Decimate x4" value="1"/>
75 <value name="Decimate x16" value="2"/>
76 </field>
78 <field name="Format" size="2" start="4" type="uint">
79 <value name="Raster" value="0"/>
80 <value name="T" value="1"/>
81 <value name="LT" value="2"/>
82 </field>
84 <field name="Buffer to Store" size="3" start="0" type="uint">
85 <value name="None" value="0"/>
86 <value name="Color" value="1"/>
87 <value name="Z/stencil" value="2"/>
88 <value name="Z" value="3"/>
89 <value name="VG-Mask" value="4"/>
90 </field>
91 </packet>
93 <packet name="Load Tile Buffer General" code="29" cl="R">
94 <field name="Memory base address of frame/tile dump buffer" size="28" start="20" type="address"/>
95 <field name="Disable VG-Mask buffer load" size="1" start="18" type="bool"/>
96 <field name="Disable Z/Stencil buffer load" size="1" start="17" type="bool"/>
97 <field name="Disable Color buffer load" size="1" start="16" type="bool"/>
99 <field name="Pixel Color Format" size="2" start="8" type="uint">
100 <value name="rgba8888" value="0"/>
101 <value name="bgr565 dithered" value="1"/>
102 <value name="bgr565 no dither" value="2"/>
103 </field>
105 <field name="Mode" size="2" start="6" type="uint">
106 <value name="Sample 0" value="0"/>
107 <value name="Decimate x4" value="1"/>
108 <value name="Decimate x16" value="2"/>
109 </field>
111 <field name="Format" size="2" start="4" type="uint">
112 <value name="Raster" value="0"/>
113 <value name="T" value="1"/>
114 <value name="LT" value="2"/>
115 </field>
117 <field name="Buffer to Store" size="3" start="0" type="uint">
118 <value name="None" value="0"/>
119 <value name="Color" value="1"/>
120 <value name="Z/stencil" value="2"/>
121 <value name="Z" value="3"/>
122 <value name="VG-Mask" value="4"/>
123 </field>
124 </packet>
126 <packet name="Indexed Primitive List" code="32">
127 <field name="Maximum Index" size="32" start="72" type="uint"/>
128 <field name="Address of Indices List" size="32" start="40" type="uint"/>
129 <field name="Length" size="32" start="8" type="uint"/>
130 <field name="Index type" size="4" start="4" type="uint">
131 <value name="8-bit" value="0"/>
132 <value name="16-bit" value="1"/>
133 </field>
134 <field name="Primitive mode" size="4" start="0" type="Primitive"/>
135 </packet>
137 <packet name="Vertex Array Primitives" code="33">
138 <field name="Index of First Vertex" size="32" start="40" type="uint"/>
139 <field name="Length" size="32" start="8" type="uint"/>
140 <field name="Primitive mode" size="4" start="0" type="Primitive"/>
141 </packet>
143 <packet name="Primitive List Format" cl="R" code="56">
144 <field name="Data Type" size="4" start="4" type="uint">
145 <value name="16-bit index" value="1"/>
146 <value name="32-bit x/y" value="3"/>
147 </field>
149 <field name="Primitive Type" size="4" start="0" type="uint">
150 <value name="Points List" value="0"/>
151 <value name="Lines List" value="1"/>
152 <value name="Triangles List" value="2"/>
153 <value name="RHY List" value="3"/>
154 </field>
155 </packet>
157 <packet name="GL Shader State" code="64">
158 <!-- The address field will be filled in by kernel validation code. -->
159 <field name="Address" size="28" start="0" type="uint"/>
160 <field name="Extended shader record" size="1" start="3" type="bool"/>
161 <field name="Number of attribute arrays" size="3" start="0" type="uint"/>
162 </packet>
164 <packet name="Clear Colors" cl="R" code="114">
165 <field name="Clear Stencil" size="8" start="96" type="uint"/>
166 <field name="Clear VG Mask" size="8" start="88" type="uint"/>
167 <field name="Clear ZS" size="24" start="64" type="uint"/>
168 <field name="Clear Color" size="64" start="0" type="uint"/>
169 </packet>
171 <packet name="Configuration Bits" code="96">
172 <field name="Early Z updates enable" size="1" start="17" type="bool"/>
173 <field name="Early Z enable" size="1" start="16" type="bool"/>
174 <field name="Z updates enable" size="1" start="15" type="bool"/>
175 <field name="Depth-Test Function" size="3" start="12" type="Compare Function"/>
