util/format: Add more multi-planar formats.
[mesa.git] / src / gallium /
2020-05-30 Bas Nieuwenhuizenutil/format: Add more multi-planar formats.
2020-05-30 Bas Nieuwenhuizenutil/format: Add VK_FORMAT_D16_UNORM_S8_UINT.
2020-05-30 Vinson Leeetnaviv: Fix memory leak on error path.
2020-05-29 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Probe G31/G52 if PAN_MESA_DEBUG=bifrost
2020-05-29 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Disable QUAD_STRIP/POLYGON on Bifrost
2020-05-29 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Preload gl_FragCoord on Bifrost
2020-05-29 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Set reads_frag_coord as a sysval
2020-05-29 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Don't generate gl_FragCoord varying on Bifrost
2020-05-29 Rob Clarkfreedreno/a6xx: fix vsc assert
2020-05-29 Kristian H. Kristensenfreedreno/a6xx: Program VFD_DEST_CNTL from program...
2020-05-29 Kristian H. Kristensenfreedreno/a6xx: Create stateobj for VFD_DECODE
2020-05-29 Kristian H. Kristensenfreedreno/a6xx: Decouple VFD_FETCH and VFD_DECODE
2020-05-29 Kristian H. Kristensenfreedreno/a6xx: Move per element offset to VFD_DECODE
2020-05-29 Bas Nieuwenhuizenfrontend/dri: Implement mapping individual planes.
2020-05-29 Vinson Leezink: Check fopen result.
2020-05-29 Rob Clarkfreedreno/a6xx: document LRZ flag buffer
2020-05-29 Rob Clarkfreedreno/a6xx: LRZ fix for alpha-test
2020-05-28 Neha Bhendeutil: Initialize pipe_shader_state for passthrough...
2020-05-28 Chris Wilsoniris: Rename iris_seqno to iris_fine_fence
2020-05-28 Caio Marcelo de... intel: Add helper to calculate GPGPU_WALKER::RightExecu...
2020-05-28 Caio Marcelo de... iris, i965: Update limits for ARB_compute_variable_grou...
2020-05-28 Caio Marcelo de... iris, i965: Drop max_variable_local_size
2020-05-28 Caio Marcelo de... iris: Use new helper functions to pick SIMD variant...
2020-05-28 Caio Marcelo de... iris: Set CS KernelStatePointer at dispatch
2020-05-27 Mike Blumenkrantzzink: always use logical eq ops in ntv with 1bit inputs
2020-05-27 Erico Nuneslima/ppir: use a ready list in node_to_instr
2020-05-27 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Set MALI_BIFROST_EARLY_Z as necessary
2020-05-27 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Document Midgard Inf/NaN suppress bit
2020-05-27 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Set unk2 to accomodate blending
2020-05-27 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Share MRT blend flag calculation with Bifrost
2020-05-27 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Force Z/S tiling on Bifrost
2020-05-27 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Tweak Bifrost colour buffer magic
2020-05-27 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Tweak zsbuf magic numbers for Bifrost
2020-05-27 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Adjust null_rt for Bifrost
2020-05-27 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Fix Bifrost blending with depth-only FBO
2020-05-27 Erik Faye-Lundzink: use general-layout when blitting to/from same...
2020-05-27 Jonathan Marekfreedreno/layout: add explicit offset/pitch argument...
2020-05-27 Vinson Leefreedreno: Add missing va_end.
2020-05-26 Alyssa Rosenzweignouveau: Use SATURATE
2020-05-26 Alyssa Rosenzweigetnaviv: Use SATURATE
2020-05-26 Alyssa Rosenzweigiris: Use SATURATE
2020-05-26 Alyssa Rosenzweigsoftpipe: Use SATURATE
2020-05-26 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Use SATURATE
2020-05-26 Alyssa Rosenzweiggallium/draw: Use SATURATE
2020-05-26 Rob Clarkfreedreno/gmem: split out helper to calc # of bins
2020-05-26 Rob Clarkfreedreno/gmem: fix nbins_x/y mismatch
2020-05-26 Rob Clarkfreedreno/gmem: add some asserts
2020-05-26 Rob Clarkfreedreno/gmemtool: add verbose mode
2020-05-26 Rob Clarkfreedreno/gmemtool: add a405
2020-05-26 Rob Clarkfreedreno/gmemtool: make GMEM alignment per-gen
2020-05-26 Rob Clarkfreedreno/gmem: make noscis debug actually do something...
