egl/wayland: Fix zwp_linux_dmabuf usage
[mesa.git] / src / egl / drivers / dri2 / platform_wayland.c
2020-04-29 Christopher James... egl/wayland: Fix zwp_linux_dmabuf usage
2020-03-04 Daniel Stoneegl/wayland: Don't invalidate buffers on no-op resize
2020-03-02 Ivan Molodetskikhegl: allow INVALID format for linux_dmabuf
2019-10-18 Hal GentzRevert "egl: Configs w/o double buffering support have...
2019-10-11 Hal Gentzegl: Configs w/o double buffering support have no ...
2019-09-20 Adam Jacksonegl/wayland: Implement getCapability for the dri2 and...
2019-09-20 Adam Jacksonegl/wayland: Add FP16 format support
2019-09-20 Adam Jacksonegl/wayland: Reindent the format table
2019-08-21 Kevin Strasseregl: Convert configs to use shifts and sizes instead...
2019-08-13 Harish Krupoegl/android: Delete set_damage_region from egl dri...
2019-08-07 Greg Vutil: add anon_file.h for all memfd/temp file usage
2019-07-01 Eric Engestromegl/wayland: use bitset.h for `formats` bit set
2019-06-10 Mathias Fröhlichegl: Let the caller of dri2_create_drawable decide...
2019-06-05 Emil Velikovegl/dri: flesh out and use dri2_create_drawable()
2019-05-14 Jonas Ådahlwayland/egl: Ensure correct buffer size when allocating
2019-05-14 Paulo Zanoniegl: store the native surface pointer in struct _egl_su...
2019-02-20 Carlos Garnachowayland/egl: Ensure EGL surface is resized on DRI updat...
2019-02-14 Eric Engestromdrm-uapi: use local files, not system libdrm
2019-01-29 Mario Kleineregl/wayland-drm: Only announce formats via wl_drm which...
2019-01-29 Mario Kleineregl/wayland: Allow client->server format conversion...
2018-11-28 Nicolai Hähnleegl/wayland: rather obvious build fix
2018-11-28 Emil Velikovegl/wayland: plug memory leak in drm_handle_device()
2018-11-28 Emil Velikovegl/wayland: bail out when drmGetMagic fails
2018-11-16 Eric Anholtegl: Move loader_set_logger() up to egl_dri2.c.
2018-11-06 Olivier Fourdanwayland/egl: Resize EGL surface on update buffer for...
2018-11-01 Emil Velikovegl: set the EGLDevice when creating a display
2018-08-31 Juan A. Suarez Romeroegl/wayland: do not leak wl_buffer when it is locked
2018-08-21 Eric Engestromegl: add helper to combine two u32 into one u64
2018-08-16 Eric Engestromegl/wayland: remove sign from bitfield `formats`
2018-08-16 Eric Engestromegl: some spelling fixes
2018-08-08 Juan A. Suarez Romerowayland/egl: update surface size on window resize
2018-08-08 Juan A. Suarez Romerowayland/egl: initialize window surface size to window...
2018-08-01 Daniel Stoneegl/wayland: Add 10bpc BGR configs
2018-07-18 Eric Anholtegl: Use the canonical drm-uapi fourcc header to avoid...
2018-06-06 Eric Engestromegl: rewire the build systems to use libwayland-egl
2018-05-03 Juan A. Suarez Romeroegl: check if colorspace/surface type is supported
2018-03-22 Derek Foremanegl/wayland: Make swrast display_sync the correct queue
2018-03-16 Emil Velikovegl/dri2: move wayland header inclusion where applicable
2018-02-16 Eric Engestromegl/wayland: check for invalid format index
2018-02-15 Louis-Francis Ratt... dri: fromPlanar() can return NULL as a valid result
2018-02-09 Daniel Stoneegl/wayland: Use an array for modifiers
2018-02-09 Daniel Stoneegl/wayland: Remove has_format enum
2018-02-09 Daniel Stoneegl/wayland: Add bpp to visual map
2018-02-09 Daniel Stoneegl/wayland: Use visual map for DRIImage<->FourCC map
2018-02-09 Daniel Stoneegl/wayland: Use visual map for format advertisement
2018-02-09 Daniel Stoneegl/wayland: Use visual map for buffer_from_image
2018-02-09 Daniel Stoneegl/wayland: Use visual map for config->format lookup
2018-02-09 Daniel Stoneegl/wayland: Add format enums to visual map
2018-02-09 Daniel Stoneegl/wayland: Use proper enum type in visual definition
2018-02-09 Daniel Stoneegl/wayland: Widen channel masks to bpp
2018-02-09 Daniel Stoneegl/wayland: Hoist format <-> EGLConfig definition up
2018-02-09 Daniel Stoneegl/wayland: Fix ARGB/XRGB transposition in config map
2018-01-03 Mario Kleineregl/wayland: Add Wayland shm swrast support for RGB10...