176 <field name="Coverage Read Mode" size="1" start="11" type="uint"/>
177 <!-- add values -->
178 <field name="Coverage Pipe Select" size="1" start="8" type="bool"/>
179 <field name="Rasteriser Oversample Mode" size="2" start="6" type="uint"/>
180 <!-- add values -->
181 <field name="Coverage Read Type" size="1" start="5" type="uint"/>
182 <!-- add values -->
183 <field name="Antialiased Points and Lines" size="1" start="4" type="bool"/>
184 <field name="Enable Depth Offset" size="1" start="3" type="bool"/>
185 <field name="Clockwise Primitives" size="1" start="2" type="bool"/>
186 <field name="Enable Reverse Facing Primitive" size="1" start="1" type="bool"/>
187 <field name="Enable Forward Facing Primitive" size="1" start="0" type="bool"/>
188 </packet>
190 <packet name="Flat Shade Flags" code="97">
191 <field name="Flat-shading Flags" size="32" start="0" type="uint"/>
192 </packet>
194 <packet name="Point size" code="98">
195 <field name="Point Size" size="32" start="0" type="float"/>
196 </packet>
198 <packet name="Line width" code="99">
199 <field name="Line width" size="32" start="0" type="float"/>
200 </packet>
202 <packet name="RHT X boundary" code="100">
203 <field name="RHT primitive X boundary" size="16" start="0" type="int"/>
204 </packet>
206 <packet name="Depth Offset" code="101">
207 <!-- these fields are both float-1-8-7 encoded (top 16 bits of a float32) -->
208 <field name="Depth Offset Units" size="16" start="16" type="uint"/>
209 <field name="Depth Offset Factor" size="16" start="0" type="uint"/>
210 </packet>
212 <packet name="Clip Window" code="102">
213 <field name="Clip Window Height in pixels" size="16" start="48" type="uint"/>
214 <field name="Clip Window Width in pixels" size="16" start="32" type="uint"/>
215 <field name="Clip Window Bottom Pixel Coordinate" size="16" start="16" type="uint"/>
216 <field name="Clip Window Left Pixel Coordinate" size="16" start="0" type="uint"/>
217 </packet>
219 <packet name="Viewport Offset" code="103">
220 <field name="Viewport Centre Y-coordinate" size="16" start="16" type="s12.4"/>
221 <field name="Viewport Centre X-coordinate" size="16" start="0" type="s12.4"/>
222 </packet>
224 <packet name="Z min and max clipping planes" code="104">
225 <field name="Maximum Zw" size="32" start="32" type="float"/>
226 <field name="Minimum Zw" size="32" start="0" type="float"/>
227 </packet>
229 <packet name="Clipper XY Scaling" code="105" cl="B">
230 <field name="Viewport Half-Height in 1/16th of pixel" size="32" start="32" type="float"/>
231 <field name="Viewport Half-Width in 1/16th of pixel" size="32" start="0" type="float"/>
232 </packet>
234 <packet name="Clipper Z Scale and Offset" code="106" cl="B">
235 <field name="Viewport Z Offset (Zc to Zs)" size="32" start="32" type="float"/>
236 <field name="Viewport Z Scale (Zc to Zs)" size="32" start="0" type="float"/>
237 </packet>
239 <packet name="Tile Binning Mode Configuration" code="112" cl="B">
240 <field name="Double-buffer in non-ms mode" size="1" start="119" type="bool"/>
242 <field name="Tile Allocation Block Size" size="2" start="117" type="uint">
243 <value name="block size 32" value="0"/>
244 <value name="block size 64" value="1"/>
245 <value name="block size 128" value="2"/>
246 <value name="block size 256" value="3"/>
247 </field>
249 <field name="Tile Allocation Initial Block Size" size="2" start="115" type="uint">
250 <value name="block size 32" value="0"/>
251 <value name="block size 64" value="1"/>
252 <value name="block size 128" value="2"/>
253 <value name="block size 256" value="3"/>
254 </field>
256 <field name="Auto-initialise Tile State Data Array" size="1" start="114" type="bool"/>
257 <field name="Tile Buffer 64-bit Color Depth" size="1" start="113" type="bool"/>
258 <field name="Multisample Mode (4x)" size="1" start="112" type="bool"/>
260 <field name="Height (in tiles)" size="8" start="104" type="uint"/>
261 <field name="Width (in tiles)" size="8" start="96" type="uint"/>
263 <field name="Tile State Data Array Address" size="32" start="64" type="uint"/>
