nir/scheduler: Move nir_scheduler to its own header
[mesa.git] / src / compiler / nir /
2020-07-24 Neil Robertsnir/scheduler: Move nir_scheduler to its own header
2020-07-22 Danylo Piliaievnir/tests: Add tests for opt_if_simplification
2020-07-08 Mike Blumenkrantznir: add lowering pass for fragcolor -> fragdata
2020-07-03 Mike Blumenkrantznir: add lowering pass for clip plane enabling
2020-06-01 Dylan Bakermeson: use gnu_symbol_visibility argument
2020-05-14 Rob Clarknir: add pass to lower disjoint wrmask's
2020-04-27 Alyssa Rosenzweignir: Move nir_lower_mediump_outputs from ir3
2020-04-20 Jonathan Mareknir: add common convert_ycbcr for vulkan csc
2020-03-28 Eric Engestrommeson: inline `inc_common`
2020-03-24 Iago Toral Quiroganir: add a bool bitsize lowering pass
2020-03-12 Caio Marcelo de... nir: Add pass to combine adjacent scoped memory barriers
2020-03-09 Daniel Schürmannnir: add pass to lower discard() to demote()
2020-02-21 Alyssa Rosenzweignir: Add SSBO->global lowering pass
2020-02-12 Arcady Goldmints... Rename nir_lower_constant_initializers to nir_lower_var...
2020-02-05 Michel Dänzergitlab-ci: Add ppc64el and s390x cross-build jobs
2020-01-03 Erik Faye-Lundnir/zink: move clip_halfz-lowering to common code
2019-12-11 Karol Herbstnir/tests: add serializer tests
2019-11-25 Eric Anholtnir: Add a scheduler pass to reduce maximum register...
2019-11-25 Rhys Perrynir: add load/store vectorizer tests
2019-11-25 Rhys Perrynir: add a load/store vectorization pass
2019-11-21 Marek Olšáknir: strip as we serialize to remove the nir_shader_clo...
2019-11-11 Jason Ekstrandnir: Add tests for nir_extract_bits
2019-10-18 Rob Clarknir: add nir_lower_amul pass
2019-10-17 Erik Faye-Lundnir: add lowering-pass for point-size mov
2019-10-17 Dave Airlienir: add a pass to lower flat shading.
2019-10-10 Marek Olšáknir: move gl_nir_opt_access from glsl directory
2019-10-07 Eric Engestrommeson: rename libnir to _libnir to make it clear it...
2019-09-06 Timur Kristófnir: Carve out nir_lower_samplers from GLSL code.
2019-08-20 Daniel Schürmannnir: add divergence analysis pass.
2019-08-14 Eric Engestrommeson: add nir tests to the compiler/nir test suite
2019-08-13 Iago Toral Quiroganir: add a pass to clamp gl_PointSize to a range
2019-08-12 Rhys Perrynir: merge and extend nir_opt_move_comparisons and...
2019-08-12 Rhys Perrynir: replace nir_move_load_const() with nir_opt_sink()
2019-08-06 Ian Romanicknir/range-analysis: Rudimentary value range analysis...
2019-08-03 Eric Engestrommeson: replace libmesa_util with idep_mesautil
2019-07-24 Jonathan Mareknir: replace lower_sincos with algebraic opt
2019-07-08 Ian Romanicknir: Add unit tests for nir_opt_comparison_pre
2019-07-08 Daniel Schürmannanv,nir: Move lower_input_attachments pass from ANV...
2019-07-02 Rob Clarknir: add pass to lower load_interpolated_input
2019-06-18 Connor Abbottnir: add a vectorization pass
2019-05-31 Ian Romanicknir: Rematerialize compare instructions
2019-05-07 Vasily Khoruzhicknir: implement lowering for fsin and fcos
2019-05-07 Ian Romanicknir/flrp: Add new lowering pass for flrp instructions
2019-05-07 Vasily Khoruzhicknir: add int_to_float lowering pass
2019-05-04 Jason Ekstrandnir: Add a SSA type gathering pass
2019-05-02 Rob Clarknir: add pass to lower fb reads
2019-04-29 Andreas Baierlnir: add rcp(w) lowering for gl_FragCoord
2019-04-14 Alyssa Rosenzweignir: Add nir_lower_viewport_transform
2019-04-12 Jason Ekstrandnir: Add a pass for selectively lowering variables...
