egl/android: Look up prime fds in droid_create_image_from_prime_fds()
[mesa.git] / src / egl / wayland /
2020-06-01 Dylan Bakermeson: use gnu_symbol_visibility argument
2019-09-20 Adam Jacksonegl/wayland: Add FP16 format support
2019-04-29 Eric Engestromdelete autotools .gitignore files
2019-04-15 Dylan BakerDelete autotools
2019-02-26 Kasireddy, Vivekdri: Add XYUV8888 format
2019-01-29 Mario Kleineregl/wayland-drm: Only announce formats via wl_drm which...
2018-08-07 Emil Velikovautoconf: stop exporting internal wayland details
2018-08-07 Emil Velikovmeson: stop exporting internal wayland details
2018-06-06 Eric Engestromegl: remove wayland-egl now that we're using libwayland-egl
2018-03-23 Juan A. Suarez Romerowayland-drm: do not distribute generated sources
2018-03-12 Emil Velikovwayland-drm: autotools: do not redirect stdin/stdout...
2018-02-26 Eric Engestrom*-symbol-check: use correct `nm` path when cross-compiling
2018-02-16 Daniel Stonemeson: Move Wayland dmabuf to wayland-drm
2018-01-20 Dylan Bakerautotools: include meson build files in tarball
2018-01-11 Dylan Bakermeson: Use consistent style for tests
2018-01-03 Mario Kleineregl/wayland: Add Wayland drm support for RGB10 winsys...
2017-11-08 Emil Velikovwayland-drm: static inline wayland_drm_buffer_get
2017-11-02 Dylan Bakermeson: Set c visibility args for wayland-drm
2017-11-02 Dylan Bakergbm: Don't traverse backwards for includes
2017-11-02 Dylan Bakerautomake: Remove unused include path
2017-10-31 Eric Engestrommeson: pass correct args to wayland-egl symbol test
2017-10-31 Eric Engestromwayland-egl: fail symbol check if lib is missing
2017-10-27 Eric Engestromwayland-egl: fix wayland cflags
2017-10-26 Daniel Stonemeson: wayland-egl depends on wayland-client
2017-10-20 Dylan Bakermeson: build libEGL
2017-10-20 Dylan Bakermeson: move wayland_drm_protocol generation to wayland-drm
2017-10-13 Emil Velikovwayland-drm: constify the callbacks struct, take 2
2017-10-13 Emil Velikovwayland-drm: use a copy of the wayland_drm_callbacks...
2017-10-04 Tobias Klausmannwayland-egl: adds CFLAGS for wayland.egl.h include
2017-10-02 Emil Velikovwayland-egl: rework and simplify wl_egl_window initiali...
2017-10-02 Emil Velikovwayland-egl: move WL_EGL_EXPORT declaration to where...
2017-10-02 Emil Velikovwayland-egl: use C99 comments
2017-10-02 Emil Velikovwayland-egl: remove no longer needed wayland-client...
2017-10-02 Emil Velikovwayland-egl: add stdint.h include for intptr_t
2017-10-02 Emil Velikovwayland-egl: forward declare struct wl_surface
2017-10-02 Emil Velikovwayland-egl: rename wayland-egl-{priv,backend}.h
2017-09-27 Dylan Bakermeson: Add build Intel "anv" vulkan driver
2017-09-26 Daniel StoneRevert "wayland-drm: constify the callbacks struct"
2017-09-19 Krzysztof Sobieckiegl: fix build fallouts from 1d0be5b3fe5
2017-09-19 Emil split the wayland client/server confusion
2017-09-19 Emil Velikovwayland-drm: constify the callbacks struct
2017-09-19 Emil Velikovwayland-drm: add wl_display/wl_resource forward declara...
2017-09-19 Micah Fedkewayland-drm: avoid deprecated use of struct wl_resource
2017-09-19 Emil Velikovwayland-drm: remove unused wayland_drm_buffer_get_...
2017-09-19 Emil Velikovwayland-drm: remove hardcoded enum wl_drm_format
2017-07-24 Emil Velikovwayland-egl: update the SHA1 of the commit introducing v3
2017-07-24 Miguel A. Vicowayland-egl: Update ABI checker
2017-07-24 Miguel A. Vicowayland-egl: Make wl_egl_window a versioned struct
2017-07-24 Miguel A. Vicowayland-egl: Add wl_egl_window ABI checker
2017-07-18 Daniel Stonegbm: Axe buffer import format conversion table
2017-03-13 Emil Velikovwayland: move .gitignore where applicable
2017-03-10 Emil Velikovwayland-egl/wayland-egl-symbols-check: do not mandate...
