Merge branch '7.8'
[mesa.git] / src / gallium / state_trackers /
2010-04-19 Jesse BarnesMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-19 Jesse BarnesMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-19 Brian PaulMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-18 José Fonsecast/python: Set the bind flag for the default texture.
2010-04-18 Vinson Leest/dri: Check for NULL before dereference and assignment.
2010-04-16 Jakob Bornecrantzst/drisw: Stop pretending to be drm_api
2010-04-16 Jakob Bornecrantzst/dri: Refactor init code a bit
2010-04-16 Vinson Leest/egl: Remove unnecessary header.
2010-04-16 Vinson Leest/dri: Remove unnecessary header.
2010-04-13 Jesse BarnesMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-13 Chia-I Wust/vega: Drop st_public support.
2010-04-13 Chia-I Wust/vega: Do not rely on st_resize_framebuffer.
2010-04-12 José Fonsecast/python: Fix regressions.
2010-04-12 José Fonsecastw: Update for pipe_resource interface changes.
2010-04-12 José Fonsecastw: Fix minor st_api migration glitches.
2010-04-12 Chia-I Wust/wgl: Switch from st_public.h to st_api.h. [V2]
2010-04-12 Chia-I Wust/egl: Request the front buffer as needed.
2010-04-11 Jakob Bornecrantzst/egl: Fix DRI2 on old X servers
2010-04-11 Maciej CencoraMerge commit 'origin/7.8'
2010-04-11 Chia-I Wust/egl: Follow the portability guide.
2010-04-11 Chia-I Wust/egl: Factor driver callbacks to a new file.
2010-04-11 José Fonsecascons: Always build softpipe and llvmpipe (when llvm...
2010-04-11 José Fonsecascons: Make LLVM a black-white dependency.
2010-04-11 José Fonsecascons: Use libdrm options only where needed.
2010-04-11 Vinson Leest/egl: Remove unnecessary header.
2010-04-10 Chia-I Wust/egl: Remove depth/stencil format from the native...
2010-04-10 Chia-I Wust/vega: Require both depth and stencil.
2010-04-10 Chia-I Wust/egl: Remove __GLcontextModes from the native interface.
2010-04-10 Keith WhitwellSquashed commit of the following:
2010-04-09 Chia-I WuFix copyright headers.
2010-04-09 Chia-I Wust/egl: Fix a typo in determining the render buffer.
2010-04-09 Brian PaulMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-09 Corbin Simpsonst/xorg: Fix thinko.
2010-04-09 Corbin Simpsonst/xorg: Fix bad paramf.
2010-04-09 Chia-I Wust/egl: Move probe interface to native_probe.h.
2010-04-09 Chia-I Wust/egl: Remove pbuffer from the native interface.
2010-04-08 Dave AirlieMerge remote branch 'origin/7.8'
2010-04-08 Chia-I Wust/dri: Fix setTexBuffer2 with __DRI_TEXTURE_FORMAT_RGB.
2010-04-07 Zack RusinMerge branch 'gallium_draw_llvm'
2010-04-06 Chia-I Wust/dri: Implement DRI image extension.
2010-04-06 Chia-I Wust/es: Remove unnedded --whole-archive.
2010-04-05 Ian RomanickMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-04 Ian RomanickMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-04 Chia-I Wust/egl: Implement get_egl_image hook.
2010-04-02 Yann Droneaudgallium: fix dri_destroy_option_cache() when optionCach...
2010-04-02 Chia-I Wust/vega: Do not depend on libm.
2010-04-02 Chia-I Wust/egl: Add a missing break.
2010-04-01 José Fonsecast/python: Allow to sample only in the [0,1] range.
2010-04-01 José Fonsecast/python: Always use softpipe as reference driver.
2010-04-01 Zack RusinMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into gallium_draw_llvm
2010-03-31 Roland ScheideggerMerge branch 'gallium-new-formats'
2010-03-31 José Fonsecast/python: Generate binding for u_format utility functi...
