nir: Look up the shader when printing a single instruction.
[mesa.git] / src / compiler / nir / nir_print.c
2020-08-31 Eric Anholtnir: Look up the shader when printing a single instruction.
2020-08-31 Eric Anholtnir: Fix printing of individual instructions with io...
2020-08-24 Marek Olšáknir: print IO semantics (v2)
2020-08-14 Karol Herbstnir: Add goto_if jump instruction
2020-08-05 Eric Anholtnir: Print the constant data size associated with a...
2020-07-29 Jason Ekstrandnir: Use a single list for all shader variables
2020-07-29 Jason Ekstrandnir: Add a nir_foreach_function_temp_variable helper
2020-07-12 Jason Ekstrandspirv: Allow block-decorated struct types for constants
2020-06-11 Rob Clarknir/print: print tex dest type
2020-06-08 Caio Marcelo de... nir: Fix printing execution scope of a scoped barrier
2020-06-03 Boris Brezillonnir: Replace the scoped_memory barrier by a scoped_barrier
2020-05-14 Eric Anholtnir: Include num_ubos in the printed shader (if nonzero).
2020-04-07 Caio Marcelo de... nir: Add per_view attribute to nir_variable
2020-03-10 Rob Clarknir/print: show variable precision
2020-02-12 Arcady Goldmints... compiler/nir: Add support for variable initialization...
2020-02-05 Eric Anholtglsl,nir: Switch the enum representing shader image...
2020-01-23 Anthony Peschutil/hash_table: added hash functions for integer types
2020-01-23 Samuel Pitoisetnir: add two new texture ops for multisample fragment...
2020-01-16 Eric Anholtnir: Fix printing of ~0 .locations.
2020-01-09 Daniel Schürmannnir: fix printing of var_decl with more than 4 components.
2020-01-02 Bas Nieuwenhuizennir: print non-uniform tex fields.
2019-12-21 Rob Clarknir+vtn: vec8+vec16 support
2019-11-19 Marek Olšáknir/print: only print image.format for image variables
2019-11-19 Marek Olšáknir: move data.image.access to data.access
2019-10-24 Caio Marcelo de... nir: Add scoped_memory_barrier intrinsic
2019-10-18 Eduardo Lima Mitevnir: Add new texop nir_texop_tex_prefetch
2019-10-17 Kristian H. Kristensenfreedreno/ir3: Implement lowering passes for VS and GS
2019-10-04 Rhys Perrynir/print: always use the right FILE *
2019-07-29 Connor Abbottnir: Print array deref indices as decimal
2019-07-19 Caio Marcelo de... nir: use a switch when printing intrinsic indices
2019-07-08 Caio Marcelo de... nir: print ptr_stride for deref_casts
2019-06-26 Caio Marcelo de... nir: Add a no wrapping bits to nir_alu_instr
2019-06-19 Jason Ekstrandnir: Make nir_constant a vector rather than a matrix
2019-06-19 Connor Abbottnir: Add reorderable memory access enum
2019-06-19 Connor Abbottnir: Allow qualifiers on copy_deref and image instructions
2019-06-13 Daniel Schürmannnir: add intrinsics for AMD_shader_ballot
2019-05-31 Jonathan Mareknir: add type information to load uniform/input and...
2019-05-02 Rob Clarknir: fix nir tex print harder
2019-05-02 Rob Clarknir: add pass to lower fb reads
2019-05-02 Rob Clarknir: rework tex instruction printing
2019-04-14 Karol Herbstnir: make nir_const_value scalar
2019-04-14 Jason Ekstrandnir/print: Use nir_src_as_int for array indices
2019-04-12 Jason Ekstrandnir: Add a pass for selectively lowering variables...
2019-04-09 Jason Ekstrandnir: Get rid of global registers
2019-04-09 Jason Ekstrandnir: Get rid of nir_register::is_packed
2019-03-30 Rob Clarknir: print var name for load_interpolated_input too
2019-03-29 Karol Herbstnir/print: fix printing the image_array intrinsic index
2019-03-25 Jason Ekstrandnir: Add texture sources and intrinsics for bindless
2019-03-21 Karol Herbstnir: add support for gather offsets
2019-03-05 Eric Anholtnir: Improve printing of load_input/store_output variab...
