Merge branch 'xa_branch'
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2011-07-04 Thomas HellstromMerge branch 'xa_branch'
2011-07-02 Benjamin Franzkeconfigure: Require libudev for drm & wayland egl platforms
2011-07-02 Benjamin Franzkeconfigure: Fix typo in gbm check for egl drm platform
2011-07-02 Benjamin Franzkeconfigure: Enable st/gbm if st/egl has drm platform
2011-07-02 Chia-I Wuautoconf: swrast does not require libdrm
2011-07-01 Chia-I Wuautoconf: fix --disable-glx
2011-07-01 Chia-I Wuautoconf: fix --disable-dri
2011-07-01 Chia-I Wuautoconf: add --enable-{dri,glx,osmesa}
2011-06-28 Alan Hourihaneglx: Check HAVE_XF86VIDMODE before adding it as an...
2011-06-28 Jon TURNEYDon't use -fvisibilty=hidden on cygwin
2011-06-28 Jon TURNEYFix config check that claims to test if CXX supports...
2011-06-27 Marek Olšá sort Gallium directories alphabetically
2011-06-24 Chia-I Wutargets/egl-static: replace targets/egl
2011-06-24 Benjamin Franzkeconfigure: Disable drm egl platform by default
2011-06-23 Benjamin Franzkeegl_dri2: Hookup gbm as drm platform
2011-06-23 Benjamin Franzkegbm: Add gallium (drm) backend
2011-06-23 Benjamin Franzkegbm: Add dri backend
2011-06-23 Benjamin FranzkeAdd gbm (generic/graphics buffer manager)
2011-06-20 Chia-I remove deprecated EGL options
2011-06-19 Marek Olšá add back --enable-gallium-egl
2011-06-19 Cyril Avoid running llvm-config when it hadn...
2011-06-19 Marek Olšá build r600g by default
2011-06-19 Marek Olšá add option --with-gallium-drivers=DIRS
2011-06-19 Marek Olšá remove --with-state-trackers
2011-06-19 Marek Olšá remove redundant option --enable-gallium-egl
2011-06-15 Thomas Hellstromst/xa: Initial import of the xa state-tracker and the...
2011-06-14 Marek Olšá cleanup the gallium-r300 option
2011-06-13 Marek Olšákxorg-radeon: rename to xorg-r300
2011-06-02 Johannes Obermayrdri/nouveau: Fix build with --enable-shared-dricore.
2011-05-31 Benjamin Franzkest/egl: Fix udev linkage when egl_dri2 is not build
2011-05-18 Brian Paulmesa: check that flex/bison are installed
2011-05-18 Tapani Pälliadd $SELINUX_LIBS to EGL and OpenVG lib deps
2011-05-13 Benjamin Franzkest/egl: Implement EGL_WL_bind_wayland_display for x11...
2011-05-05 Dave AirlieRevert "DRI2/GLX: make swap event handling match spec"
2011-05-04 Jesse BarnesDRI2/GLX: make swap event handling match spec
2011-05-02 Jon TURNEYDefault to --disable-gallium-r300 if not --with-driver=dri
2011-04-25 Benjamin Franzkewinsys: Add wayland shm sw winsys
2011-04-25 Marek Olšá require LLVM for r300g on x86 and x86_64
2011-04-25 Marek Olšá enable LLVM by default on x86 and x86_64
2011-04-22 Marek Olšá fix up the help text for --enable-gallium...
2011-04-19 Marek Olšá rename --enable-gallium-radeon to --enabl...
2011-04-15 Marek Olšá add an enable switch for float textures...
2011-04-08 Jon TURNEYDisable direct rendering on Cygwin
2011-04-08 nobledDisable direct rendering on GNU/Hurd
2011-04-08 Samuel ThibaultOnly require libdrm if direct rendering is actually...
2011-03-14 José Fonsecaautoconf/make: Don't specify individual llvm libraries.
2011-03-13 Dave Airlieautoconf/llvm: fix build for disassembler
2011-03-13 José Fonsecagallivm: Use LLVM MC disassembler, instead of udis86.
