util: move debug_memory_{begin,end} to os_memory_debug.h
[mesa.git] / src / gallium / state_trackers / wgl / stw_device.c
2020-02-24 Erik Faye-Lundutil: move debug_memory_{begin,end} to os_memory_debug.h
2019-05-13 Eric Anholtgallium: Redefine the max texture 2d cap from _LEVELS...
2018-10-30 Dylan Bakergallium/util: move memory debug declarations into u_deb...
2018-03-30 Brian Paulst/wgl: check if WGL_SWAP_INTERVAL is defined in wglSwa...
2017-07-24 Charmaine Leest/mesa: create framebuffer iface hash table per st...
2017-05-25 Brian Paulst/wgl: whitespace, formatting fixes in stw_device.c
2017-04-07 Brian Paulst/wgl: pseudo-implementation of WGL_EXT_swap_control
2016-06-30 Brian Paulst/wgl: add a stw_device::initialized field
2015-11-14 Jason EkstrandMerge remote-tracking branch 'mesa-public/master' into...
2015-11-12 Brian Paulst/wgl: reimplement stw_device::fb_mutex with CRITICAL_...
2015-11-12 Brian Paulst/wgl: re-implement stw_device::ctx_mutex with CRITICA...
2015-01-08 José Fonsecast/wgl: Ignore ulVersion in DrvValidateVersion.
2014-06-04 José Fonsecawgl: Disable CRT message boxes when Windows system...
2014-05-30 Brian Paulst/wgl: make stw_lookup_context_locked() an inline...
2014-01-17 José Fonsecas/Tungsten Graphics/VMware/
2012-09-06 Matt TurnerRemove useless checks for NULL before freeing
2011-03-19 Christian KönigMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into pipe-video
2011-03-09 José Fonsecawgl: Force framebuffer validation on glViewport.
2011-03-06 José Fonsecast/wgl: No need to initialize OneTimeLock anymore.
2011-02-24 Christian KönigMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into pipe-video
2011-01-22 Chia-I Wuscons: Add support for GLES.
2011-01-15 Brian PaulMerge branch 'draw-instanced'
2011-01-10 Christian KönigMerge remote branch 'vdpau/pipe-video' into pipe-video
2010-12-19 Christoph BumillerMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into nvc0-new
2010-12-11 Christian KönigMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into pipe-video
2010-12-02 José FonsecaWIN32_THREADS -> WIN32
2010-11-30 José Fonsecawgl: More complete WGL_ARB_pbuffer support.
2010-10-12 Christian KönigMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.freedesktop.org...
2010-10-05 Thomas Balling Sør... Merge branch 'master' into pipe-video
2010-09-02 Christoph BumillerMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into nv50-compiler
2010-08-24 Chia-I Wust/wgl: Include main/core.h.
2010-06-24 Eric AnholtMerge branch 'glsl2-head' into glsl2
2010-05-01 Younes MantonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.freedesktop.org...
2010-05-21 Jakob Bornecrantzst_api: Add get param function to st_manager
2010-04-23 Ian RomanickMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-23 Jerome GlisseMerge remote branch 'origin/7.8'
2010-04-23 Michel DänzerMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-22 Brian PaulMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-20 Dan NicholsonMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-19 Jesse BarnesMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-28 Brian PaulMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-28 Jakob BornecrantzMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-28 Brian PaulMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-27 Brian PaulMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-19 Jesse BarnesMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-19 Brian PaulMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-13 Jesse BarnesMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-12 Chia-I Wust/wgl: Switch from st_public.h to st_api.h. [V2]
2010-04-11 Maciej CencoraMerge commit 'origin/7.8'
2010-04-09 Brian PaulMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-08 Dave AirlieMerge remote branch 'origin/7.8'
2010-04-05 Ian RomanickMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-04 Ian RomanickMerge branch '7.8'
2010-03-30 Michel DänzerMerge branch '7.8'
2010-03-26 Michel DänzerMerge branch '7.8'
2010-03-25 Brian PaulMerge branch '7.8'
2010-03-23 Brian PaulMerge branch '7.8'
2010-03-22 Brian PaulMerge branch '7.8'
2010-03-17 Brian PaulMerge branch '7.8'
2010-03-17 Pauli NieminenMerge branch '7.8' into master
2010-03-15 Zack RusinMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into gallium_draw_llvm
2010-03-12 Michel DänzerMerge branch '7.8'
2010-03-12 Younes MantonMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into pipe-video
2010-03-11 Michel DänzerMerge remote branch 'origin/7.8'
2010-03-10 Brian PaulMerge branch '7.8'
2010-03-10 Michel DänzerMerge branch '7.8'
2010-03-10 Michal KrolMerge branch 'master' into gallium-sampler-view
2010-03-10 Keith Whitwellgallium: remove trace module injection from various...
