gbm: Create a gbm_device getter for stride
[mesa.git] / src / gallium /
2017-03-09 Pierre Moreaunv50/ir: check for origin insn in findOriginForTestWithZero
2017-03-09 Vinson Leeswr: s/uint/enum pipe_render_cond_flag/
2017-03-08 Timothy Arcerist/nine: pass NULL to ureg_get_tokens()
2017-03-08 Eric Anholtvc4: Fix math with a condition flag set.
2017-03-08 Eric Anholtvc4: Fix register pressure cost estimates when a src...
2017-03-08 Eric Anholtvc4: Report to shader-db how many threads a fragment...
2017-03-08 Eric AnholtRevert "vc4: Lazily emit our FS/VS input loads."
2017-03-08 Marek Olšákradeonsi: fix elimination of literal VS outputs
2017-03-08 Mauro Rossiandroid: r600: fix libmesa_amd_common dependency
2017-03-08 Emil Velikovgallium/targets: rework the empty targets removal
2017-03-08 Brian Paulutil/indices: minor clean-ups
2017-03-08 Brian Paulradeonsi: s/uint/enum pipe_shader_type/
2017-03-08 Brian Paulgallium: s/uint/enum pipe_render_cond_flag/ for set_ren...
2017-03-08 Brian Paulgallium: s/uint/enum pipe_shader_type/ for set_constant...
2017-03-08 Brian Paulgallium: s/unsigned/enum pipe_shader_type/ for get_comp...
2017-03-08 Brian Paulvirgl: s/unsigned/enum pipe_shader_type/
2017-03-08 Brian Paulswr: s/unsigned/enum pipe_shader_type/
2017-03-08 Brian Paulsoftpipe: s/unsigned/enum pipe_shader_type/
2017-03-08 Brian Paulllvmpipe: s/unsigned/enum pipe_shader_type/
2017-03-08 Brian Paulfreedreno: s/unsigned/enum pipe_shader_type/
2017-03-08 Brian Pauletnaviv: s/unsigned/enum pipe_shader_type/
2017-03-08 Brian Pauldraw: s/unsigned/enum pipe_shader_type/
2017-03-08 Brian Paulcso: s/unsigned/enum pipe_shader_type/
2017-03-08 Brian Paulgallium: s/unsigned/enum pipe_shader_type/ for pipe_scr...
2017-03-07 Matt Turnerbuild: Replace NEED_RADEON_LLVM with HAVE_GALLIUM_LLVM.
2017-03-06 Dave Airlieradeonsi/ac: move get_image_intr_name to common
2017-03-06 Timothy Arcerigallium/util: remove unused header from u_queue.c
2017-03-06 Timothy Arcerigallium/util: remove unused pipe_thread_destroy()
2017-03-06 Timothy Arcerigallium/util: replace pipe_thread_wait() with thrd_join()
2017-03-06 Timothy Arcerigallium/util: remove PIPE_THREAD_ROUTINE()
2017-03-06 Timothy Arcerigallium/util: replace pipe_condvar with cnd_t
2017-03-06 Timothy Arcerigallium/util: replace pipe_thread with thrd_t
2017-03-06 Timothy Arcerigallium/util: replace pipe_mutex_unlock() with mtx_unlock()
2017-03-06 Timothy Arcerigallium/util: replace pipe_mutex_lock() with mtx_lock()
2017-03-06 Timothy Arcerigallium/util: replace pipe_mutex_destroy() with mtx_des...
2017-03-06 Timothy Arcerigallium/util: replace pipe_mutex_init() with mtx_init()
2017-03-06 Timothy Arcerigallium/util: remove pipe_static_mutex()
2017-03-06 Timothy Arcerigallium/util: replace pipe_mutex with mtx_t
2017-03-06 Timothy Arcerigallium/util: replace pipe_condvar_broadcast() with...
2017-03-06 Timothy Arcerigallium/util: replace pipe_condvar_signal() with cnd_si...
2017-03-06 Timothy Arcerigallium/util: replace pipe_condvar_wait() with cnd_wait()
2017-03-06 Timothy Arcerigallium/util: replace pipe_condvar_destroy() with cnd_d...