2017-02-01 Micah FedkeAdd missing copyright header to wayland-egl-priv.h
2016-09-01 Frank Binnswayland-drm: add missing NULL check
2016-09-01 Eric EngestromIntroduce .editorconfig
2016-08-24 Stencel, Joannaegl/wayland-egl: Fix for segfault in dri2_wl_destroy_su...
2016-03-15 Jason EkstrandMerge remote-tracking branch 'public/master' into vulkan
2016-03-09 Emil Velikovegl/wayland: do not wrap header inclusion in extern "C"
2015-10-01 Kristian Høgsberg... Merge branch 'master' of ../mesa into vulkan
2015-09-24 Kristian Høgsberg... wayland: Add copyright notice for wayland-egl.c
2015-09-02 Ian Romanickmesa: Fix warning about static being in the wrong place
2014-12-16 Timothy Arceriegl: remove support for GCC older than 4.1.0
2014-12-12 Matt Turneregl+gbm: Add symbols-check tests to distribution.
2014-12-12 Matt Turneregl: Drop unnecessary
2014-05-12 Kristian Høgsbergwayland: Move version 2 request to end of interface...
2014-04-07 Matt Turneregl/build: Include headers and XML in distribution.
2014-04-05 Jonathan Grayautomake: don't enable -Wl,--no-undefined on OpenBSD
2014-03-31 Emil Velikovautomake: ask the linker to do garbage collection
2014-03-31 Emil Velikovautomake: add -Wl,--no-undefined to all libraries
2014-03-31 Emil Velikovautomake: consistently use -no-undefined
2014-03-11 Emil Velikovautomake: use across all classic...
2014-02-18 Sinclair YehPrevent zero sized wl_egl_window
2014-02-11 Emil Velikovwayland-egl: automake: add symbol test
2013-10-30 Fabio Pedrettiwayland: silence unused var warning
2013-10-22 Ander Conselvan... wayland: Don't leak wl_drm global when unbinding display
2013-10-16 Singh, Satyeshwaregl-wayland: Add support for RGB565 pixel format for...
2013-10-11 Kristian Høgsbergwayland: Don't rely on static variable for identifying...
2013-09-11 Torsten Duwewayland-egl.pc requires wayland-client.pc.
2013-08-08 Chad Versaceegl: Do not export private symbols
2013-08-07 Ander Conselvan... egl: Update to Wayland 1.2 server API
2013-03-19 Kristian Høgsbergwayland: Add prime fd passing as a buffer sharing mechanism
2013-01-10 Matt TurnerClean up .gitignore files
2012-11-30 Ander Conselvan... egl/wayland: Don't invalidate drawable on swap buffers
2012-10-17 Kristian Høgsbergwayland: Drop support for ill-defined, unused wl_egl_pixmap
2012-10-17 Kristian Høgsbergwayland: Remove 0.85 compatibility #ifdefs
2012-07-17 Kristian Høgsbergwayland: Include wl_drm format enum in wayland-drm.h
2012-07-16 Kristian Høgsberggbm: Add new gbm_bo_import entry point
2012-07-13 Kristian Høgsbergwayland: Stop trying to use make rules from aclocal...
2012-07-11 Kristian Høgsbergegl: Add EGL_WAYLAND_PLANE_WL attribute
2012-07-11 Kristian Høgsbergwayland-drm: Add protocol to create planar buffers
2012-07-11 Kristian Høgsbergwayland-drm: Pass struct wl_drm_buffer to the driver
2012-04-13 Neil Robertswayland-drm: Implement wl_buffer.damage in old versions...
2012-04-10 Pekka Paalanenwayland-drm: remove wl_buffer.damage
2012-03-20 Kenneth GraunkeAdd to toplevel .gitignore
2012-03-20 Paul BerryAdd .deps/, .libs/, and *.la to toplevel .gitignore
2012-01-29 Juan Zhaoadd wayland cflags when building wayland-egl
2012-01-26 Benjamin Franzkeautomake: src/egl/wayland
2012-01-11 Kristian Høgsbergwayland-drm: Drop the non-premul formats, use format...
2012-01-11 Robert Braggegl_dri2/wayland: handle creating xrgb8888 images
2011-10-04 Stéphane Marchesinconfigure: replace pkg-config calls with $(PKG_CONFIG...