scons: rework the EGL build
[mesa.git] / src / egl / drivers / dri2 /
2015-07-22 Emil Velikovegl: remove flatten HAVE_SHARED_GLAPI
2015-06-15 Eric Anholtegl/dri2: Fix Android Lollipop build on ARM.
2015-06-09 Chih-Wei Huangandroid: loader: export the path to be included
2015-04-22 Chih-Wei Huangandroid: fix the building rules for Android 5.0
2015-04-22 Emil Velikovandroid: egl: add libsync_cflags to the build
2015-04-22 Emil Velikovandroid: use LOCAL_SHARED_LIBRARIES over TARGET_OUT_HEADERS
2014-08-12 Emil Velikovandroid: loader: prefix static libraries with libmesa_*
2014-08-12 Emil Velikovandroid: egl/dri2: use the installed libdrm headers
2014-06-09 Adrian Negreanuandroid, egl: add correct drm include for libmesa_egl_dri2
2014-06-09 Adrian Negreanuandroid: add libloader to libGLES_mesa and libmesa_egl_dri2
2014-01-18 Emil Velikovegl_dri2: use loader util lib
2014-01-18 Emil Velikovloader: introduce the loader util lib
2012-02-29 Eric Anholtegl: Drop _EGL_MAIN entrypoint obfuscation.
2012-01-24 Matt TurnerRevert "Always build shared glapi"
2012-01-20 Matt TurnerAlways build shared glapi
2011-08-28 Chia-I Wuandroid: add support for egl_dri2