android: nv50/ir: Add nv50_ir_prog_info_out serialize and deserialize
[mesa.git] / src / gallium / winsys / sw / hgl /
2020-06-01 Dylan Bakermeson: use gnu_symbol_visibility argument
2020-05-13 Marek Olšákgallium: rename 'state tracker' to 'frontend'
2019-11-14 Eric Anholtutil: Move gallium's PIPE_FORMAT utils to /util/format/
2019-07-23 Ilia Mirkingallium: remove boolean from state tracker APIs
2018-02-16 Alexander von Gluck IVmeson: Add Haiku platform support v4
2017-02-24 Jerome Duvalhaiku/winsys: fix dt prototype args
2016-09-01 Eric EngestromIntroduce .editorconfig
2015-08-17 Jason EkstrandMerge remote-tracking branch 'mesa-public/master' into...
2015-07-21 Ilia Mirkingallium: replace INLINE with inline
2015-06-26 Connor AbbottMerge branch 'wip/nir-vtn' into vulkan
2015-06-24 Jason EkstrandMerge remote-tracking branch 'mesa-public/master' into...
2015-05-15 Alexander von Gluck IVwinsys/hgl: Add needed extern "C" to hgl winsys
2015-01-02 Alexander von Gluck IVgallium/state_tracker: Rewrite Haiku's state tracker
2014-08-29 Emil Velikovsw/hgl: struct haiku_displaytarget is not public struct
2014-08-29 Alexander von Gluck IVgallium/targets: Break haiku state_tracker out to own...
2013-12-13 Dave Airlieswrast* (gallium, classic): add MESA_copy_sub_buffer...
2013-10-29 Alexander von Gluck IVwinsys: Correct Haiku winsys display target code
2013-10-04 Alexander von Gluck IVhaiku: Add first Haiku renderer (softpipe)
2013-05-22 Alexander von Gluck IVHaiku: Add Gallium winsys and target code