Merge remote branch 'vdpau/pipe-video' into pipe-video
[mesa.git] / Makefile
2011-01-10 Christian KönigMerge remote branch 'vdpau/pipe-video' into pipe-video
2011-01-08 Christian KönigMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into pipe-video
2011-01-06 Vinson Leemesa: bump version to 7.11
2010-12-19 Christoph BumillerMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into nvc0-new
2010-11-22 Keith WhitwellMerge branch 'lp-offset-twoside'
2010-11-21 Christian KönigMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into pipe-video
2010-11-15 Julien CristauMakefile: don't include the same files twice in the...
2010-10-20 Keith WhitwellMerge branch 'llvm-cliptest-viewport'
2010-10-18 Keith WhitwellMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into lp-setup-llvm
2010-10-12 Christian KönigMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-10-05 Thomas Balling Sør... Merge branch 'master' into pipe-video
2010-09-29 Marek OlšákMakefile: ensure Gallium's Makefile.xorg and SConscript...
2010-09-27 Ian Romanickdri: Ensure that DRI driver cpp files are in tarballs
2010-09-21 Brian PaulMerge branch 'sprite-coord'
2010-09-18 Vinson Leemesa: bump version to 7.10
2010-09-15 Christoph BumillerMerge remote branch 'origin/nv50-compiler'
2010-09-11 Chia-I WuAdd missing files to the tarball file lists.
2010-09-02 Christoph BumillerMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into nv50-compiler
2010-08-24 Brian Paulmesa: remove non-existant files from tarball list
2010-08-20 Eric AnholtRemove remnants of the old glsl compiler.
2010-07-27 Eric AnholtMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into glsl2
2010-06-28 Jakob BornecrantzMerge branch 'gallium-drm-driver-drescriptor'
2010-06-24 Eric AnholtMerge branch 'glsl2-head' into glsl2
2010-06-24 Brian PaulMerge branch 'shader-file-reorg'
2010-06-21 Kenneth GraunkeMerge Carl's preprocessor into the glcpp subdirectory.
2010-06-11 Brian Paulmesa: rename src/mesa/shader/ to src/mesa/program/
2010-06-11 Brian Paulmesa: move shader/slang/* sources to main/slang/*
2010-06-09 Carl WorthMerge remote branch 'kwg/fixes'
2010-06-08 Jakob Bornecrantzglew: Drop glew now that we don't need it for the progs
2010-06-07 Kristian HøgsbergRemove last bits of progs/ infrastructure
2010-06-04 Brian Paulmesa: remove old references to demo files and progs...
2010-06-02 Carl Worthtest suite: Add expected output for every test.
2010-05-29 Carl WorthMerge branch 'take-2'
2010-05-27 Carl WorthImplement token pasting of integers.
2010-05-19 Carl WorthAdd a wrapper function around the lexer.
2010-05-14 Carl WorthProvide implementation for macro arguments containing...
2010-05-14 Carl WorthMakefile: Make "make test" depend on the main program.
2010-05-13 Carl WorthAdd support for the structure of function-like macros.
2010-05-12 Carl WorthConvert lexer to talloc and add xtalloc wrappers.
2010-05-12 Carl WorthFix defines involving both literals and other defined...
2010-05-10 Carl WorthAdd a very simple test for the pre-processor.
2010-05-10 Carl WorthMakefile: Enable debugging of parser.
2010-05-10 Carl WorthAdd hash table implementation from glsl2 project.
2010-05-10 Carl WorthAdd some compiler warnings and corresponding fixes.
2010-05-10 Carl WorthAdd the tiniest shell of a flex/bison-based parser.
2010-05-01 Younes MantonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-05-22 Chia-I Wuprogs: Remove remaining EGL demos.
2010-05-21 Roland ScheideggerMerge branch 'gallium-msaa'
2010-05-08 Chia-I WuUpdate file list for the tarballs.
2010-04-23 Ian RomanickMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-23 Jerome GlisseMerge remote branch 'origin/7.8'
2010-04-23 Michel DänzerMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-22 Brian PaulMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-20 Dan NicholsonMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-19 Jesse BarnesMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-28 Brian PaulMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-28 Jakob BornecrantzMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-28 Brian PaulMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-27 Brian PaulMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-19 Jesse BarnesMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-19 Brian PaulMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-13 Jesse BarnesMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-11 Maciej CencoraMerge commit 'origin/7.8'
2010-04-09 Brian PaulMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-08 Dave AirlieMerge remote branch 'origin/7.8'
2010-04-07 Zack RusinMerge branch 'gallium_draw_llvm'
2010-04-05 Brian Paulmesa: added Makefile.egl to GALLIUM_FILES
2010-04-05 Thierry Vignaudmesa: add missing file to GALLIUM_FILES
2010-04-05 Ian Romanickmesa: set version string to 7.8.1
2010-04-05 Ian RomanickMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-04 Ian RomanickMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-01 Chia-I WuUpdate DEMO_FILES for demos using EGL.
2010-03-31 Zack RusinMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into gallium_draw_llvm
2010-03-30 Michel DänzerMerge branch '7.8'
2010-03-28 Ian Romanickmesa: set version string to 7.8
2010-03-26 Michel DänzerMerge branch '7.8'
2010-03-25 Brian PaulMerge branch '7.8'
2010-03-23 Brian PaulMerge branch '7.8'
2010-03-23 Chia-I WuAdd missing EGL files to the tarballs.
2010-03-23 Ian Romanickmesa: set version string to 7.8-rc2
2010-03-22 Brian PaulMerge branch '7.8'
2010-03-17 Brian PaulMerge branch '7.8'
2010-03-17 Pauli NieminenMerge branch '7.8' into master
2010-03-16 Ian RomanickRemove nonexistant files from tarballs rule of Makefile
2010-03-16 Ian Romanickmesa: set version string to 7.8-rc1
2010-03-15 Zack RusinMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into gallium_draw_llvm
2010-03-12 Michel DänzerMerge branch '7.8'
2010-03-12 Younes MantonMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into pipe-video
2010-03-11 Michel DänzerMerge remote branch 'origin/7.8'
2010-03-10 Brian PaulMerge branch '7.8'
2010-03-10 Michel DänzerMerge branch '7.8'
2010-03-10 Michal KrolMerge branch 'master' into gallium-sampler-view
2010-03-09 Roland ScheideggerMerge branch 'gallium-vertexelementcso'
2010-03-09 Keith WhitwellMerge commit 'origin/master' into gallium-sw-api-2
2010-03-08 Brian PaulMerge branch '7.8'
2010-03-08 Keith WhitwellMerge commit 'origin/gallium-winsys-handle-rebased'
2010-03-06 George Sapountzisinclude/GL: drop more deprecated headers
2010-03-06 Brian Paulmesa: bump version to 7.9
2010-03-02 Michal KrolMerge branch 'gallium-no-rhw-position'
2010-02-26 Brian Paulmesa: update tarball file list, bump version string