meson: Test for random_r()
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2019-07-30 Matt Turnermeson: Test for random_r()
2019-07-29 Eric Engestrommeson: bump required version to 0.46
2019-07-25 Eric Anholtv3d: Introduce a DRM shim for calling out to the simulator.
2019-07-23 Dylan Bakermeson: allow building all glx without any drivers
2019-07-10 Eric Engestrommeson: remove unused env_test
2019-07-03 Marek Olšákmeson: require libdrm_amdgpu 2.4.99 for Navi
2019-07-01 Eric Anholtmesa: Enable asm unconditionally, now that gen_matypes...
2019-06-28 Dylan BakerRevert "meson: Add support for using cmake for finding...
2019-06-28 Arfrever Frehtes... meson: Improve detection of Python when using Meson...
2019-06-28 James Clarkemeson: GNU/kFreeBSD has DRM/KMS and requires -D_GNU_SOURCE
2019-06-28 Eric Engestrommeson: only add empty lines betwen active summary sections
2019-06-28 Eric Engestrommeson: bump required libdrm version to 2.4.81
2019-06-27 Dylan Bakermeson: Add support for using cmake for finding LLVM
2019-06-24 Tapani Pällimeson: error out if platforms contains empty string
2019-06-21 Eric Engestromdrisw: move build logic to build systems
2019-06-19 Bas Nieuwenhuizenmeson: Allow building radeonsi with just the android...
2019-06-19 Jory Prattmeson: Search for execinfo.h
2019-06-13 Bas Nieuwenhuizenvl: Always enable drm winsys.
2019-06-05 Guido Güntherbuild: Build etnaviv drm
2019-06-04 Bas NieuwenhuizenRevert "vl: Enable DRM by default."
2019-06-04 Mark Janesmesa: prevent common string formatting security issues
2019-06-04 Bas Nieuwenhuizenvl: Enable DRM by default.
2019-05-31 Connor Abbottutil: Add a helper for faster remainders
2019-05-09 Eric Engestrommeson: fix a couple typos in comments
2019-05-08 Dylan Bakermeson: Force the use of config-tool for llvm
2019-05-03 Dylan Bakermeson: make nm binary optional
2019-05-03 Dylan Bakermeson: Make shader-cache a trillean instead of boolean
2019-05-03 Dylan Bakermeson: switch gles1 and gles2 to auto options
2019-05-03 Chuck Atkinsmeson: Fix missing glproto dependency for gallium-glx
2019-05-02 Erik Faye-Lundmeson: add build-summary
2019-05-02 Erik Faye-Lundmeson: give dri- and gallium-drivers separate vars
2019-04-26 Eric Anholtkmsro: Add support for V3D.
2019-04-11 Rob Herringkmsro: Add lima renderonly support
2019-04-11 Qiang Yugallium: add lima driver
2019-04-04 Eric Engestromsimplify LLVM version string printing
2019-04-03 Dylan Bakermeson: Error if LLVM is turned off but clover it turned on
2019-04-03 Dylan Bakermeson: Error if LLVM doesn't have rtti when building...
2019-03-21 Gurchetan / meson: depend on libnativewindow when...
2019-03-21 Benjamin Add options for library suffixes
2019-03-11 Chia-I Wuturnip: guard -Dvulkan-driver=freedreno
2019-03-11 Bas Nieuwenhuizenturnip: Add driver skeleton (v2)
2019-03-08 Eric Engestrombuild: make passing an incorrect pointer type a hard...
2019-03-06 Eric Engestrommeson: fix with_dri2 definition for GNU Hurd
2019-03-05 Eric Engestrommeson: avoid going back up the tree with include_direct...
2019-02-25 Sergii Romantsovd3d: meson: do not prefix user provided d3d-drivers...
2019-02-25 Sergii Romantsovdri: meson: do not prefix user provided dri-drivers...
2019-02-21 Andre Heideriris: fix build with gallium nine
2019-02-21 Kenneth Graunkeiris: Initial commit of a new 'iris' driver for Intel...
2019-02-13 Konstantin Kharlamovmapi: work around GCC LTO dropping assembly-defined...
