panfrost: Hoist blend finalize calls
[mesa.git] / meson_options.txt
2020-08-17 Dave Airlievallium: initial import of the vulkan frontend
2020-08-05 Kristian H. Kristensenci: Include enough Android headers to let us compile...
2020-07-30 Rhys Perryaco: add framework for testing isel and integration...
2020-07-30 Rhys Perryaco: add framework for unit testing
2020-06-02 Eric Engestrommeson: remove "empty array"/"array of an empty string...
2020-06-01 Dylan Bakermeson: deprecated 'true' and 'false' in combo options...
2020-05-13 Marek Olšákgallium: change comments to remove 'state tracker'
2020-05-09 Qiang Yupanfrost: don't always build bifrost_compiler
2020-04-27 Dave Airlievulkan: add initial device selection layer. (v6.1)
2020-04-16 Daniel Stonemeson: Make shared-llvm into a tri-state boolean
2020-02-06 Kristian H. Kristensenturnip: Drop explicit configure opt-in for turnip
2020-01-23 Kenneth Graunkemeson: Prefer 'iris' by default over 'i965'.
2020-01-23 Krzysztof Raszkowskigallium/swr: add option for static link
2019-12-02 Kenneth Graunkemeson: Add a "prefer_iris" build option
2019-11-11 Dylan Bakerutil: Use ZSTD for shader cache if possible
2019-10-28 Erik Faye-Lundzink: introduce opengl over vulkan
2019-09-21 Pierre Moreaumeson: Check for SPIRV-Tools and llvm-spirv
2019-09-10 Dylan Bakermeson: Add a platform for windows
2019-09-10 Dylan Bakermeson: Make shared-glapi a combo
2019-07-25 Eric Anholtv3d: Introduce a DRM shim for calling out to the simulator.
2019-07-18 Connor Abbottlima: Reintroduce the standalone compiler
2019-07-01 Eric Anholtmesa: Enable asm unconditionally, now that gen_matypes...
2019-05-03 Dylan Bakermeson: Make shader-cache a trillean instead of boolean
2019-05-03 Dylan Bakermeson: switch gles1 and gles2 to auto options
2019-04-11 Jason Ekstrandintel/common: Add unit tests for gen_mi_builder
2019-04-11 Qiang Yugallium: add lima driver
2019-03-21 Gurchetan / meson: depend on libnativewindow when...
2019-03-21 Benjamin Add options for library suffixes
2019-03-11 Chia-I Wuturnip: guard -Dvulkan-driver=freedreno
2019-03-11 Bas Nieuwenhuizenturnip: Add driver skeleton (v2)
2019-02-21 Kenneth Graunkeiris: Initial commit of a new 'iris' driver for Intel...
2019-02-21 Lionel Landwerlinvulkan: add an overlay layer
2019-02-05 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Initial stub for Panfrost driver
2019-01-28 Rob HerringSwitch imx to kmsro and remove the imx winsys
2019-01-28 Eric Anholtpl111: Rename the pl111 driver to "kmsro".
2018-12-18 Christian Gmeinermeson: add etnaviv to the tools option
2018-12-18 Dylan Bakermeson: Add toggle for glx-direct
2018-10-30 Eric Engestrommeson: add note about intel tools build options
2018-10-23 Eric Engestrommeson: drop option description relic
2018-09-20 Christoph Haagmeson: add option to statically link llvm
2018-08-22 Lionel Landwerlinintel: tools: import ImGui
2018-07-13 Eric Anholtmeson: Move xvmc test tools from unit tests to installe...
2018-06-19 Keith Packardvulkan: Add EXT_acquire_xlib_display [v5]
2018-06-17 Timothy Arcerimesa: Unconditionally enable floating-point textures
2018-06-13 Dylan Bakermeson: Add support for ppc assembly/optimizations
2018-06-07 Matt Turnermeson: Add support for read-only text segment on x86
2018-05-16 Eric Anholtv3d: Rename the driver to
2018-04-24 Dylan Bakermeson: use array type options
2018-03-07 Dylan Bakermeson: Re-add auto option for omx
2018-03-06 Gurkirpal Singhst/omx/tizonia: Add --enable-omx-tizonia flag and build...
2018-03-06 Gurkirpal Singhst/omx/bellagio: Rename st and target directories
2018-02-08 Scott D Phillipsmeson: Add build option for tools
2018-02-02 Dylan Bakermeson: Don't confuse the install and search paths for...
2018-01-09 Dylan Bakermeson: build clover
2018-01-09 Dylan Bakermeson: Build SWR driver
2017-12-04 Dylan Bakermeson: build gallium nine state_tracker
2017-12-04 Dylan Bakermeson: build gallium xa state tracker
2017-12-04 Dylan Bakermeson: build gallium va state tracker
2017-12-04 Dylan Bakermeson: build gallium omx state tracker
2017-12-04 Dylan Bakermeson: build gallium xvmc state tracker
2017-12-04 Dylan Bakermeson: build gallium vdpau state tracker
2017-12-04 Dylan Bakermeson: drop gallium-media argument
2017-12-01 Dylan Bakermeson: Add lmsensors support
2017-12-01 Dylan Bakermeson: Add support for gallium extra hud
2017-11-22 Dylan Bakermeson: convert llvm option to tristate
2017-11-22 Dylan Bakermeson: Convert platform to auto
2017-11-09 Dylan Bakermeson: implement default driver arguments
2017-10-31 Dylan Bakermeson: Use true and false instead of yes and no for...
2017-10-31 Erik Faye-Lundmeson: do not search for needless deps
2017-10-27 Dylan Bakermeson: build gallium based osmesa
2017-10-27 Dylan Bakermeson: build classic osmesa
2017-10-27 Eric Engestrommeson: wire up selinux
2017-10-26 Dylan Bakermeson: build nouveau vieux driver
2017-10-26 Dylan Bakermeson: build r200 driver
2017-10-26 Dylan Bakermeson: build r100 driver
2017-10-25 Erik Faye-Lundmeson: add opt-out of libunwind
2017-10-24 Rob Clarkmeson: build freedreno
2017-10-23 Dylan Bakermeson: build imx driver
2017-10-23 Dylan Bakermeson: build etnaviv driver + winsys
2017-10-20 Dylan Bakermeson: build libEGL
2017-10-17 Eric Anholtmeson: Add support for the pl111 driver.
2017-10-17 Eric Anholtmeson: Add support for the vc4 driver.
2017-10-16 Dylan Bakermeson: refactor meson_options
2017-10-16 Dylan Bakermeson: build softpipe
2017-10-16 Dylan Bakermeson: build nouveau (gallium) driver
2017-10-16 Dylan Bakermeson: Build gallium auxiliary
2017-10-16 Dylan Bakermeson: build libmesa_gallium
2017-10-16 Dylan Bakermeson: Add option to toggle LLVM
2017-10-16 Dylan Bakermeson: Add switch for texture float
2017-10-13 Ville Syrjälämeson: Build i915
2017-10-09 Dylan Bakermeson: build classic swrast
2017-10-09 Dylan Bakermeson: build gbm
2017-10-09 Dylan Bakermeson: Add support for configuring dri drivers directory.
2017-10-09 Dylan Bakermeson: build glx
2017-10-09 Dylan Bakermeson: Build i965 and dri stack
2017-10-09 Dylan Bakermeson: de-tabularize meson_options.txt
2017-10-02 Dylan Bakermeson: change vulkan icd config to - instead of _
2017-09-27 Dylan Bakermeson: build "radv" vulkan driver for radeon hardware
2017-09-27 Dylan Bakermeson: Add build Intel "anv" vulkan driver