nir/lower_input_attachments: Refactor to use an options struct
[mesa.git] / src / freedreno / vulkan / tu_shader.c
2020-08-19 Connor Abbottnir/lower_input_attachments: Refactor to use an options...
2020-07-29 Jason Ekstrandnir: Take a shader and variable mode in nir_assign_io_v...
2020-07-24 Jason Ekstrandanv,turnip,radv,clover,glspirv: Run nir_copy_prop befor...
2020-07-16 Connor Abbotttu: Enable VK_EXT_shader_stencil_export
2020-07-14 Hyunjun Koturnip: Use the common base object type and struct.
2020-07-06 Connor Abbotttu: Enable KHR_variable_pointers
2020-07-06 Connor Abbotttu: Rewrite variable lowering
2020-07-06 Jonathan Marekfreedreno/ir3: fix/rework tess levels
2020-06-26 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: move finalize_nir to pscreen hook
2020-06-25 Jonathan Marekturnip: implement VK_KHR_shader_draw_parameters
2020-06-22 Brian Hoturnip: Lower shaders for tessellation
2020-06-17 Jonathan Marekturnip: input attachment descriptor set rework
2020-06-17 Connor Abbotttu: Actually remove dead variables after io lowering
2020-06-17 Connor Abbotttu: Set num_components to 0 when building bindless...
2020-06-17 Connor Abbotttu: Remove tu_shader_compile_options
2020-06-17 Connor Abbotttu: Use the ir3 shader API
2020-06-17 Connor Abbotttu: Remove num_samp hack
2020-06-12 Jonathan Marekturnip: share code between 3D blit/clear path and tu_pi...
2020-06-09 Connor Abbotttu: Fix context faults loading unused descriptor sets
2020-06-03 Timothy Arcerinir: add callback to nir_remove_dead_variables()
2020-05-20 Jonathan Marekturnip: implement VK_KHR_sampler_ycbcr_conversion
2020-05-12 Brian Hoturnip: Execute ir3_nir_lower_gs pass again
2020-05-07 Connor Abbotttu: Support pipelines without a fragment shader
2020-04-24 Jason Ekstrandspirv: Use nir_const_value for spec constants
2020-04-24 Jason Ekstrandturnip: Properly handle all sizes of specialization...
2020-04-22 Jonathan Marekturnip: implement VK_EXT_sample_locations
2020-04-22 Jonathan Marekturnip: set shader key msaa field
2020-04-09 Connor Abbotttu: Switch to the bindless descriptor model
2020-04-09 Connor Abbotttu: ir3: Emit push constants directly
2020-04-09 Connor Abbotttu: Dump out shader assembly when requested
2020-04-09 Jonathan Marekturnip: fix nir validate failure from push constant...
2020-04-08 Jonathan Marekturnip: fix compute shaders crashing after geometry...
2020-04-07 Brian Hoturnip: Set has_gs in ir3_shader_key
2020-03-18 Hyunjun Koturnip: Do gathering xfb info after nir_remove_dead_var...
2020-03-18 Hyunjun Koturnip: Fix wrong assignment of xfb output's offset.
2020-03-12 Hyunjun Koturnip: Gather information for transform feedback
2020-02-26 Jason Ekstrandnir: Drop nir_tex_instr::texture_array_size
2020-02-24 Eric Anholtfreedreno: Switch to using lowered image intrinsics.
2020-02-12 Arcady Goldmints... Rename nir_lower_constant_initializers to nir_lower_var...
2020-01-22 Eric Anholtturnip: Add support for non-zero (still constant) UBO...
2020-01-22 Jonathan Marekturnip: fix array/matrix varyings
2020-01-22 Jonathan Marekturnip: remove tu_sort_variables_by_location
2020-01-21 Eric Anholtturnip: Add limited support for storage images.
2020-01-21 Eric Anholtturnip: Refactor the intrinsic lowering.
2020-01-21 Eric Anholtfreedreno: Stop scattered remapping of SSBOs/images...
2019-12-16 Eric Anholtturnip: Add support for descriptor arrays.
2019-12-13 Jonathan Marekturnip: implement subpass input attachments
2019-12-13 Jonathan Marekturnip: set load_layer_id to zero
2019-10-15 Jonathan Marekturnip: more descriptor sets
2019-10-15 Jonathan Marekturnip: push constants
2019-10-15 Jonathan Marekturnip: use nir_assign_io_var_locations instead of...
2019-10-15 Jonathan Marekturnip: add missing nir passes
2019-10-15 Jonathan Marekturnip: add code to lower indirect samplers
2019-10-15 Eric Anholtturnip: Tell spirv_to_nir that we want fragcoord as...
2019-09-26 Jonathan Marekturnip: use nir_opt_copy_prop_vars
2019-09-26 Jonathan Marekturnip: lower samplers and uniform buffer indices
2019-09-25 Jonathan Marekturnip: fix binning shader compilation
2019-08-11 Caio Marcelo de... spirv: Drop lower_workgroup_access_to_offsets
2019-05-29 Caio Marcelo de... spirv: Change spirv_to_nir() to return a nir_shader
2019-05-29 Caio Marcelo de... turnip: Don't re-use entry_point pointer from spirv_to_nir
2019-05-07 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: move const_state to ir3_shader
2019-05-07 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: move immediates to const_state
2019-03-22 Samuel Pitoisetspirv,nir: lower frexp_exp/frexp_sig inside a new NIR...
2019-03-11 Chia-I Wuturnip: preliminary support for shader modules