2019-01-21 Karol Herbstmesa: add MESA_SHADER_KERNEL
2019-01-19 Karol Herbstnir/spirv: handle SpvStorageClassCrossWorkgroup
2019-01-19 Karol Herbstnir: rename nir_var_shared to nir_var_mem_shared
2019-01-19 Karol Herbstnir: rename nir_var_ssbo to nir_var_mem_ssbo
2019-01-19 Karol Herbstnir: rename nir_var_ubo to nir_var_mem_ubo
2019-01-19 Karol Herbstnir: rename nir_var_function to nir_var_function_temp
2019-01-19 Karol Herbstnir: rename nir_var_private to nir_var_shader_temp
2019-01-14 Caio Marcelo de... src/compiler: use new hash table and set creation helpers
2019-01-08 Karol Herbstnir: rename global/local to private/function memory
2019-01-08 Jason Ekstrandnir/vulkan: Add a descriptor type to vulkan resource...
2019-01-08 Jason Ekstrandnir: Add a ptr_as_array deref type
2019-01-08 Jason Ekstrandnir: Distinguish between normal uniforms and UBOs
2019-01-02 Caio Marcelo de... nir: add a way to print the deref chain
2018-12-16 Jason Ekstrandnir: Switch to using 1-bit Booleans for almost everything
2018-12-16 Jason Ekstrandnir: Add support for 1-bit data types
2018-12-13 Eric Anholtnir: Print the format of image variables.
2018-12-12 Jason Ekstrandspirv: Add support for MinLod
2018-11-29 Józef Kucianir: Fix assert in print_intrinsic_instr().
2018-11-28 Matt Turnernir: Call fflush() at the end of nir_print_shader()
2018-11-16 Jason Ekstrandnir: Add alignment parameters to SSBO, UBO, and shared...
2018-10-25 Eric Engestromutil: use C99 declaration in the for-loop set_foreach...
2018-08-29 Jason Ekstrandnir: Add handle/index-based image intrinsics
2018-08-29 Jason Ekstrandnir: Use a bitfield for image access qualifiers
2018-07-26 Samuel Pitoisetnir: remove wrong assertion in print_var_decl()
2018-07-17 Karol Herbstnir: prepare for bumping up max components to 16
2018-07-15 Karol Herbstnir: fix printing of vec16 type
2018-07-07 Jason Ekstrandnir/print: Print texture and sampler indices
2018-06-23 Jason Ekstrandnir: Remove old-school deref chain support
2018-06-23 Jason Ekstrandnir,spirv: Rework function calls
2018-06-23 Jason Ekstrandnir: Add deref sources to texture instructions
2018-06-23 Jason Ekstrandnir: Add a deref instruction type
2018-06-03 Dave Airlienir: use num_components wrappers in print/validate.
2018-05-29 Karol Herbstnir/print: fix printing of 8/16 bit constant variables
2018-04-26 Karol Herbstnir: print 8 and 16 bit constants correctly
2018-03-25 Rob Clarkglsl_types: vec8/vec16 support
2018-03-07 Jason Ekstrandnir: Add subgroup arithmetic reduction intrinsics
2017-11-08 Matt Turnernir: Don't print swizzles when there are more than...
2017-10-20 Eric Anholtnir: Print the components referenced for split or packe...
2017-10-20 Jason Ekstrandnir: Get rid of nir_shader::stage
2017-07-13 Connor Abbottnir: don't segfault when printing variables with no...
2017-05-09 Jason Ekstrandnir: Embed the shader_info in the nir_shader again
2017-05-08 Rob Clarknir: fix (hopefully) windows build
2017-04-14 Rob Clarknir/print: add compute shader info
2017-01-20 Ian Romanicknir: Add 64-bit integer constant support
2016-12-13 Ilia Mirkintreewide: s/comparitor/comparator/
2016-12-13 Ian Romanicknir: Only float and double types can be matrices
2016-12-02 Jason Ekstrandnir: Get rid of nir_constant_data
2016-11-29 Dave Airlienir: print var binding in dumps.
2016-11-22 Kenneth Graunkenir: Add a "compact array" flag and IO lowering code.
2016-10-26 Timothy Arcerinir/i965/anv/radv/gallium: make shader info a pointer