2010-03-31 Vinson Leest/dri: Remove unnecessary header.
2010-03-31 Vinson Leest/dri: Remove unnecessary header.
2010-03-31 Zack RusinMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into gallium_draw_llvm
2010-03-30 Michel DänzerMerge branch '7.8'
2010-03-30 Chia-I Wust/dri: Fix a memory leak in dri1_init_screen.
2010-03-30 Vinson Leedrisw: Remove unnecessary header.
2010-03-30 Chia-I Wust/glx: Remove a wrong assertion in choose_pixel_format.
2010-03-29 Roland ScheideggerMerge branch 'master' into gallium-new-formats
2010-03-29 Roland Scheideggergallium: adapt all code to the renamed depth/stencil...
2010-03-29 José Fonsecast/python: Update for util_draw_vertex_buffer changes.
2010-03-29 José Fonsecast/python: Move surface read/write methods to context.
2010-03-29 George Sapountzisst/dri/sw: add drisw_api similarly to dri1_api
2010-03-29 José FonsecaRevert "python: Temporarily disable python state tracke...
2010-03-28 Keith Whitwellst/python: updates for recent interface changes
2010-03-28 George Sapountzisdrisw: probably better hack for stride and some comments
2010-03-27 George Sapountzisdrisw: make stride issue profound
2010-03-27 Vinson Leest/dri: Fix SCons build.
2010-03-26 Michel DänzerMerge branch '7.8'
2010-03-26 George Sapountzisswrastg: allow for any of the software rasterizers.
2010-03-26 George Sapountzisst/dri: add comment about the ifdef in dri_screen.c
2010-03-26 George Sapountzisst/dri: factor out common init_screen code
2010-03-26 George Sapountzisst/dri mv __driDriverExtensions to drisw.c and dri2.c
2010-03-26 George Sapountzisst/dri: fold dri_extensions.c into dri_context.c
2010-03-26 Jakob Bornecrantzswrastg: Build with scons
2010-03-25 Jakob Bornecrantzst/dri: Move common files to common directory
2010-03-25 Jakob Bornecrantzst/dri: Reshuffle files and make it obvious which files...
2010-03-25 Brian PaulMerge branch '7.8'
2010-03-25 Jakob Bornecrantzst/dri: Don't include sw vs drm dri headers
2010-03-25 Jakob Bornecrantzst/dri: Add dri2 prefix for all dri2.c functions
2010-03-25 George Sapountzisst/dri: add TODO list for DRISW
2010-03-25 George Sapountzisswrastg_dri: add state_tracker
2010-03-25 George Sapountzisst/dri: add drisw
2010-03-25 George Sapountzisst/dri: add dri_wrapper.h
2010-03-25 George Sapountzisst/dri: export DRI1 surface / pipe
2010-03-25 George Sapountzisst/dri: split out DRI2 code
2010-03-25 George Sapountzisst/dri: make get_texture into validate_att
2010-03-25 George Sapountzisst/dri: flush_frontbuffer, allocate_textures for dri2
2010-03-25 George Sapountzisst/dri: flush_frontbuffer, allocate_textures for dri1
2010-03-25 George Sapountzisst/dri: minor cosmetic for buffers
2010-03-25 George Sapountzisst/dri: minor cosmetic for screen
2010-03-25 George Sapountzisst/dri: add inline for dri2 check done in multiple...
2010-03-25 Jakob BornecrantzMerge branch 'gallium-targets'
2010-03-24 Jakob Bornecrantzst/dri: Fix for X server 1.6.0 (DRI2 version 1)
2010-03-23 Brian Paulst/glx: add support for multiple displays
2010-03-23 Dan NicholsonChange libX11 variables to not conflict with AC_PATH_XTRA
2010-03-23 Brian PaulMerge branch '7.8'
2010-03-23 Brian Paulst/glx: better format selection in xmesa_choose_z_stenc...
2010-03-22 Brian Paulst/glx: fix depth/stencil format selection code