winsys/svga: fix display corruption after surface_init
[mesa.git] / src / gallium / drivers / svga / svga_resource_buffer_upload.c
2020-08-21 Charmaine Leewinsys/svga: fix display corruption after surface_init
2020-06-05 Neha Bhendesvga: Performance fixes
2020-06-05 Neha Bhendesvga: Add GL4.1(compatibility profile) support in svga...
2019-10-28 Timothy Arceriutil: remove LIST_DEL macro
2019-10-28 Timothy Arceriutil: remove LIST_ADD macro
2019-10-28 Timothy Arceriutil: remove LIST_ADDTAIL macro
2019-06-20 Thomas Hellstromsvga: Support ARB_buffer_storage
2019-05-17 Thomas Hellstromsvga: Add an environment variable to force coherent...
2018-09-10 Brian Paulsvga: set buffer bind_flags in svga_buffer_add_host_sur...
2018-09-10 Brian Paulsvga: enable MSAA for SM4_1 device
2018-05-16 Charmaine Leesvga: fix incompatible bind flags at buffer validation...
2017-07-03 Brian Paulsvga: fix buffer binding flags initialization
2017-06-30 Brian Paulsvga: whitespace fixes in svga_resource_buffer_upload.c
2017-06-27 Charmaine Leesvga: create buffer surfaces for incompatible bind...
2017-06-27 Charmaine Leesvga: do not unconditionally enable streamout bind...
2017-06-27 Charmaine Leesvga: pass tobind_flags to svga_buffer_handle
2017-06-27 Charmaine Leesvga: pass bind_flags to surface create functions
2017-06-16 Brian Paulsvga: add a few minor comments
2017-03-06 Timothy Arcerigallium/util: replace pipe_mutex_unlock() with mtx_unlock()
2017-03-06 Timothy Arcerigallium/util: replace pipe_mutex_lock() with mtx_lock()
2016-11-03 Charmaine Leesvga: invalidate new surface before it is bound to...
2016-09-17 Charmaine Leesvga: use upload buffer for upload texture.
2016-09-17 Brian Paulsvga: optimize memcpy() in svga_buffer_update_hw()
2016-08-26 Charmaine Leesvga: add guest statistic gathering interface
2016-08-16 Brian Paulsvga: minor whitespace and code clean-ups
2016-06-23 Brian Paulsvga: update some comments in svga_buffer_handle()
2016-06-23 Brian Paulsvga: add a const qualifier in svga_buffer_upload_piece...
2016-06-23 Brian Paulsvga: minor code refactor for svga_buffer_upload_command()
2016-03-25 Jason EkstrandMerge remote-tracking branch 'public/master' into vulkan
2016-03-21 Charmaine Leesvga: add a few more resource updates HUD query
2016-01-21 Kristian Høgsberg... Merge remote-tracking branch 'jekstrand/wip/i965-unifor...
2016-01-09 Kristian Høgsberg... Merge ../mesa into vulkan
2016-01-06 Sinclair Yehsvga: Rename SVGA_HINT_FLAG_DRAW_EMITTED
2016-01-06 Sinclair Yehsvga: allow preemptive flushing on DMA, update, and...
2016-01-06 Edward O'Callaghangallium/drivers/svga: Use unsigned for loop index
2015-11-23 Jason EkstrandMerge remote-tracking branch 'mesa-public/master' into...
2015-11-20 Brian Paulsvga: add num-bytes-uploaded HUD query
2015-10-01 Kristian Høgsberg... Merge branch 'master' of ../mesa into vulkan
2015-09-02 Brian Paulsvga: update driver for version 10 GPU interface
2015-05-09 Jason Ekstrandutil: Move gallium's linked list to util
2014-02-14 Brian Paulsvga: update buffer code for GBS
2014-02-14 Brian Paulsvga: update svga_winsys interface for GBS
2013-10-04 Brian Paulsvga: fix incorrect memcpy src in svga_buffer_upload_pi...
2012-10-15 Brian Paulsvga: remove needless debug-mode linked list code
2012-08-02 Brian Paulsvga: remove questionable INLINE qualifiers
2012-08-02 Brian Paulsvga: sort #includes
2012-05-11 Marek OlšákMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2012-05-11 Marek OlšákMerge branch 'gallium-userbuf'
2012-04-29 Marek Olšákgallium: remove pipe_context::redefine_user_buffer
2012-01-07 Brian Paulsvga: fix assorted whitespace issues, add copyright...
2012-01-05 Marek Olšákgallium: remove deprecated PIPE_TRANSFER_DISCARD
2011-09-21 Brian Paulsvga: call u_default_redefine_user_buffer() to fix...
2011-08-04 Bryan CainMerge branch 'glsl-to-tgsi'
2011-07-21 Brian PaulMerge branch 'gallium-polygon-stipple'
2011-07-04 Christian KönigMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into pipe...
2011-07-04 Thomas HellstromMerge branch 'xa_branch'
2011-07-01 Thomas Hellstromsvga: Ignore redefine_user_buffer calls
2011-04-23 Christian KönigMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into pipe-video
2011-03-21 José Fonsecasvga: Undo the DMA buffer size limiting.
2011-03-19 Christian KönigMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into pipe-video
2011-03-16 José Fonsecasvga: Leave any_user_vertex_buffers flag alone.
2011-03-16 José Fonsecasvga: Hardcode SVGA_COMBINE_USERBUFFERS to 1.
2011-03-15 José Fonsecasvga: Ensure DMA commands are serialized with unsynchro...
2011-03-10 Thomas HellstromRevert "gallium/svga: Only upload parts of vertexarrays...
2011-03-10 Thomas Hellstromgallium/svga: Only upload parts of vertexarrays that...
2011-03-04 Christoph BumillerMerge remote branch 'origin/nvc0'
2011-03-02 Christian KönigMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into pipe-video
2011-03-02 Brian Paulsvga: reduce MAX_DMA_SIZE to 4MB
2011-02-24 Christian KönigMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into pipe-video
2011-02-16 José Fonsecasvga: Proper redefine_user_buffer implementation.
2011-02-11 Brian Paulsvga: add max DMA size check in svga_winsys_buffer_create()
2011-02-03 José Fonsecasvga: Fix resource leak; undo temporary workaround.
2010-10-12 Christian KönigMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-10-05 Thomas Balling Sør... Merge branch 'master' into pipe-video
2010-06-24 Eric AnholtMerge branch 'glsl2-head' into glsl2
2010-05-01 Younes MantonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-05-04 Roland ScheideggerMerge commit 'origin/master' into gallium-msaa
2010-05-02 José Fonsecasvga: Remove the screen private context.
2010-04-23 Ian RomanickMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-23 Jerome GlisseMerge remote branch 'origin/7.8'
2010-04-23 Michel DänzerMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-22 Brian PaulMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-20 Dan NicholsonMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-19 Jesse BarnesMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-28 Brian PaulMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-28 Jakob BornecrantzMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-28 Brian PaulMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-27 Brian PaulMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-19 Jesse BarnesMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-19 Brian PaulMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-13 Jesse BarnesMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-11 Maciej CencoraMerge commit 'origin/7.8'
2010-04-10 Keith WhitwellSquashed commit of the following: