radv: Allow triggering thread traces by file.
[mesa.git] / src / amd / registers /
2020-09-01 Marek Olšákamd/registers: switch to new generated register definitions
2020-09-01 Marek Olšákamd/registers: add non-gfx10 register files generated...
2020-09-01 Marek Olšákamd/registers: add a script that generates json from...
2020-09-01 Marek Olšákamd/registers: sort registers by offset in json
2020-09-01 Marek Olšákamd/registers: expose the canonicalize.py program as...
2020-08-24 Samuel Pitoisetamd/registers: add some SQ_WAVE_* register definitions
2020-08-24 Samuel Pitoisetamd/registers: add missing TBA registers on GFX6-GFX8
2020-07-22 Marek Olšákac: add tables for CP register shadowing
2020-07-20 Bas Nieuwenhuizenamd/registers: add RLC_PERFMON_CLK_CNTL for pre-GFX10
2020-06-09 Marek Olšákradeonsi: implement R9G9B9E5 render target and image...
2020-06-09 Marek Olšákac,radeonsi: start adding support for gfx10.3
2020-05-23 Marek Olšákac: update register and packet definitions for preemption
2020-03-06 Samuel Pitoisetac/registers: adjust some definitions for thread trace...
2020-03-02 Samuel Pitoisetac/registers: add definitions for thread trace on GFX10
2020-02-28 Samuel Pitoisetac/registers: add definitions for thread trace
2019-12-19 Samuel Pitoisetac: declare an enum for the OOB select field on GFX10
2019-07-31 Marek Olšákradeonsi: adjust RB+ blend optimization settings
2019-07-09 Marek Olšákradeonsi/gfx10: set more registers and fields
2019-07-03 Nicolai Hähnleamd/common/gfx10: add register JSON
2019-06-13 Marek Olšákac/registers: use better names for disambiguated defini...
2019-06-13 Marek Olšákac/registers: remove deprecated/inapplicable definitions
2019-06-04 Marek Olšákac/registers: don't use the si, cik, vi names, use...
2019-06-04 Nicolai Hähnleamd/registers: add JSON description of packet3 fields
2019-06-04 Nicolai Hähnleamd/registers: add JSON descriptions of registers
2019-06-04 Nicolai Hähnleamd/registers: scripts for processing register descript...