configure: commit test files
[mesa.git] /
2017-10-16 Dylan Bakerconfigure: commit test files
2017-10-13 Emil add missing LLVM components for OpenCL
2017-10-13 Emil add llvm_add_optional_component helper
2017-10-13 Emil rework llvm libs handling for 3.9+
2017-10-13 Emil factor out detection for old and buggy...
2017-10-13 Emil remove no longer necessary llvm-config...
2017-10-13 Emil bump Clover LLVM requirement to 3.9
2017-10-12 Marek Olšákwinsys/amdgpu: implement sync_file import/export
2017-10-10 Eric Anholtbroadcom: Add V3D 3.3 gallium driver called "vc5",...
2017-10-10 Eric Anholtconfigure: Add the new "vc5" driver to the list, requir...
2017-10-03 Matt Turnerbuild: Remove HAVE_DLOPEN
2017-09-26 Thomas Hellandutil: Add tests for the string buffer
2017-09-26 Marek Olšákr600: fork and import gallium/radeon
2017-09-22 Grazvydas Ignotasconfigure: check if -latomic is needed for __atomic_*
2017-09-19 Emil split the wayland client/server confusion
2017-09-19 Emil define WL_HIDE_DEPRECATED at global scale
2017-09-15 Gurkirpal Singhst/omx_bellagio: Rename state tracker and option
2017-09-06 Gert Wollnymesa/st: glsl_to_tgsi: add tests for the new temporary...
2017-09-03 Eric Engestromutil: improve compiler guard
2017-08-29 Matt Turnerconfigure: Test for -Wno-initializer-overrides
2017-08-29 Matt Turnerconfigure: Add and use AX_CHECK_COMPILE_FLAG
2017-08-17 Vinson Check for expat21 if expat is not found.
2017-08-17 Michel Dänzerconfigure: Check llvm-config --shared-mode
2017-08-15 Eric Introduce HAVE_ARM_ASM/HAVE_AARCH64_ASM...
2017-08-14 Michel Dänzerconfigure: Trust LLVM >= 4.0 llvm-config --libs for...
2017-08-10 Tim Rowleyconfigure: remove trailing "-a" in swr architecture...
2017-08-10 Matt Turnerbuild: Fix up spirv_info.Plo
2017-08-04 Emil drop manual detection of expat header...
2017-08-04 Emil unconditionally check for expat
2017-08-03 Chuck Atkinsswr: Add arch flags to support Cray and PGI compilers
2017-07-31 Nicolai Hähnlexmlconfig: move into src/util
2017-07-24 Emil rework wayland-protocols handling
2017-07-20 Dave Airlieradv: port to new libdrm API.
2017-07-19 Tim Rowleyconfigure/swr: add KNL and SKX architecture targets
2017-07-19 Tim Rowleyconfigure/swr: configurable swr architectures
2017-07-19 Eric fix whitespace
2017-07-19 Lucas bump required etnaviv libdrm version...
2017-07-18 Daniel Stoneegl/wayland: Use linux-dmabuf interface for buffers
2017-07-14 Eric Engestromconfigure: only install khrplatform.h if needed
2017-07-12 Eric Anholtvc4: Switch back to using a local copy of vc4_drm.h.
2017-06-30 Eric Anholtvc4: Introduce XML-based packet header generation like...
2017-06-28 Ben Crockermapi: Enable assembly language API acceleration for...
2017-06-27 Lionel Landwerlinanv/i965: drop libdrm_intel dependency completely
2017-06-27 Lionel Landwerlini915: use different CFLAGS/LIBS variables than i965/anv
2017-06-16 Jan Veselyr600g,compute: provide local copy of functions from...
2017-06-15 Emil remove manual AC_SUBST for pthread-stubs
2017-06-15 Emil add -pthread to PTHREAD_LIBS
2017-06-15 Eric Anholtgallium: Add renderonly-based support for pl111+vc4.
2017-06-14 Chuck Reduce zlib requirement from 1.2.8 to...
