etnaviv: drm: add softpin interface
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2019-10-17 Kristian H. Kristensenfreedreno/a6xx: Implement PIPE_QUERY_PRIMITIVES_GENERAT...
2019-10-17 Kristian H. Kristensenfreedreno/ir3: End VS with CHMASK and CHSH in GS pipelines
2019-10-17 Kristian H. Kristensenfreedreno/ir3: Start GS with (ss) and (sy)
2019-10-17 Kristian H. Kristensenfreedreno/ir3: Pre-color GS header and primitive ID
2019-10-17 Kristian H. Kristensenfreedreno/ir3: Setup ir3 inputs and outputs for GS
2019-10-17 Kristian H. Kristensenfreedreno/ir3: Implement primitive layout intrinsics
2019-10-17 Kristian H. Kristensenfreedreno/ir3: Implement lowering passes for VS and GS
2019-10-17 Kristian H. Kristensenfreedreno/ir3: Add has_gs flag to shader key
2019-10-17 Kristian H. Kristensenfreedreno/ir3: Add intrinsics that map to LDLW/STLW
2019-10-17 Kristian H. Kristensenfreedreno/ir3: Add new LDLW/STLW instructions
2019-10-17 Kristian H. Kristensenfreedreno/ir3: Extend RA with mechanism for pre-colorin...
2019-10-17 Kristian H. Kristensenfreedreno/ir3: Use third register for offset for LDL...
2019-10-17 Kristian H. Kristensenfreedreno/ir3: Add support for CHSH and CHMASK instructions
2019-10-17 Kristian H. Kristensenfreedreno/registers: Update with GS, HS and DS registers
2019-10-17 Erik Faye-Lundnir: support feeding state to nir_lower_clip_[vg]s
2019-10-17 Erik Faye-Lundnir: support lowering clipdist to arrays
2019-10-15 Jonathan Marekturnip: more descriptor sets
2019-10-15 Jonathan Marekturnip: push constants
2019-10-15 Jonathan Marekturnip: depth/stencil
2019-10-15 Jonathan Marekturnip: basic msaa working
2019-10-15 Jonathan Marekturnip: improve CmdCopyImage and implement CmdBlitImage
2019-10-15 Jonathan Marekturnip: use nir_assign_io_var_locations instead of...
2019-10-15 Jonathan Marekturnip: add missing nir passes
2019-10-15 Jonathan Marekturnip: add code to lower indirect samplers
2019-10-15 Jonathan Marekturnip: fixup consts
2019-10-15 Jonathan Marekturnip: update some shader state bits from GL driver
2019-10-15 Eric Anholtturnip: Emit clears of gmem using linear.
2019-10-15 Eric Anholtturnip: Set up the correct tiling mode for small attach...
2019-10-15 Eric Anholtturnip: Tell spirv_to_nir that we want fragcoord as...
2019-10-15 Eric Anholtturnip: Fill in clear color packing for r10g11b11 and...
2019-10-15 Eric Anholtturnip: Drop unused tu_pack_clear_value() return.
2019-10-15 Jonathan Marekturnip: add anisotropy and compressed formats to device...
2019-10-15 Jonathan Marekturnip: disable tiling as necessary
2019-10-15 Jonathan Marekturnip: update setup_slices
2019-10-15 Jonathan Marekturnip: add VK_KHR_sampler_mirror_clamp_to_edge
2019-10-15 Jonathan Marekturnip: add black border color
2019-10-15 Jonathan Marekturnip: improve sampler descriptor
2019-10-15 Jonathan Marekturnip: improve view descriptor
2019-10-15 Jonathan Marekturnip: add more 2d_ifmt translations
2019-10-15 Jonathan Marekturnip: format table fixes
2019-10-15 Jonathan Marekturnip: add format_is_uint/format_is_sint
2019-10-15 Jonathan Marekturnip: add astc format layout
2019-10-15 Jonathan Marekturnip: fix assert failing for 0 color attachments
2019-10-15 Jonathan Marekturnip: fix segmentation fault with compute pipeline
2019-10-15 Jonathan Marekturnip: fix segmentation fault in events
2019-10-15 Jonathan Marekturnip: fix 32 vertex attributes case
2019-10-15 Jonathan Marekturnip: fix triangle strip
2019-10-15 Jonathan Marekfreedreno/regs: update a6xx 2d blit bits
2019-10-14 Jonathan Marekfreedreno/ir3: implement fquantize2f16
2019-10-14 Jonathan Marekfreedreno/ir3: implement texop_texture_samples
2019-10-14 Jonathan Marekfreedreno/ir3: fix GETLOD for negative LODs
2019-10-14 Jonathan Marekfreedreno/ir3: implement fdd{x,y}_coarse opcodes
2019-10-14 Jonathan Marekfreedreno/ir3: increase size of inputs/outputs arrays
2019-10-14 Jonathan Marekfreedreno/ir3: remove input ncomp field
2019-10-10 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: handle multi component alu src when...
