st/dri: allow both render and sampler compatible dma-buf formats
[mesa.git] / src / gallium / state_trackers / dri / dri2.c
2018-12-18 Lucas Stachst/dri: allow both render and sampler compatible dma...
2018-10-30 Marek Olšákgallium: rework PIPE_HANDLE_USAGE_* flags
2018-10-30 Eric Engestromst/dri: remove leftover local variable
2018-10-09 Michel Dänzerst/dri: Handle BGRA5551 format
2018-10-03 Emil Velikovpipe-loader: move dup(fd) within pipe_loader_drm_probe_fd
2018-10-03 Emil Velikovst/dri: inline dri2_buffer.h within dri2.c
2018-09-19 Michal Srbst/dri: don't set queryDmaBufFormats/queryDmaBufModifie...
2018-08-31 Daniel Stonest/dri: Don't expose sRGB formats to clients
2018-07-31 Marek Olšákgallium: add storage_sample_count parameter into is_for...
2018-07-31 Marek Olšákgallium: add pipe_resource::nr_storage_samples, and...
2018-07-20 Eric Anholtst/dri: Don't require a dri_format for image creation.
2018-05-29 Dave Airliegallium/winsys: rename DRM_API_HANDLE_* to WINSYS_HANDLE_*
2018-04-02 Daniel Stonest/dri: Initialise modifier to INVALID for DRI2
2018-03-09 Marek Olšákst/dri: fix OpenGL-OpenCL interop for GL_TEXTURE_BUFFER
2018-02-20 Ilia Mirkinmesa: add xbgr support adjacent to xrgb
2018-01-15 Adam JacksonRevert "gallium/dri2: Enable {GLX_ARB,EGL_KHR}_context_...
2018-01-03 Mario Kleinerst/dri2: Add buffer handling for BGR[A/X]1010102 formats.
2018-01-03 Mario Kleinerst/dri2: Add format translations for BGR[A/X]1010102...
2017-12-20 Lucas Stachst/dri: allow direct YUYV import
2017-11-29 Adam Jacksongallium/dri2: Enable {GLX_ARB,EGL_KHR}_context_flush_co...
2017-11-09 Timothy Arcerimesa: use simple mtx in core mesa
2017-10-13 Mark Thompsonst/dri: Add definitions to allow importing 16-bit surfaces
2017-10-12 Marek Olšákst/dri: implement __DRIimageExtension::validateUsage...
2017-10-10 Nicolai Hähnlest/dri: implement createImageFromRenderbuffer(2)
2017-09-27 Marek Olšákst/dri: don't expose modifiers in EGL if the driver...
2017-08-09 Rob Herringst/dri2: fix kms_swrast driconf option handling
2017-08-07 Gurchetan Singhst/dri: move some image functions to dri_helpers.c
2017-08-07 Gurchetan Singhst/dri: change dri_extensions to dri_helpers
2017-08-04 Nicolai Hähnlepipe-loader: remove config from pipe_loader_create_screen
2017-08-04 Nicolai Hähnlegallium: get rid of pipe_screen_config::flags
2017-08-03 Thomas Hellstromst/dri2 Plumb the flush_swapbuffer functionality throug...
2017-08-02 Nicolai Hähnlegallium: move loading of drirc to pipe-loader
2017-08-02 Nicolai Hähnlegallium: add pipe_screen_config to screen_create functions
2017-08-01 Marek Olšákst/dri: don't set PIPE_BIND_SHARED for privately-alloca...
2017-07-25 Daniel Stonest/dri2: Return invalid modifier when no driver support
2017-07-25 Daniel Stonest/dri: Check get-handle return value in queryImage
2017-07-19 Emil Velikovst/dri: list __DRI2_FENCE extension only where needed
2017-07-19 Emil Velikovswrast: add dri2ConfigQueryExtension to the correct...
2017-07-14 Grigori Goronzydri: Add KHR_no_error DRI extension
2017-07-13 Marek Olšákst/dri: add 32-bit RGBX/RGBA formats
2017-06-24 Lucas Stachst/dri2: implement image offset query
2017-06-23 Marek Olšákst/dri: get drirc options before creating pipe_screen
2017-06-23 Marek Olšákgallium: allow passing 'unsigned flags' to create_screen()
2017-06-09 Varad Gautamst/dri: support format modifier queries
2017-06-09 Varad Gautamst/dri: support format queries
2017-06-09 Varad Gautamst/dri: implement DRIimage creation from dmabufs with...
2017-06-09 Varad Gautamst/dri: implement createImageWithModifiers in DRIimage
2017-06-09 Varad Gautamst/dri: enable DRIimage modifier queries
2017-06-09 Varad Gautamgallium/winsys/drm: introduce modifier field to winsys_...