2020-05-26 Rob Clarkfreedreno: handle PIPE_TRANSFER_MAP_DIRECTLY
2020-05-26 Rob Clarkfreedreno: clear last_fence after resource tracking
2020-05-26 Rob Clarkfreedreno: add batch debugging
2020-05-26 Kristian H. Kristensenfreedreno: Use explicit *_NONE enum for undefined formats
2020-05-26 Eric Anholtfreedreno/a6xx: Fix the size of buffer image views.
2020-05-26 Marek Olšákradeonsi/gfx10: implement most performance counters
2020-05-26 Marek Olšákamd: replace SH -> SA (shader array) in comments
2020-05-26 Marek Olšákac/gpu_info: replace num_good_cu_per_sh with min/max_go...
2020-05-26 Marek Olšákradeonsi: don't hardcode most perf counter block counts
2020-05-26 Erik Faye-Lundzink: expose PIPE_CAP_TEXTURE_MULTISAMPLE
2020-05-26 Erik Faye-Lundzink: implement nir_texop_txf_ms
2020-05-26 Gert Wollnyr600/sfn: remove debug output leftover
2020-05-26 Gert Wollnyr600/sfn: Correctly update the number of literals when...
2020-05-26 Gert Wollnyr600/sfn: use modern c++ in printing LDS read instruction
2020-05-26 Gert Wollnyr600/sfn: Fix mapping for f32tof64 and f64tof32
2020-05-26 Gert Wollnyr600: Fix duplicated subexpression in r600_asm.c
2020-05-25 Vinson Leer600/sfn: Use correct setter method.
2020-05-25 Erik Faye-Lundzink: pass batch instead of context for queries
2020-05-25 Erik Faye-Lundzink: do not dig into resource for nr_samples
2020-05-25 Erik Faye-Lundzink: use samples from state
2020-05-25 Dmitriy Nesterzink: replace fnv1a hash function with xxhash
2020-05-25 Dmitriy Nesterr600: replace fnv1a hash function with xxhash
2020-05-25 Dmitriy Nesterfreedreno: replace fnv1a hash function with xxhash
2020-05-25 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Only run batch debug when specifically asked
2020-05-25 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Add debug print before query flushes
2020-05-23 Christopher Egertr600: Use TRUNC_COORD on samplers
2020-05-23 Vinson Leepanfrost: Ensure final.no_colour is initialized.
2020-05-23 Vinson Leer600/sfn: Initialize VertexStageExportForGS m_num_clip_...
2020-05-23 Vinson Leellvmpipe: Fix variable name.
2020-05-23 Eric Engestromtree-wide: fix deprecated GitLab URLs
2020-05-23 Marek Olšákradeonsi/gfx8: enable TC-compatible HTILE from the...
2020-05-23 Marek Olšákradeonsi: don't enable TC-compatible HTILE for stencil...
2020-05-23 Marek Olšákradeonsi: split si_all_descriptors_begin_new_cs and...
2020-05-23 Marek Olšákradeonsi: move resetting tracked registers into a new...
2020-05-23 Marek Olšákac: update register and packet definitions for preemption
2020-05-23 Marek OlšákRevert "radeonsi: don't wait for idle at the end of...
2020-05-23 Marek Olšákradeonsi: decrease the max GS invocation count to 32
2020-05-23 Marek Olšákradeonsi: don't use INDIRECT_BUFFER within IBs
2020-05-23 Marek Olšákac/gpu_info: compute the best safe IB alignment
2020-05-22 Kristian H. Kristensenfreedreno: Use the right amount of &'s
2020-05-22 Vinson Leefreedreno: Add missing break statement.
2020-05-22 Thong Thaifrontends/va: Fix deinterlace bottom field first flag
2020-05-22 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Handle !independent_blend for blend shaders
2020-05-22 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Use _mesa_roundevenf when packing clear colours
2020-05-22 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Fix dated comment
2020-05-22 Krzysztof Raszkowskigallium/swr: Fix building swr with MSVC
2020-05-22 Erik Faye-Lundzink: hammer in an explicit wait when retrieving buffer...
2020-05-22 Mike Blumenkrantzzink: reset query on-demand when beginning a new query...
2020-05-22 Mike Blumenkrantzzink: fix vkCmdResetQueryPool usage