v3d: we always have at least one output segment
[mesa.git] / src / broadcom / cle / v3d_packet_helpers.h
2019-10-27 Eric Engestromv3d: fix empty-body instruction
2019-08-08 Iago Toral Quirogav3d: add header guards in v3d_packet_helpers.h
2018-09-07 Dylan Bakermove u_math to src/util
2018-07-30 Eric Anholtv3d: Add pack header support for f187 values.
2018-06-21 Eric Anholtv3d, vc4: Disable valgrind checking of CLE inputs when...
2017-11-28 Eric Engestrombroadcom: use NDEBUG to guard asserts
2017-07-13 Eric Anholtbroadcom/genxml: Support unpacking fixed-point fraction...
2017-06-30 Eric Anholtvc4: Introduce XML-based packet header generation like...