2017-06-08 Tim Rowleyswr: relax c++ requirement from c++14 to c++11
2017-06-01 Eric simplify --enable-libunwind=auto check
2017-05-25 Leo update libdrm amdgpu version requirement...
2017-05-24 Eric rephrase 'GLX w/o X11' error message
2017-05-20 Emil s/xcb-fixes/xcb-xfixes/
2017-05-19 Emil add xcb-fixes to the XCB DRI3 list
2017-05-19 Emil Velikovautomake: add SWR LLVM gen_builder.hpp workaround
2017-05-19 Emil Velikovconfigure: trivial whitespace cleanup
2017-05-19 Emil Velikovconfigure: error out if building XVMC w/o supported...
2017-05-19 Emil Velikovconfigure: error out if building VDPAU w/o supported...
2017-05-19 Emil Velikovconfigure: error out if building OMX w/o supported...
2017-05-19 Emil Velikovconfigure: error out if building VA w/o supported platform
2017-05-19 Emil Velikovconfigure: error out when building X11 Vulkan without...
2017-05-19 Emil Velikovconfigure: check once for DRI3 dependencies
2017-05-19 Emil Velikovconfigure: error out when building GLX w/o the X11...
2017-05-19 Emil Velikovconfigure: set HAVE_foo_PLATFORM as applicable
2017-05-19 Emil Velikovconfigure: enable the surfaceless platform by default
2017-05-19 Emil Velikovconfigure: loosen --with-platforms heuristics
2017-05-19 Emil Velikovconfigure: update remaining --with-egl-platforms references
2017-05-19 Emil Velikovconfigure: rename remaining HAVE_EGL_PLATFORM_* guards
2017-05-19 Emil Velikovconfigure: move platform handling further up
2017-05-11 Emil Velikovconfigure: remove unneeded bits around libunwind handling
2017-05-11 Philipp Fix help string for --disable-pwr8 config...
2017-05-05 Nicolas Also match -androideabi tuple
2017-05-04 Marek Olšákradeonsi: drop support for LLVM 3.8
2017-04-26 Eric Engestromconfigure: print LDFLAGS alongside CFLAGS & co.
2017-04-24 Vinson Fix typos.
2017-04-19 Emil check require_basic_egl only if egl enabled
2017-04-19 Emil manually expand PKG_CHECK_VAR
2017-04-17 Emil print deprecation warning as needed
2017-04-17 Emil deprecate --with-egl-platforms over ...
2017-04-17 Emil Velikovconfigure: remove egl platforms check
2017-04-17 Emil Velikovconfigure: remove unneeded dri3/present proto requirements
2017-04-17 Kyle BrennemanEGL: Implement the libglvnd interface for EGL (v3)
2017-04-17 Emil honour --disable-libunwind if the .pc...
2017-04-14 Philipp Zabeletnaviv: native fence fd support
2017-04-14 Nicolai Hä add --enable-sanitize option
2017-04-10 Samuel require libdrm_amdgpu 2.4.79
2017-04-05 Tim Rowleyswr: [] require c++14
2017-04-05 Emil pthread-stubs is not a thing on GNU/kFreeBSD
2017-04-05 Nicolai Hä require libdrm_amdgpu 2.4.77
2017-04-03 Grazvydas Ignotasutil/u_atomic: provide 64bit atomics where they're...
2017-04-03 Rob Clarkgallium/util: libunwind support
2017-03-30 Marek Olšá require libdrm_amdgpu 2.4.76 for Vega
2017-03-22 Vinson Do not strip away space after regex word...
2017-03-22 Vinson Use POSIX compatible regex for word boundary.
2017-03-15 Emil bump pthread-stubs requirement
2017-03-15 Emil Velikovanv: do not open random render node(s)
2017-03-15 Emil Velikovradv/winsys: use drmGetDevice2 API
2017-03-15 Emil Velikovautoconf/scons: bump libdrm to 2.4.75
2017-03-14 Jan BeichConvert sed(1) syntax to be compatible with FreeBSD...