nir: Allow var_mem_global in nir_lower_vars_to_explicit_types
[mesa.git] / .gitlab-ci.yml
2020-09-02 Michel Dänzerci: Do not create manual test-docs job in post-merge...
2020-09-01 Eric Anholtci: Enable KHR-GL30 CTS testing on freedreno a630.
2020-09-01 Eric Anholtci: Use the same VK-GL-CTS tree for GL/GLES as VK.
2020-09-01 Eric Anholtci: Bump vulkan CTS version to, and keep the...
2020-09-01 Michel Dänzerci: Restrict "success" job to pipelines for MRs
2020-09-01 Michel Dänzerci: Don't exclude "success" job from mesa/mesa pipeline...
2020-09-01 Michel Dänzerci: Create test-docs job in mesa/mesa pipelines for MRs
2020-08-31 Eric Anholtci: Switch to using gold as the linker.
2020-08-28 Eric Anholtci: Add a release build with -Werror enabled.
2020-08-28 Daniel StoneCI: Disable Windows again
2020-08-28 Daniel StoneCI: Re-enable VS2019 build
2020-08-27 Michel Dänzerci: Fix up rules for post-merge / main project branch...
2020-08-26 Eric Anholtci: Test the KHR-GL* CTS cases with softpipe.
2020-08-20 Eric Anholtci/freedreno: Move our skips lists over to being known...
2020-08-19 Andres Gomezgitlab-ci: reorder container_post_build call for arm64_...
2020-08-19 Tomeu Vizosoci: Split traces.yml file per driver
2020-08-18 Daniel StoneCI: Skip flaky CS test on VirGL
2020-08-17 Adam Jacksondrisw: Port the MIT-SHM check to XCB
2020-08-17 Dave Airlievallium: initial import of the vulkan frontend
2020-08-12 Samuel Pitoisetgitlab-ci: test Fossilize with GFX1030
2020-08-08 Eric Engestrommeson: bump required glvnd version
2020-08-05 Kristian H. Kristensenci: Add a build test for the Android platform
2020-08-05 Tomeu Vizosoci: Use a rootfs tarball for NFS root, instead of a...
2020-08-04 Tomeu Vizosoci: Remove kernel module build that slipped in
2020-08-04 Tomeu Vizosoci: Download traces from MinIO in baremetal runs
2020-08-04 Tomeu Vizosoci: Upload traces' reference and actual images to MinIO
2020-08-03 Tomeu Vizosoci: Build-test Panfrost tools
2020-07-31 Tomeu Vizosoci: Set date in LAVA DUTs from NTP servers
2020-07-30 Rhys Perryci: enable ACO tests
2020-07-29 Tomeu Vizosoci: Build kernels and rootfs for x86 devices
2020-07-29 Tomeu Vizosoci: Split building of libdrm to its own script
2020-07-28 Rob Clarkfreedreno: add CI for envytools tools
2020-07-23 Michel Dänzerci: Use half as many parallel softpipe / virgl test...
2020-07-23 Michel Dänzerci: Do not mark container / pages jobs as interruptible
2020-07-22 Andres Gomezgitlab-ci: Test AMD's Raven with traces
2020-07-22 Tomeu Vizosoci: Upload images of failed replays to MinIO
2020-07-21 Andres Gomezgitlab-ci: build gfxreconstruct from the "dev" branch
2020-07-21 Tomeu Vizosogitlab-ci: Upload tracie artifacts to MinIO
2020-07-21 Rohan Garggitlab-ci: Replay traces on lava devices
2020-07-20 Christian Gmeinerci: bare-metal: use nginx to get results from DUT
2020-07-20 Eric Anholtci: Use FDO_CI_CONCURRENT as our -j flags when present...
2020-07-20 Dave Airlieci/llvmpipe: reenable gpu shader5 tests
2020-07-17 Rob Clarkgitlab-ci: re-enable all a630 jobs
2020-07-17 Tomeu Vizosogitlab-ci: Re-add kernels for bare-metal
2020-07-17 Michel Dänzergitlab-ci: Only trigger test-docs job automatically...
2020-07-16 Dave Airlieci: bump piglit checkout for dsa tests
2020-07-15 Michel Dänzergitlab-ci: Fix "triggered by Marge for a merge request...