264 <field name="Tile Allocation memory size" size="32" start="32" type="uint"/>
265 <field name="Tile Allocation memory address" size="32" start="0" type="uint"/>
267 </packet>
269 <packet name="Tile Rendering Mode Configuration" code="113" cl="R">
270 <field name="Double-buffer in non-ms mode" size="1" start="76" type="bool"/>
271 <field name="Early-Z/Early-Cov disable" size="1" start="75" type="bool"/>
272 <field name="Early-Z Update Direction GT/GE" size="1" start="74" type="bool"/>
273 <field name="Select Coverage Mode" size="1" start="73" type="bool"/>
274 <field name="Enable VG Mask Buffer" size="1" start="72" type="bool"/>
275 <field name="Memory Format" size="2" start="70" type="uint">
276 <value name="Raster" value="0"/>
277 <value name="T" value="1"/>
278 <value name="LT" value="2"/>
279 </field>
280 <field name="Decimate Mode" size="2" start="68" type="uint"/>
282 <field name="Non-HDR Frame Buffer Color Format" size="2" start="66" type="uint">
283 <value name="rendering config bgr565 dithered" value="0"/>
284 <value name="rendering config rgba8888" value="1"/>
285 <value name="rendering config bgr565 no dither" value="2"/>
286 </field>
288 <field name="Tile Buffer 64-bit Color Depth" size="1" start="65" type="bool"/>
289 <field name="Multisample Mode (4x)" size="1" start="64" type="bool"/>
290 <field name="Height (pixels)" size="16" start="48" type="uint"/>
291 <field name="Width (pixels)" size="16" start="32" type="uint"/>
292 <field name="Memory Address" size="32" start="0" type="address"/>
293 </packet>
295 <packet name="Tile Coordinates" code="115" cl="R">
296 <field name="Tile Row Number" size="8" start="8" type="uint"/>
297 <field name="Tile Column Number" size="8" start="0" type="uint"/>
298 </packet>
300 <packet name="Gem Relocations" code="254" cl="B">
301 <field name="buffer 1" size="32" start="32" type="uint"/>
302 <field name="buffer 0" size="32" start="0" type="uint"/>
303 </packet>
305 <struct name="Shader Record">
306 <field name="Fragment Shader is single threaded" size="1" start="0" type="bool"/>
307 <field name="Point Size included in shaded vertex data" size="1" start="1" type="bool"/>
308 <field name="Enable Clipping" size="1" start="2" type="bool"/>
310 <field name="Fragment Shader Number of Uniforms (not used currently)" size="16" start="2b" type="uint"/>
311 <field name="Fragment Shader Number of Varyings" size="8" start="3b" type="uint"/>
312 <field name="Fragment Shader Code Address" size="32" start="4b" type="address"/>
313 <!-- set up by the kernel -->
314 <field name="Fragment Shader Uniforms Address" size="32" start="8b" type="uint"/>
316 <field name="Vertex Shader Number of Uniforms (not used currently)" size="16" start="12b" type="uint"/>
317 <field name="Vertex Shader Attribute Array select bits" size="8" start="14b" type="uint"/>
318 <field name="Vertex Shader Total Attributes Size" size="8" start="15b" type="uint"/>
319 <field name="Vertex Shader Code Address" size="32" start="16b" type="address"/>
320 <!-- set up by the kernel -->
321 <field name="Vertex Shader Uniforms Address" size="32" start="16b" type="uint"/>
323 <field name="Coordinate Shader Number of Uniforms (not used currently)" size="16" start="24b" type="uint"/>
324 <field name="Coordinate Shader Attribute Array select bits" size="8" start="26b" type="uint"/>
325 <field name="Coordinate Shader Total Attributes Size" size="8" start="27b" type="uint"/>
326 <field name="Coordinate Shader Code Address" size="32" start="28b" type="address"/>
327 <!-- set up by the kernel -->
328 <field name="Coordinate Shader Uniforms Address" size="32" start="32b" type="uint"/>
329 </struct>
331 <struct name="Attribute Record">
332 <field name="Address" size="32" start="0b" type="address"/>
333 <field name="Number of Bytes minus 1" size="8" start="4b" type="uint"/>
334 <field name="Stride" size="8" start="5b" type="uint"/>
335 <field name="Vertex Shader VPM offset" size="8" start="6b" type="uint"/>
336 <field name="Coordinate Shader VPM offset" size="8" start="7b" type="uint"/>
337 </struct>
339 </vcxml>