Added few more stubs so that control reaches to DestroyDevice().
[mesa.git] / src / egl / wayland / wayland-drm /
2020-06-01 Dylan Bakermeson: use gnu_symbol_visibility argument
2018-08-07 Emil Velikovmeson: stop exporting internal wayland details
2018-02-16 Daniel Stonemeson: Move Wayland dmabuf to wayland-drm
2017-11-02 Dylan Bakermeson: Set c visibility args for wayland-drm
2017-11-02 Dylan Bakergbm: Don't traverse backwards for includes
2017-10-20 Dylan Bakermeson: build libEGL
2017-10-20 Dylan Bakermeson: move wayland_drm_protocol generation to wayland-drm
2017-09-27 Dylan Bakermeson: Add build Intel "anv" vulkan driver