2011-03-04 Christoph BumillerMerge remote branch 'origin/nvc0'
2011-03-02 Benjamin Franzkeegl_dri2 x11: Workaround device_name xcb-dri2 bug
2011-03-01 Benjamin Franzkeegl: Add EGL_WL_bind_wayland_display
2011-03-01 Chris Wilsonconfigure: Bump libdrm requirements
2011-02-23 Tom FogalFix GLX_USE_TLS define.
2011-02-20 Jon TURNEYFix --enable-shared-glapi configure option
2011-02-12 Christopher James... mesa: Optionally build a dricore support library (v3)
2011-02-11 Marek Olšá remove libdrm_radeon dependency for r300g...
2011-02-10 Kristian Hø Fix typo
2011-02-07 Benjamin Franzkeegl: Implement libwayland-egl
2011-02-07 Benjamin Franzkeegl: Add wayland platform
2011-02-06 Marek Olšá correctly check for libdrm_radeon version
2011-01-31 Kenneth GraunkeRemove talloc from the make and automake build systems.
2011-01-26 Tormod define LIBDRM_INTEL_REQUIRED
2011-01-20 Chia-I Wuglapi: Fix OpenGL and OpenGL ES interop.
2011-01-20 Chia-I Wuglapi: Fix OpenGL ES 1.1 and 2.0 interop.
2011-01-20 Chia-I Wuautoconf: Fail when --with-state-trackers is incomplete.
2011-01-15 Brian PaulMerge branch 'draw-instanced'
2011-01-11 Jerome Glissenoop: remove dead dri target
2011-01-11 Brian Paulconfigure: bump libdrm version requirement to 2.4.23
2011-01-10 Tom FogalExport TLS support in gl.pc.
2011-01-10 Chia-I Wumesa: Remove GLES overlay.
2011-01-10 Chia-I Wuegl: Make egl_dri2 and egl_glx built-in drivers.
2011-01-10 Jerome Glissenoop: make noop useable like trace or rbug
2011-01-06 Pierre Allegraudmesa: fix build for NetBSD
2011-01-04 Christoph BumillerMerge remote branch 'origin/nvc0'
2011-01-03 Eric Anholtintel: Bump libdrm requirement for the...
2011-01-03 Chia-I Wuautoconf: Fix --with-driver=xlib --enable-openvg.
2010-12-20 Ben SkeggsMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into nvc0-new
2010-12-19 Christoph BumillerMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into nvc0-new
2010-12-08 Brian Paulconfigure: use llvm-config --cppflags instead of -...
2010-11-22 Keith WhitwellMerge branch 'lp-offset-twoside'
2010-11-15 Jerome Glissegallium/noop: no operation gallium driver
2010-11-12 Christoph Bumillernvc0: import nvc0 gallium driver
2010-11-09 Chia-I Wuautoconf: Add --enable-gallium-egl.
2010-10-31 Chia-I Wuautoconf: Tidy configure output for EGL.
2010-10-30 Chia-I Wuautoconf: st/vega requires --enable-openvg.
2010-10-29 Chia-I WuMerge branch 'glapi-reorg'
2010-10-29 Chia-I Wuautoconf: Update configuration info.
2010-10-29 Chia-I Wuautoconf: Better client API selection.
2010-10-27 Kenneth GraunkeFix build on systems where "python" is python 3.
2010-10-20 Keith WhitwellMerge branch 'llvm-cliptest-viewport'
2010-10-18 Keith WhitwellMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into lp-setup-llvm
2010-09-28 Marek Olšá do not build xorg-r300g by default
2010-09-28 Marek Olšá look for libdrm_radeon before building...
2010-09-27 Luca Barbierimesa: make makedepend an hard requirement
2010-09-24 Marek OlšákBuild r300g by default
2010-09-21 Brian PaulMerge branch 'sprite-coord'
2010-09-19 Chia-I Wuegl: Enable drm platform by default.
2010-09-19 Chia-I Wust/egl: Rename kms backend to drm.
2010-09-15 Christoph BumillerMerge remote branch 'origin/nv50-compiler'
2010-09-09 Kristian Høgsbergconfigure: Enable -fvisibility=hidden for g++ as well