2019-10-10 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: drop unused param
2019-10-10 Marek Olšáknir: add nir_shader_compiler_options::lower_to_scalar
2019-09-30 Daniel Schürmannfreedreno: Enable the nir_opt_algebraic_late() pass.
2019-09-27 Eric Anholtturnip: Fix failure behavior of vkCreateGraphicsPipelines.
2019-09-27 Eric Anholtturnip: Silence compiler warning about uninit pipeline.
2019-09-27 Eric Anholtturnip: Add a .editorconfig and .dir-locals.el
2019-09-27 Bas Nieuwenhuizenturnip: Add todo for d24_s8 copies
2019-09-27 Bas Nieuwenhuizenturnip: Disallow NPoT formats.
2019-09-27 Bas Nieuwenhuizenturnip: Always use UINT formats for copies.
2019-09-27 Bas Nieuwenhuizenturnip: Add image->image blitting.
2019-09-26 Jonathan Marekturnip: emit texture and uniform state
2019-09-26 Jonathan Marekturnip: add some shader information in pipeline state
2019-09-26 Jonathan Marekturnip: use nir_opt_copy_prop_vars
2019-09-26 Jonathan Marekturnip: lower samplers and uniform buffer indices
2019-09-26 Jonathan Marekturnip: basic descriptor sets (uniform buffer and samplers)
2019-09-26 Jonathan Marekturnip: enable linear filtering
2019-09-26 Jonathan Marekturnip: align layer_size
2019-09-26 Jonathan Marekturnip: use linear tiling for scanout image
2019-09-26 Jonathan Marekturnip: implement image view descriptor
2019-09-26 Jonathan Marekturnip: implement sampler state
2019-09-26 Jonathan Marekturnip: fix vertex_id
2019-09-26 Jonathan Marekturnip: emit shader immediates
2019-09-25 Jonathan Marekturnip: use image tile_mode for gmem configuration
2019-09-25 Jonathan Marekturnip: fix binning shader compilation
2019-09-18 Kristian H. Kristensenfreedreno/regs: A couple of tess updates
2019-09-18 Kristian H. Kristensenfreedreno/regs: Fix CP_DRAW_INDX_OFFSET command
2019-09-18 Kristian H. Kristensenfreedreno/a6xx: Turn on vectorize_io
2019-09-18 Kristian H. Kristensenfreedreno/a6xx: Track location of gl_Position out as...
2019-09-18 Bas Nieuwenhuizentu: Set up glsl types.
2019-09-16 Eric Anholtfreedreno: Fix invalid read when a block has no instruc...
2019-09-13 Rob Clarkfreedreno/a6xx: pre-calculate userconst stateobj size
2019-09-06 Kristian H. Kristensenfreedreno/a6xx: Implement primitive count queries on GPU
2019-09-06 Jonathan Marekfreedreno/a2xx: formats update
2019-09-06 Jonathan Marekfreedreno/a2xx: implement polygon offset
2019-09-06 Vasily Khoruzhicknir: allow specifying filter callback in lower_alu_to_s...
2019-09-06 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: allow copy propagation for relative
2019-09-06 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: fix cp cmps.s opt
2019-09-06 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: assert that only single address
2019-09-06 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: fix mad copy propagation special case
2019-09-06 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: fix addr/pred spilling
2019-09-06 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: cleanup "partially const" ubo srcs
2019-09-03 Eric Engestromfreedreno/drm-shim: fix mem leak
2019-09-03 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: use uniform base
2019-09-03 Rob Clarkfreedreno/drm: fix 64b iova shifts
2019-08-30 Alyssa Rosenzweigfreedreno/ir3: Link directly to Sethi-Ullman paper