2020-07-14 Karol Herbstci: bump libdrm to 2.4.102
2020-07-14 Jonathan Marekgitlab-ci: re-enable arm64_a630_vk
2020-07-14 Michel DänzerRevert
2020-07-14 Karol Herbstci: bump libdrm to 2.4.102
2020-07-14 Michel Dänzergitlab-ci: Drop dependencies:
2020-07-14 Michel Dänzergitlab-ci: Remove indirect dependencies from needs:
2020-07-14 Rob Clarkgitlab-ci: reduce a630 runner load
2020-07-10 Eric Engestromegl: automatically compile the `drm` platform when...
2020-07-10 Eric Engestromegl: always compile surfaceless
2020-07-10 Timothy Arcerigitlab-ci: Enable -Werror in `meson-gallium` job
2020-07-09 Benjamin Tissoiresgitlab-ci: do not run full CI on scheduled pipelines
2020-07-09 Benjamin Tissoiresgitlab-ci: update ci-fairy minio to latest upstream
2020-07-07 Tomeu Vizosogitlab-ci: More stable URL for kernel and ramdisk artif...
2020-07-07 Erik Faye-Lundci: add graphviz to the .docs-base template
2020-07-04 Timothy Arcerigitlab-ci: Enable -Werror in `meson-classic` job
2020-07-03 Benjamin TissoiresCI: reduce bandwidth for git pull
2020-07-02 Michel Dänzerci: Move deploy stage between container & build stages
2020-07-02 Michel Dänzerci: Use "when: always" for pages job
2020-07-02 Daniel StoneCI: Disable Windows build due to unstable infrastructure
2020-07-01 Michel Dänzergitlab-ci: Do not create the "success" job when the...
2020-07-01 Michel Dänzergitlab-ci: Extend .ci-run-policy template for docs...
2020-07-01 Michel Dänzergitlab-ci: Use rules: instead of except:/only: for...
2020-07-01 Erik Faye-Lundci: move test-docs to container stage
2020-07-01 Erik Faye-Lundci: move deploy-stage later in the pipeline
2020-07-01 Erik Faye-Lundci: test docs for non-master builds
2020-07-01 Erik Faye-Lundci: only build docs if any docs changed
2020-07-01 Erik Faye-Lundci: only build docs in the upstream-repo
2020-07-01 Michel Dänzergitlab-ci: Automatically run pipelines for Marge Bot...
2020-06-30 Daniel StoneCI: Re-enable the Windows VS2019 build job
2020-06-26 Eric Anholtci/baremetal: Bump the kernel to a recent drm-msm-fixes...
2020-06-26 Samuel Pitoisetgitlab-ci: attach the Fossilize log file as artifact...
2020-06-25 Eric Anholtci: Remove a stray "always" on the freedreno traces...
2020-06-25 Eric Anholtci: Add a freedreno a630 tracie run.
2020-06-25 Rohan Gargci: Include trace replay support in ARM rootfses.
2020-06-25 Eric Anholtci/bare-metal: Don't include dev packages in arm*test.
2020-06-25 Tomeu Vizosoci: Move ARM rootfses to stable
2020-06-25 Daniel Schürmannradv: enable ACO by default
2020-06-23 Samuel Pitoisetgitlab-ci: stop testing RADV with LLVM
2020-06-23 Tomeu Vizosogitlab-ci: Update CTS runner
2020-06-23 Tomeu Vizosogitlab-ci: Test virgl with Khronos' OpenGL CTS
2020-06-23 Tomeu Vizosogitlab-ci: Add manual tests for Virgl using GLES on...
2020-06-23 Tomeu Vizosogitlab-ci: Run more dEQP tests for virgl
2020-06-22 Eric Engestromgitlab-ci: drop gettext from the build images
2020-06-19 Eric Anholtci: Enable NIR validation on a630 GLES2 and VK tests.
2020-06-19 Eric Anholtci: Bump vulkan CTS to
2020-06-18 Eric Anholtci: disable the windows tests until the runner can...
2020-06-13 Erik Faye-Lundgitlab-ci: build and deploy docs
2020-06-12 Eric Anholtci/bare-metal: Stop fetching the git tree.
2020-06-12 Eric Anholtci/bare-metal: Use the deqp-runner bits straight out...
2020-06-12 Eric Anholtci/bare-metal: Make which test to run configurable.
2020-06-10 Christian Gmeinerci: fix possible spuriously run of jobs
2020-06-09 Eric Anholtci: Use rsync for initial nfsroot population on cheza.
2020-06-09 Eric Anholtci: Enable pre-merge fractional vulkan CTS runs on...