2019-04-09 Jason Ekstrandnir: Get rid of global registers
2019-03-28 Ian Romanicknir: Add partial redundancy elimination for compares
2019-03-28 Ian Romanicknir: Add nir_const_value_negative_equal
2019-03-25 Jason Ekstrandnir: Add a lowering pass for non-uniform resource access
2019-03-22 Samuel Pitoisetspirv,nir: lower frexp_exp/frexp_sig inside a new NIR...
2019-03-16 Jason Ekstrandnir: Add a new pass to lower array dereferences on...
2019-03-13 Caio Marcelo de... nir: Add a pass to combine store_derefs to same vector
2019-03-12 Jason Ekstrandnir: Add a pass for lowering IO back to vector when...
2019-03-12 Connor Abbottnir: Add a stripping pass for improved cacheability
2019-03-05 Karol Herbstnir/spirv: initial handling of OpenCL.std extension...
2019-03-05 Timur Kristófnir: Move nir_lower_uniforms_to_ubo to compiler/nir.
2019-01-14 Jason Ekstrandnir: Add a bool to float32 lowering pass
2018-12-16 Jason Ekstrandnir: Add a bool to int32 lowering pass
2018-12-13 Jason Ekstrandnir: Add a pass for lowering integer division by constants
2018-12-10 Dylan Bakermeson: Add nir_algebraic_parser_test to suites
2018-12-05 Connor Abbottnir/algebraic: Add unit tests for bitsize validation
2018-11-20 Dylan Bakermeson: Add tests to suites
2018-10-29 Jason Ekstrandnir: Add a pass for gathering transform feedback info
2018-10-16 Caio Marcelo de... nir: Separate dead write removal into its own pass
2018-10-16 Caio Marcelo de... nir: Add test file for vars related passes
2018-08-24 Jason Ekstrandnir: Add an array copy optimization
2018-08-24 Jason Ekstrandnir: Add a structure splitting pass
2018-08-10 Mathieu Bridonmeson: Build with Python 3
2018-08-01 Dylan Bakernir/meson: fix c vs cpp args for nir test
2018-07-24 Karol Herbstnir: add builtin builder
2018-07-02 Jason Ekstrandnir: Add a large constants optimization pass
2018-06-23 Jason Ekstrandnir: Delete lower_io_types
2018-06-23 Jason Ekstrandnir: Add a concept of per-member structs and a lowering...
2018-06-23 Jason Ekstrandnir: Add a deref path helper struct
2018-06-23 Jason Ekstrandnir: Add helpers for working with deref instructions
2018-06-19 Rob Clarknir: add pass to move load_const
2018-06-06 Eric Anholtnir: Add an ALU lowering pass for mul_high.
2018-05-09 Jason Ekstrandnir: Add the start of a format conversion helper header
2018-05-03 Iago Toral Quirogacompiler/lower_64bit_packing: rename the pass to be...
2018-05-03 Iago Toral Quirogacompiler/nir: add a lowering pass to convert the bit...
2018-05-02 Rob Clarknir: add missing dependency in
2018-05-01 Timothy Arcerinir: move GL specific passes to src/compiler/glsl
2018-03-30 Alejandro Piñeironir/spirv: add gl_spirv_validation method
2018-03-29 Ian Romanickspirv: Move SPIR-V building to and...
2018-03-27 Rob Clarknir: mako all the intrinsics
2018-03-22 Juan A. Suarez Romeronir: autotools, meson: add GLSL.ext.AMD.h in the files...
2018-03-20 Timothy Arcerist/nir/radeonsi: move nir_lower_uniforms_to_ubo() to...
2018-03-16 Samuel Pitoisetnir: add nir_opt_move_load_ubo() optimization pass
2018-03-07 Daniel Schürmannspirv: handle AMD_gcn_shader extended instructions
2018-03-07 Jason Ekstrandspirv: Add initial subgroup support
2018-02-06 Samuel Pitoisetnir: add nir_opt_shrink_load pass
2018-01-11 Dylan Bakermeson: Use dependencies for nir
2018-01-11 Dylan Bakermeson: Use consistent style for tests
2017-12-12 Jason Ekstrandspirv: Add a prepass to set types on vtn_values
2017-12-03 Timothy Arcerinir: add varying array splitting pass
2017-11-07 Jason Ekstrandnir: Add a new subgroups lowering pass