2010-03-09 Roland ScheideggerMerge branch 'gallium-vertexelementcso'
2010-03-08 Keith WhitwellMerge commit 'origin/gallium-winsys-handle-rebased'
2010-03-02 José FonsecaMerge branch 'gallium-format-cleanup'
2010-03-02 Michal KrolMerge branch 'gallium-no-rhw-position'
2010-03-01 George Sapountzisglapi.c: misc coscmetic for FreeTSD
2010-02-17 Ian RomanickMerge commit '381d5e209815235911c4aab516037c868c8f695f'
2010-02-12 José Fonsecawgl: Go into dormant state when DLL is unloaded unclealy.
2010-02-12 Roland ScheideggerMerge branch 'gallium-dynamicstencilref'
2010-02-12 José Fonsecawgl: Do not reach out and destroy contexts on cleanup.
2010-01-12 Chia-I WuMerge branch 'master' into opengl-es-v2
2010-01-08 José FonsecaMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into lp-binning
2009-12-27 Brian PaulMerge branch 'mesa_7_6_branch' into mesa_7_7_branch
2009-12-22 Keith WhitwellMerge branch 'i965g-restart'
2009-12-22 Ian RomanickMerge branch 'mesa_7_6_branch' into mesa_7_7_branch
2009-12-22 Brian PaulMerge branch 'mesa_7_6_branch' into mesa_7_7_branch
2009-12-17 Michal KrolMerge branch 'master' into pipe-format-simplify
2009-12-12 Michal KrolMerge branch 'master' into glsl-pp-rework-2
2009-12-11 Brian PaulMerge branch 'mesa_7_6_branch' into mesa_7_7_branch
2009-12-11 Brian PaulMerge branch 'mesa_7_6_branch' into mesa_7_7_branch
2009-12-08 Roland ScheideggerMerge branch 'gallium-strict-aliasing'
2009-12-08 Andre MaasikasMerge branch 'mesa_7_6_branch' into mesa_7_7_branch
2009-12-08 Ian RomanickMerge branch 'mesa_7_6_branch' into mesa_7_7_branch
2009-12-06 Younes MantonMerge branch 'master' into pipe-video
2009-12-03 Roland ScheideggerMerge branch 'gallium-noblocks'
2009-12-02 Jakob BornecrantzMerge branch 'mesa_7_7_branch'
2009-12-02 Jakob BornecrantzMerge commit 'mesa_7_6_branch' into mesa_7_7_branch
2009-12-02 José Fonsecawgl: Call st_swapbuffers instead of st_notify_swapbuffers.
2009-12-01 Ian RomanickMerge branch 'mesa_7_6_branch' into mesa_7_7_branch
2009-11-13 Eric AnholtMerge remote branch 'origin/mesa_7_6_branch'
2009-11-11 Eric AnholtMerge remote branch 'origin/mesa_7_6_branch'
2009-11-06 Ian RomanickMerge branch 'mesa_7_6_branch'
2009-11-05 Brian PaulMerge branch 'mesa_7_6_branch'