util: Split the pack/unpack functions out of the format desc.
[mesa.git] / src / gallium / drivers / iris / iris_clear.c
2020-08-12 Eric Anholtutil: Split the pack/unpack functions out of the format...
2020-07-07 Danylo Piliaieviris: Fix fast-clearing of depth via glClearTex(Sub...
2020-06-19 Nanley Cheryiris: Don't support sRGB + Y_TILED_CCS on gen9
2020-06-19 Nanley Cheryiris: Disable sRGB fast-clears for non-0/1 values
2020-06-19 Nanley Cheryiris: Avoid fast-clear with incompatible view
2020-06-19 Nanley Cheryiris: Drop can_fast_clear_color's format parameter
2020-06-03 Francisco JerezOPTIONAL: iris: Perform BLORP buffer barriers outside...
2020-06-03 Francisco Jereziris: Remove batch argument of iris_resource_prepare_ac...
2020-06-03 Francisco Jereziris: Bracket batch operations which access memory...
2020-06-03 Francisco Jereziris: Extend iris_context dirty state flags to 128...
2020-05-26 Alyssa Rosenzweigiris: Use SATURATE
2020-04-30 Lionel Landwerliniris: don't assert on unfinished aux import in copy...
2020-04-29 Mike Blumenkrantziris: handle PIPE_CAP_CLEAR_SCISSORED
2020-04-29 Mike Blumenkrantzgallium: add pipe cap for scissored clears and pass...
2020-04-29 Mike Blumenkrantziris: move iris_vtable to iris_screen
2020-03-18 Jason Ekstrandintel/blorp: Add support for swizzling fast-clear colors
2020-03-06 Jason Ekstrandiris: Don't skip fast depth clears if the color changed
2020-02-24 Nanley Cheryiris: Use isl_aux_usage_has_fast_clear()
2020-02-04 Eric Anholtutil: Make helper functions for pack/unpacking pixel...
2019-11-14 Eric Anholtutil: Move gallium's PIPE_FORMAT utils to /util/format/
2019-11-12 Rafael Antognolliiris: Use mocs from isl_dev.
2019-10-29 Sagar Ghugeiris: Prepare depth resource if clear_depth enable
2019-10-29 Sagar Ghugeiris: Prepare stencil resource before clear depth stencil
2019-10-28 Nanley Cheryiris: Start using blorp_can_hiz_clear_depth()
2019-10-09 Caio Marcelo de... iris: Disable fast clears when running with INTEL_DEBUG...
2019-10-08 Marek Olšákgallium: add PIPE_RESOURCE_FLAG_SINGLE_THREAD_USE to...
2019-08-29 Kenneth Graunkeiris: Fix partial fast clear checks to account for...
2019-07-25 Kenneth Graunkeiris: Move iris_resolve_conditional_render to the vtable.
2019-07-17 Rafael Antognolliiris: Enable fast clears on other miplevels and layers...
2019-06-20 Kenneth Graunkeiris: Drop RT flushes from depth stencil clearing flushes.
2019-06-20 Kenneth Graunkeiris: Implement INTEL_DEBUG=pc for pipe control logging.
2019-05-31 Caio Marcelo de... iris: Drop unused locals from iris_clear.c to avoid...
2019-04-30 Rafael Antognolliiris: Enable fast clear colors on gen11.
2019-04-30 Rafael Antognolliiris: Use the linear version of the surface format...
2019-04-30 Rafael Antognolliiris: Support sRGB fast clears even if the colorspaces...
2019-04-23 Kenneth Graunkeiris: Track valid data range and infer unsynchronized...
2019-04-02 Rafael Antognolliiris: Enable fast clears on gen8.
2019-04-02 Rafael Antognolliiris: Manually apply fast clear color channel overrides.
2019-03-20 Rafael Antognolliiris: Let blorp update the clear color for us.
2019-03-20 Rafael Antognolliiris: Stall on the CPU and resolve predication during...
2019-03-20 Rafael Antognolliiris: Implement fast clear color.
2019-03-20 Rafael Antognolliiris: Add helper to convert fast clear color.
2019-03-20 Rafael Antognolliiris: Fast clear depth buffers.
2019-03-07 Kenneth Graunkeiris: Properly support alpha and luminance-alpha formats
2019-03-07 Kenneth Graunkeiris: Fix MOCS for blits and clears
2019-02-21 Rafael Antognolliiris/clear: Pass on render_condition_enabled.
2019-02-21 Kenneth Graunkeiris: some initial HiZ bits
2019-02-21 Kenneth Graunkeiris: add some draw resolve hooks
2019-02-21 Kenneth Graunkeiris: blorp using resolve hooks
2019-02-21 Timur Kristófiris: implement clearing render target and depth stencil
2019-02-21 Kenneth Graunkeiris: Fix clear dimensions
2019-02-21 Kenneth Graunkeiris: fix conditional compute, don't stomp predicate...
2019-02-21 Kenneth Graunkeiris: for BLORP, only use the predicate enable bit...
2019-02-21 Dave Airlieiris: add conditional render support
2019-02-21 Kenneth Graunkeiris: Put batches in an array
2019-02-21 Kenneth Graunkeiris: use consistent copyright formatting
2019-02-21 Kenneth Graunkeiris: implement ARB_clear_texture
2019-02-21 Kenneth Graunkeiris: actually emit stencil packets
2019-02-21 Kenneth Graunkeiris: clear stencil
2019-02-21 Kenneth Graunkeiris: comment everything
2019-02-21 Kenneth Graunkeiris: depth clears
2019-02-21 Kenneth Graunkeiris: maybe-flush before blorp operations
2019-02-21 Kenneth Graunkeiris: clear fix
2019-02-21 Kenneth Graunkeiris: clears
2019-02-21 Kenneth Graunkeiris: delete iris_pipe.c, shuffle code around