2018-01-03 Mario Kleineregl/wayland: Add Wayland dmabuf support for RGB10 winsy...
2018-01-03 Mario Kleineregl/wayland: Add Wayland drm support for RGB10 winsys...
2017-12-27 Eric Engestromegl: rename LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE variable from UseFall...
2017-11-16 Eric Engestromegl: fix var type
2017-11-16 Emil Velikovegl/wayland: move teardown code to the platform file
2017-11-14 Derek Foremanegl/wayland: Add a fallback when fourcc query isn't...
2017-10-18 Eric Engestromegl: set UseFallback if LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE is set
2017-10-04 Daniel Stoneegl/wayland: Don't use dmabuf with no modifiers
2017-10-04 Daniel Stoneegl/wayland: Check queryImage return for wl_buffer
2017-10-02 Eric Engestromegl/wayland: simplify LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE logic
2017-09-30 Marek Olšákegl/dri2: don't use the template keyword
2017-09-19 Zhongmin Wuegl: Allow creation of per surface out fence
2017-09-12 Eric Engestromegl+glx: turn LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE into a boolean
2017-08-30 Mark JanesRevert "egl: Allow creation of per surface out fence"
2017-08-30 Zhongmin Wuegl: Allow creation of per surface out fence
2017-08-29 Emil Velikovegl/wayland: make sure HAS_$FORMAT is set for wl_dmabuf
2017-08-29 Emil Velikovegl/wayland: group wl_win specific code together
2017-08-29 Emil Velikovegl/wayland: remove dri2_surf width/height double init.
2017-08-29 Emil Velikovegl/wayland: set correct format with wl_dmabuf as wl_dr...
2017-08-29 Emil Velikovegl/wayland: update comment to reflect wl_dmabuf presence
2017-08-29 Emil Velikovegl/wayland: polish object teardown in dri2_wl_destroy_...
2017-08-29 Emil Velikovegl/wayland: plug leaks in dri2_wl_create_window_surfac...
2017-08-25 Kai Chenegl/wayland: Use roundtrips when awaiting buffer release
2017-08-22 Gwan-gyeong Munegl: deduplicate allocations of local buffer over each...
2017-08-10 Emil Velikovegl: drop unreachable BAD_NATIVE_WINDOW conditions
2017-08-10 Emil Velikovegl: add dri2_setup_swap_interval helper
2017-08-07 Gurchetan Singhegl/dri2: add image extension such it's usable by swras...
2017-08-01 Eric Engestromegl: make platform's SwapInterval() optional
2017-08-01 Eric Engestromegl: deduplicate swap interval clamping logic
2017-07-24 Daniel Stoneegl/wayland: Ignore invalid modifiers
2017-07-24 Miguel A. Vicowayland-egl: Make wl_egl_window a versioned struct
2017-07-18 Daniel Stoneegl/wayland: Use linux-dmabuf interface for buffers
2017-07-18 Daniel Stoneegl/wayland: Remove duplicate wl_buffer creation code
2017-07-18 Daniel Stoneegl/wayland: Remove more surface specifics from create_...
2017-07-18 Daniel Stoneegl/wayland: Make create_wl_buffer more generic
2017-07-14 Daniel Stoneegl/wayland: Use MIN2 for wl_drm version
2017-07-14 Daniel Stoneegl/wayland: Fix whitespace damage
2017-06-26 Emil Velikovegl: fold _eglError() + return EGL_FALSE
2017-06-22 Chad Versaceegl/wayland: Declare loop vars inside the loop
2017-06-22 Eric Engestromegl: properly count configs
2017-06-21 Eric Engestromegl: turn boolean `int`s into `bool`s
2017-06-11 Harish Krupoegl/android: support for EGL_KHR_partial_update
2017-06-09 Tapani Pälliegl: fix _eglQuerySurface in EGL_BUFFER_AGE_EXT case
2017-05-29 Emil Velikovegl/wayland: use the image_driver alongside the image_l...
2017-05-29 Emil Velikovegl/wayland: set the resize_callback if the flush exten...
2017-05-29 Emil Velikovegl/wayland: select the format based on the interface...
2017-05-29 Emil Velikovegl: annotate dri2_egl_display_vtbl as const data