turnip: Only include msm_drm in tu_drm.c
[mesa.git] / src / freedreno / vulkan / tu_private.h
2020-08-05 Kristian H. Kristensenturnip: Only include msm_drm in tu_drm.c
2020-08-05 Kristian H. Kristensenturnip: Move tu_bo functions to tu_drm.c
2020-08-05 Kristian H. Kristensenturnip: Move device enumeration and feature discovery...
2020-08-04 Connor Abbotttu: Implement VK_EXT_conditional_rendering
2020-08-04 Connor Abbotttu: Reset has_tess after renderpass
2020-08-04 Jonathan Marekturnip: add support for D32_SFLOAT_S8_UINT
2020-08-03 Jonathan Marekturnip: workaround for a630 d24_unorm_s8_uint fails
2020-07-27 Jonathan Marekturnip: fix SP_HS_UNKNOWN_A831 value for A650
2020-07-27 Jonathan Marekturnip: use patchControlPoints for HS_INPUT_SIZE value
2020-07-24 Connor Abbotttu: Integrate WFI/WAIT_FOR_ME/WAIT_MEM_WRITES with...
2020-07-14 Jonathan Marekturnip: remove use of tu_cs_entry for draw states
2020-07-14 Jonathan Marekturnip: emit compute pipeline directly in CmdBindPipeline
2020-07-14 Jonathan Marekturnip: use DIRTY SDS bit to avoid making copies of...
2020-07-14 Jonathan Marekturnip: drop GS clear path
2020-07-14 Hyunjun Koturnip: Use the common base object type and struct.
2020-07-07 Jonathan Marekturnip: use global bo for clear blit shaders
2020-07-05 Jonathan Marekturnip: support multi-image layouts
2020-07-04 Jonathan Marekturnip: fix tess param bo size calculation
2020-07-03 Jonathan Marekturnip: vsc improvements
2020-07-03 Jonathan Marekturnip: make tiling config part of framebuffer state
2020-06-26 Eric Anholtturnip: Properly return VK_DEVICE_LOST on queuesubmit...
2020-06-26 Bas Nieuwenhuizenturnip: semaphore support.
2020-06-26 Connor Abbotttu: Pass firstIndex directly to CP_DRAW_INDX_OFFSET
2020-06-25 Jonathan Marekturnip: implement VK_KHR_shader_draw_parameters
2020-06-24 Jonathan Marekturnip: use RenderPassCreateInfo for render_pass_add_im...
2020-06-23 Jonathan Marekturnip: use pipeline cs for shader programs instead...
2020-06-23 Jonathan Marekturnip: fix ts_cs_memory typo
2020-06-23 Jonathan Marekturnip: refactor CmdDraw* functions (and a few fixes)
2020-06-23 Jonathan Marekturnip: rework streamout state and add missing counter...
2020-06-22 Brian Hoturnip: Force sysmem for tessellation
2020-06-22 Brian Hoturnip: Support tess for draws
2020-06-22 Brian Hoturnip: Emit HS/DS user consts as draw states
2020-06-22 Brian Hoturnip: Update VFD_CONTROL with tess system values
2020-06-22 Brian Hoturnip: Allocate tess BOs as a function of draw size
2020-06-19 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: move ubo_state into const_state
2020-06-18 Jonathan Marekturnip: move enum translation functions to a common...
2020-06-18 Jonathan Marekfreedreno/a6xx: FETCHSIZE is PITCHALIGN
2020-06-17 Jonathan Marekturnip: use draw states for input attachments
2020-06-17 Jonathan Marekturnip: input attachment descriptor set rework
2020-06-17 Jonathan Marekturnip: refactor draw states and dynamic states
2020-06-17 Jonathan Marekturnip: delete dead dynamic state code
2020-06-17 Jonathan Marekturnip: improve dirty bit handling a bit
2020-06-17 Connor Abbotttu: Remove tu_shader_compile_options
2020-06-17 Connor Abbotttu: Use the ir3 shader API
2020-06-17 Jonathan Marekturnip: fix cubic filtering with CmdBlitImage
2020-06-15 Jonathan Marekturnip: remove duplicated stage2opcode and stage2shaderdb
2020-06-13 Jonathan Marekturnip: remove some dead/redundant code
2020-06-12 Jonathan Marekturnip: add emit renderpass cache flushes for sysmem...
2020-06-12 Jonathan Marekturnip: share code between 3D blit/clear path and tu_pi...
