v3d: handle writes to gl_Layer from geometry shaders
[mesa.git] / src / broadcom / meson.build
2019-07-25 Eric Anholtv3d: Introduce a DRM shim for calling out to the simulator.
2019-07-17 Andreas Bergmeierbroadcom: Move v3d_get_device_info to common
2018-07-30 Eric Anholtvc4: Fix meson build when enabled without v3d.
2018-05-16 Eric Anholtv3d: Rename the vc5_dri.so driver to v3d_dri.so.
2018-01-27 Eric Anholtbroadcom/vc5: Enable CLIF dumping of V3D 4.2.
2018-01-27 Eric Anholtbroadcom/vc5: Fix a race between XML codegen build...
2018-01-13 Eric Anholtbroadcom/vc5: Add support for V3D 4.1 CLIF dumping.
2018-01-13 Eric Anholtbroadcom/vc5: Move the body of CLIF dumping to a per...
2018-01-11 Dylan Bakermeson: Use consistent style
2017-12-07 Eric Engestrommeson: add dep_thread to every lib that includes threads.h
2017-10-17 Eric Anholtmeson: Add support for the vc5 driver.
2017-10-17 Eric Anholtmeson: Add support for the vc4 driver.