Introduce .editorconfig
[mesa.git] / include / c11 / threads_win32.h
2014-08-12 Emil Velikovc11/threads: correct assertion
2014-03-19 Brian Paulc11/threads: don't include assert.h if the assert macro...
2014-03-04 José Fonsecac11/threads: Don't implement thrd_current on Windows.
2014-03-04 José Fonsecac11/threads: Fix nano to milisecond conversion.
2014-01-28 José Fonsecac11: Add missing stdlib.h include.
2014-01-23 José Fonsecac11: Update docs/license.html and include verbatim...
2014-01-23 José Fonsecac11: Import threads.h emulation library.