2020-06-09 Connor Abbotttu: Fix context faults loading unused descriptor sets
2020-06-09 Connor Abbotttu: Rewrite flushing to use barriers
2020-06-09 Connor Abbotttu: Don't actually track seqno's for events
2020-06-04 Eric Anholtturnip: Simplify vertex buffer bindings.
2020-05-27 Jonathan Marekturnip: support VkImageDrmFormatModifierExplicitCreateI...
2020-05-20 Jonathan Marekturnip: implement VK_KHR_sampler_ycbcr_conversion
2020-05-14 Connor Abbotttu: Move RENDER_COMPONENTS setting to pipeline state
2020-05-13 Connor Abbotttu: Add noubwc debug flag to disable UBWC
2020-05-13 Connor Abbotttu: Add a "scratch bo" allocation mechanism
2020-05-05 Joshua Ashtonturnip: Remove RANGE_SIZE usage
2020-04-28 Rob Clarkfreedreno/a6xx+tu: rename VSC_DATA/VSC_DATA2
2020-04-24 Jonathan Marekturnip: add adreno 650
2020-04-24 Jonathan Marekturnip: remove unused RB_UNKNOWN_8E04_blit
2020-04-22 Jonathan Marekturnip: implement VK_EXT_sample_locations
2020-04-22 Jonathan Marekturnip: improve GMEM load/store logic
2020-04-16 Jonathan Marekturnip: image_view rework
2020-04-16 Jonathan Marekturnip: compute render_components/srgb_cntl at renderpa...
2020-04-09 Connor Abbotttu: Implement descriptor set update templates
2020-04-09 Connor Abbotttu: Emit CP_LOAD_STATE6 for descriptors
2020-04-09 Connor Abbotttu: Switch to the bindless descriptor model
2020-04-09 Connor Abbotttu: ir3: Emit push constants directly
2020-04-09 Jonathan Marekturnip: new clear/blit implementation with shader path...
2020-04-09 Jonathan Marekturnip: rework format helpers
2020-04-09 Jonathan Marekturnip: use dirty bits for dynamic viewport/scissor...
2020-04-09 Jonathan Marekturnip: save attachment samples in renderpass state
2020-04-09 Jonathan Marekturnip: split up gmem/tile alignment
2020-04-09 Jonathan Marekturnip: RB_CCU_CNTL fixes
2020-04-09 Jonathan Marekturnip: improve vertex input handling
2020-03-31 Connor Abbotttu: Return the correct alignment for images
2020-03-16 Connor Abbotttu: Rewrite border color handling
2020-03-12 Hyunjun Koturnip: Add tu6_control struct.
2020-03-12 Hyunjun Koturnip: Implement stream-out emit and vkApis for transf...
2020-03-12 Hyunjun Koturnip: Define structs for transform feedback
2020-02-28 Jonathan Marekturnip: increase array sizes in tu_descriptor_map
2020-02-28 Jonathan Marekturnip: don't hardcode gmem base for input attachment
2020-02-28 Jonathan Marekturnip: rework format table to support r5g5b5a1_unorm...
2020-02-24 Jonathan Marekturnip: move tile_load_ib/sysmem_clear_ib into draw_cs
2020-02-24 Jonathan Marekturnip: make cond_exec helper easier to use
2020-02-24 Jonathan Marekturnip: remove marker seqno
2020-02-24 Jonathan Marekturnip: add tu_device pointer to tu_cs
2020-02-19 Jonathan Marekturnip: add option to force use of hw binning
2020-02-13 Connor Abbotttu: Force sysmem with mipmapped non-aligned linear...
2020-02-13 Connor Abbotttu: Handle vkCmdClearAttachments() with sysmem
2020-02-13 Connor Abbotttu: Sysmem rendering
2020-02-12 Chad Versaceturnip: Add magic register values to tu_physical_device
2020-02-12 Jonathan Marekfreedreno/a6xx: use single format enum
2020-02-05 Connor Abbotttu: Move vsc_data and vsc_data2 allocation into the...
2020-02-04 Eric Anholtfreedreno: Rename the UBWC layer size field and store...
2020-01-29 Alejandro Piñeiroturnip: remove unused descriptor state dirty
2020-01-24 Brian Hoturnip: Update query availability on render pass end
2020-01-24 Brian Hoturnip: Update tu_query_pool with turnip-specific fields