2017-06-07 Thomas Hellstromst/dri: Allow dri users to query also driver options
2017-06-02 Gurchetan Singhst/dri: move fence implemention into separate file
2017-04-01 Michal Srbst: Add cubeMapFace parameter to st_finalize_texture.
2017-03-06 Timothy Arcerigallium/util: replace pipe_mutex_unlock() with mtx_unlock()
2017-03-06 Timothy Arcerigallium/util: replace pipe_mutex_lock() with mtx_lock()
2017-03-06 Timothy Arcerigallium/util: replace pipe_mutex_init() with mtx_init()
2017-01-20 Philipp Zabelst/dri: ask the driver to update its internal copies...
2016-12-02 Rob Clarkgallium: support for native fence fd's
2016-12-02 Rob Clarkgallium: wire up server_wait_sync
2016-10-04 Matt Whitlockst/dri: replace calls to dup(2) with fcntl(F_DUPFD_CLOEXEC)
2016-09-27 Nicholas Bishopst/dri: check pipe_screen->resource_get_handle() return...
2016-09-26 Rob Clarkmesa/st: support lowering multi-planar YUV
2016-09-07 Rob Clarkgbm: wire up fence extension
2016-08-25 Marek Olšákgallium: add a pipe_context parameter to resource_get_h...
2016-08-09 Marek Olšákgallium: add a pipe_context parameter to fence_finish
2016-06-14 Michel Dänzerst/dri: Clear drawable texture_mask in dri2_invalidate_...
2016-05-30 Emil Velikovmesa_glinterop: remove mesa_glinterop typedefs
2016-05-30 Stanimir Varbanovgallium: push offset down to driver
2016-05-30 Stanimir Varbanovst/dri: cleanup image_from_fd/dma_buf paths
2016-05-30 Stanimir Varbanovst/dri: add handling of R8 and GR88 DRI fourcc formats
2016-05-24 Emil Velikovmesa_glinterop: make GL interop version field bidirectional
2016-05-24 Emil Velikovmesa_glinterop: drop mesa_glinterop_device_info::intero...
2016-05-24 Emil Velikovst/dri: add note about GL interop version checks
2016-05-24 Emil Velikovmesa_glinterop: rename MESA_GLINTEROP_INVALID_{VALUE...
2016-05-24 Emil Velikovmesa_glinterop: s/struct_version/version/
2016-05-24 Emil Velikovmesa_glinterop: use consistent naming scheme for GL...
2016-05-23 Emil Velikovst/dri: don't call close(-1) in dri{2, kms_}_init_scree...
2016-05-23 Rob Herringst/dri: Add support for DRIimage extension mapImage...
2016-04-24 Marek OlšákRevert "st/dri: add 32-bit RGBX/RGBA formats"
2016-04-21 Rob Herringst/dri: add 32-bit RGBX/RGBA formats
2016-04-20 Marek Olšákst/dri: implement the GL interop DRI extension (v2.2)
2016-04-20 Nicolas Dufresnest/dri: Fix RGB565 EGLImage creation
2016-04-20 Nicolas Dufresnest/dri: Factor out DRI2 to PIPE_FORMAT conversion
2016-03-25 Jason EkstrandMerge remote-tracking branch 'public/master' into vulkan
2016-03-17 Christian Königgallium/winsys/drm: add offset to struct winsys_handle
2016-03-15 Jason EkstrandMerge remote-tracking branch 'public/master' into vulkan
2016-03-09 Marek Olšákgallium: add external usage flags to resource_from...
2015-12-11 Jason EkstrandMerge remote-tracking branch 'mesa-public/master' into...
2015-11-29 Emil Velikovst/dri: fd management cleanups
2015-11-23 Jason EkstrandMerge remote-tracking branch 'mesa-public/master' into...
2015-11-21 Emil Velikovst/dri: NULL check the pscreen earlier
2015-11-21 Emil Velikovst/dri: Don't close the drm fd on failure
2015-11-21 Emil Velikov{st,targets}/dri: use static/dynamic pipe-loader
2015-11-21 Emil Velikovgallium: remove library_path argument from pipe_loader_...
2015-10-09 Kristian Høgsberg... Merge ../mesa into vulkan
2015-10-05 Michel Dänzerst/dri: Use packed RGB formats
2015-10-03 Marek Olšákst/dri: don't use _ctx in client_wait_sync
2015-08-17 Jason EkstrandMerge remote-tracking branch 'mesa-public/master' into...
2015-07-13 Emil Velikovpipe-loader: remove pipe_loader_drm_probe_fd() x_auth...
2015-07-07 Marek Olšákst/dri: don't set PIPE_BIND_SCANOUT for MSAA surfaces
2015-06-26 Connor AbbottMerge branch 'wip/nir-vtn' into vulkan