nir/vtn: Support OpOrdered and OpUnordered opcodes
[mesa.git] / src / compiler / spirv / vtn_alu.c
2020-08-17 Jesse Natalienir/vtn: Support OpOrdered and OpUnordered opcodes
2020-08-17 Jesse Natalienir/vtn: Handle LessOrGreater deprecated opcode
2020-08-17 Jesse Natalienir/vtn: Support SpvOpIsFinite via fisfinite
2020-08-17 Jesse Natalienir/vtn: Support SpvOpIsNormal via fisnormal
2020-07-24 Jason Ekstrandspirv: Add better checks for SSA value types
2020-07-24 Jason Ekstrandspirv/alu: Use vtn_push_ssa_value
2020-07-24 Jason Ekstrandspirv: Add a vtn_get_nir_ssa helper
2020-07-24 Jason Ekstrandspirv: Add a vtn_push_nir_ssa helper
2020-07-24 Jason Ekstrandspirv: Add a helpers for getting types of values
2020-07-24 Jason Ekstrandspirv: Use nir_bany/ball for OpAny/All
2020-07-24 Jason Ekstrandspirv: Clean up OpSignBitSet
2020-07-24 Jesse Natalienir/vtn: Add support for 8 and 16 vector ball/bany
2020-01-23 Ian Romanicknir/spirv: Translate SPIR-V to NIR for new INTEL_shader...
2019-06-26 Caio Marcelo de... spirv: Implement NoSignedWrap and NoUnsignedWrap decora...
2019-05-24 Jason Ekstrandnir: Drop imov/fmov in favor of one mov instruction
2019-05-04 Karol Herbstvtn: handle bitcast with pointer src/dest
2019-05-03 Dave Airliespirv: fix SpvOpBitSize return value.
2019-04-23 Caio Marcelo de... spirv: Rename vtn_decoration literals to operands
2019-04-16 Caio Marcelo de... spirv: Tell which opcode or value is unhandled when...
2019-03-06 Timothy Arcerinir: rename glsl_type_is_struct() -> glsl_type_is_struc...
2019-03-05 Karol Herbstnir/spirv: initial handling of OpenCL.std extension...
2019-03-04 Sagar Ghugespirv: Allow [i/u]mulExtended to use new nir opcode
2019-01-21 Karol Herbstnir/spirv: handle ContractionOff execution mode
2018-12-16 Jason Ekstrandnir: Switch to using 1-bit Booleans for almost everything
2018-12-16 Jason Ekstrandnir: Rename Boolean-related opcodes to include 32 in...
2018-11-16 Jason Ekstrandnir/builder: Add a nir_pack/unpack/bitcast helpers
2018-11-14 Karol Herbstnir/spirv: cast shift operand to u32
2018-10-26 Jason Ekstrandnir/builder: Add a nir_imm_true/false helpers
2018-07-17 Karol Herbstnir/spirv: print id for unsupported alu opcode
2018-07-17 Karol Herbstnir: prepare for bumping up max components to 16
2018-05-03 Iago Toral Quirogacompiler/spirv: implement 16-bit bitcasts
2018-05-03 Samuel Iglesias... spirv: convert some operands for bitwise shift and...
2018-04-26 Neil Robertsspirv: Don’t check for NaN for most OpFOrd* comparisons
2018-04-17 Neil Robertsspirv: Add a 64-bit implementation of OpIsInf
2018-03-29 Ian Romanickutil: Include bitscan.h directly
2018-03-15 Samuel Iglesias... spirv: update arguments for vtn_nir_alu_op_for_spirv_op...
2018-03-15 Samuel Iglesias... spirv: fix the translation of SPIR-V conversion opcodes...
2018-03-14 Neil Robertsspirv: Handle doubles when multiplying a mat by a scalar
2017-12-06 Jose Maria Casanov... spirv: Enable FPRoundingMode decorator to nir operations
2017-12-06 Jose Maria Casanov... nir: Handle fp16 rounding modes at nir_type_conversion_op
2017-12-04 Jason Ekstrandspirv: Replace unreachable with vtn_fail
2017-12-04 Jason Ekstrandspirv: Replace assert with vtn_assert
2017-07-03 Connor Abbottspirv: fix OpBitcast when the src and dst bitsize are...
2017-03-20 Jason Ekstrandspirv: Implement IsInf using an integer comparison
2017-02-16 Dave Airliespirv: handle SpvOpUConvert in proper place.
2017-01-09 Samuel Iglesias... spirv/nir: implement DF conversions
2016-11-23 Iago Toral Quiroganir/spirv: implement ordered / unordered floating point...
2016-05-25 Matt Turnerspirv: Mark default cases unreachable().
2016-04-15 Jason EkstrandMerge branch 'vulkan'
2016-04-15 Jason EkstrandMerge remote-tracking branch 'public/master' into vulkan
2016-04-15 Jason EkstrandMerge remote-tracking branch 'public/master' into vulkan
2016-04-15 Jason EkstrandMerge remote-tracking branch 'public/master' into vulkan
2016-04-14 Jason Ekstrandspirv: Move to compiler/