2019-02-06 Alyssa Rosenzweigmeson: Remove panfrost from default driver list
2019-02-05 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Initial stub for Panfrost driver
2019-02-03 Marek Olšákmeson: drop the xcb-xrandr version requirement
2019-01-28 Jonathan Marekkmsro: Add freedreno renderonly support
2019-01-28 Vinson Leemeson: Fix typo.
2019-01-28 Rob HerringSwitch imx to kmsro and remove the imx winsys
2019-01-28 Rob Herringkmsro: Add etnaviv renderonly support
2019-01-28 Eric Anholtpl111: Rename the pl111 driver to "kmsro".
2019-01-24 Dylan Bakermeson: Add warnings and errors when using ICC
2019-01-22 Marek Olšákwinsys/amdgpu: use the new BO list API
2019-01-16 Dylan Bakermeson: allow building dri driver without window system...
2019-01-15 Pierre Moreaumeson: Fix with_gallium_icd to with_opencl_icd
2019-01-08 Chia-I Wumeson: fix EGL/X11 build without GLX
2019-01-02 Dylan Bakermeson: Error out if building nouveau and using LLVM...
2018-12-28 Dylan Bakermeson: Override C++ standard to gnu++11 when building...
2018-12-13 Emil Velikovmeson: don't require glx/egl/gbm with gallium drivers
2018-12-19 Vinson Leemeson: Fix libsensors detection.
2018-12-19 Vinson Leemeson: Fix typo.
2018-12-18 Christian Gmeinermeson: add etnaviv to the tools option
2018-12-18 Dylan Bakermeson: Add toggle for glx-direct
2018-12-18 Dylan Bakermeson: Add support for gnu hurd
2018-12-18 Dylan Bakermeson: remove duplicate definition
2018-12-18 Dylan Bakermeson: Fix ppc64 little endian detection
2018-12-13 Emil Velikovglx: mandate xf86vidmode only for "drm" dri platforms
2018-12-07 Nicolai Hähnlemeson: link LLVM 'native' component when LLVM is available
2018-12-06 Samuel Pitoisetamd: remove support for LLVM 6.0
2018-12-04 Eric Engestrommeson: skip asm check when asm is disabled
2018-11-26 Eric Engestrombuild: stop defining unused VERSION
2018-11-20 Emil Velikovglx: make xf86vidmode mandatory for direct rendering
2018-11-13 Eric Engestrommeson: fix wayland-less builds
2018-11-12 Dylan Bakermeson: fix libatomic tests
2018-11-12 Dylan Bakermeson: Don't set -Wall
2018-10-26 Rob Clarkfreedreno: import libdrm_freedreno + redesign submit
2018-10-23 Boyuan Zhangmeson: update required amdgpu version to 2.4.95
2018-10-22 Dylan Bakermeson: don't require libelf for r600 without LLVM
2018-10-19 Kenneth Graunkemeson: Add -Werror=return-type when supported.
2018-10-17 Rob Clarkfreedreno/a6xx: add infrastructure for CP_DRAW_STATE
2018-10-10 Dylan Bakermeson: Don't allow building EGL on Windows or MacOS
2018-10-03 Emil Velikovmeson: remove invalid "opencl" llvm component
2018-09-25 Eric Engestrommeson+autotools: get rid of spammy GCC warning -Wformat...
2018-09-25 Eric Engestrommeson: make it trivial to add other -Wno-foo CFLAGS
2018-09-24 Dylan Bakermeson: de-duplicate LLVM check
2018-09-21 Dylan Bakermeson: Don't force libva to required from auto
2018-09-20 Christoph Haagmeson: add option to statically link llvm
2018-09-17 Dylan Bakermove pthread_setaffinity_np check to the build system
2018-09-06 Eric Engestrommeson: disable asserts by default on release builds
2018-09-06 Eric Engestrommeson: drop unnecessary llvm version hacks
2018-09-05 Dylan Bakermeson: Print a message about why a libdrm version was...
2018-08-27 Guido Günthermeson: Don't enable any vulkan drivers on arm, aarch64
2018-08-27 Guido Günthermeson: Be a bit more helpful when arch or OS is unknown
2018-08-20 Juan A. Suarez Romeroswr: bump minimum supported LLVM version to 6.0