swr: fix build with mingw
[mesa.git] / src / gallium / drivers / swr / rasterizer / common / os.h
2020-09-07 Michel Zouswr: fix build with mingw
2020-05-22 Krzysztof Raszkowskigallium/swr: Fix building swr with MSVC
2020-02-06 Vinson Leeswr: Fix GCC 4.9 checks.
2020-01-31 Vinson Leeswr: Fix build with GCC 10.
2019-04-26 Alok Hotaswr/rast: AVX512 support compiled in by default
2019-02-15 Alok Hotaswr/rast: FP consistency between POSH/RENDER pipes
2019-02-15 Alok Hotaswr/rast: Flip BitScanReverse index calculation
2019-02-15 Alok Hotaswr/rast: Disable use of __forceinline by default
2018-06-18 Alok Hotaswr/rast: Clang-Format most rasterizer source code
2018-04-27 George Kyriazisswr/rast: Use different handing for stream masks
2018-01-25 George Kyriazisswr/rast: Better ExecCmd (i.e. system()) implmentation
2018-01-19 George Kyriazisswr/rast: Added missing define for Linux/gcc
2017-12-13 Bruce Cherniakswr: Correct texture allocation and limit max size...
2017-08-02 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: stop using MSFT types in platform independent...
2017-07-21 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: quit using linux-specific gettid()
2017-07-11 George Kyriazisswr/rast: make SWR_VISIBLE attribute work for windows
2017-07-06 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: _mm*_undefined_* implementations for gcc<4.9
2017-05-30 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: add CreateDirectoryPath to recursively create...
2017-04-29 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: add SwrGetInterface() function to return api
2017-04-29 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: name threads to aid debugging
2017-03-28 Tim Rowleyswr: [rasterizer core] Disable inline function expansion
2017-03-28 Tim Rowleyswr: [rasterizer common] Use C++ thread_local keyword
2016-11-14 Tim Rowleyswr: [rasterizer common] don't bleed NOMINMAX definitio...
2016-10-14 Tim Rowleyswr: [rasterizer core/sim] 8x2 backend + 16-wide tile...
2016-10-11 Tim Rowleyswr: [rasterizer] eliminate unused label warnings on gcc
2016-10-03 Tim Rowleyswr: [rasterizer common] os.h portability header changes
2016-08-10 Tim Rowleyswr: [rasterizer common] add linux definition for Inter...
2016-07-20 Tim Rowleyswr: [rasterizer common] icc declspec definitions
2016-06-23 Tim Rowleyswr: [rasterizer common] fix include for Intel compiler
2016-05-28 Vinson Leeswr: [rasterizer] Do not define _mm256_storeu2_m128i...
2016-05-19 Tim Rowleyswr: [rasterizer common] add OSX to unix portability...
2016-05-19 Tim Rowleyswr: [rasterizer] rename _aligned_malloc to AlignedMalloc
2016-05-19 Tim Rowleyswr: [rasterizer common] guard definition of __cdecl...
2016-05-19 Tim Rowleyswr: [rasterizer common] include cstddef for offsetof
2016-05-05 Tim Rowleyswr: [rasterizer] Whitespace cleanup and misc changes
2016-04-14 Jason EkstrandMerge remote-tracking branch 'public/master' into vulkan
2016-04-12 Tim Rowleyswr: [rasterizer] Ensure correct alignment of stack...
2016-04-12 Tim Rowleyswr: [rasterizer common] win32 build fixups
2016-04-01 Jason EkstrandMerge remote-tracking branch 'public/master' into vulkan
2016-03-25 Tim Rowleyswr: [rasterizer core] CachedArena optimizations
2016-03-25 Tim Rowleyswr: [rasterizer common] changes for cygwin
2016-03-25 Tim Rowleyswr: [rasterizer] code styling and update copyrights
2016-03-25 Tim Rowleyswr: [rasterizer] remove use of BYTE type
2016-03-25 Tim Rowleyswr: [rasterizer] remove use of UCHAR and UINT64 types
2016-03-25 Tim Rowleyswr: [rasterizer] remove use of FLOAT type
2016-03-25 Tim Rowleyswr: [rasterizer common] remove old unused win32 types
2016-03-25 Tim Rowleyswr: [rasterizer core] RingBuffer class for DC/DS
2016-03-15 Jason EkstrandMerge remote-tracking branch 'public/master' into vulkan
2016-03-07 Tim Rowleygallium/swr: fix issues preventing a 32-bit build
2016-03-03 Tim Rowleygallium/swr: add OpenSWR rasterizer