2017-03-06 Timothy Arcerigallium/util: replace pipe_condvar_init() with cnd_init()
2017-03-06 Marek Olšákst/dri: reduce dri_fill_st_options() params
2017-03-06 Marek Olšákst/dri: use local pointer to st_context_iface
2017-03-06 Marek Olšákgallium/radeon: don't monitor SDMA busyness on EG/Cayman/SI
2017-03-06 Marek Olšákradeonsi: drop support for LLVM 3.6 & 3.7
2017-03-06 Marek Olšákradeonsi: set the convergent attribute where needed
2017-03-06 Marek Olšákgallivm,ac: add LP_FUNC_ATTR_CONVERGENT
2017-03-06 Marek Olšákradeonsi: fix LLVM 3.9 - don't use non-matching attribu...
2017-03-06 Mark Thompsonst/omx: Set end-of-frame flag on bitstream output buffers
2017-03-06 Mark Thompsonst/omx: Fix port format enumeration
2017-03-06 Mark Thompsonst/va: Fix forward/backward referencing for deinterlacing
2017-03-06 Mark Thompsonst/va: Support fractional framerate in misc parameter
2017-03-06 Andy Furnissst/va encode handle ntsc framerate rate control
2017-03-05 Tim Rowleyswr: [rasterizer core] fix primID provoking vertex...
2017-03-05 Tim Rowleyswr: implement geometry shaders
2017-03-04 Timothy Arcerisvga: pass NULL to ureg_get_tokens()
2017-03-04 Ilia Mirkinnvc0: take extra pushbuf space into account for pushbuf...
2017-03-04 Ilia Mirkinnvc0: increase alignment to 256 for texture buffers...
2017-03-04 Emil Velikovgallium/targets: don't leave an empty target directory...
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákac: normalize build helper names
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákradeonsi: move SI.vs.load.input building into amd/common
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákradeonsi: detect and mark loads/stores from read-only...
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákac: replace with llvm.amdgcn...
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákradeonsi: use the writeonly LLVM attribute
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákac: remove offen parameter from ac_build_buffer_store_dword
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákradeonsi: enable TC L2 for tessellation offchip stores
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákradeonsi: merge and simplify tbuffer_store functions
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákradeonsi: set noalias on input shader pointers
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákradeonsi: replace AMDGPU.bfe.* with amdgcn.*bfe
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákradeonsi: move kill intrinsic building into amd/common
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákradeonsi: set readnone on reads from read-only memory
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákradeonsi: replace SI.buffer.load.dword with amdgcn...
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákradeonsi: replace SI.packf16 with amdgcn.cvt.pkrtz
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákradeonsi: remove last use of llvm.SI.resinfo
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákradeonsi: move image intrinsic building to amd/common
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákac: replace SI.export with amdgcn.exp.*
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákradeonsi: move llvm.SI.export building to amd/common
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákac: unify build_type_name_for_intr functions
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákradeonsi: set unorm=1 for TGSI_TEXTURE_SHADOWRECT as...
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákgallivm, ac: add writeonly and inaccessiblememonly...
2017-03-03 Marek Olšáktgsi/scan: record load/store/atomic image usage
2017-03-03 Grazvydas Ignotastgsi/ureg: return correct token count in ureg_get_tokens
2017-03-03 Timothy Arceriradeonsi: add support for an on-disk shader cache
2017-03-02 Matt Turnerclover: Work around build failure with AltiVec.
2017-03-02 Bruce Cherniakswr: fix crash in swr_update_derived following st/mesa...
2017-03-02 Bruce Cherniakswr: enable clear_texture with util_clear_texture
2017-03-02 Brian Paulsvga: fix crash regression since e027935a795
2017-03-02 Brian Paulsvga: s/unsigned/pipe_prim_type/
2017-03-02 Brian Paulsvga: whitespace fixes in svga_context.h
2017-03-02 Brian Paulsvga: whitespace and formatting fixes in svga_stage.c
2017-03-01 Marek Olšákgallivm,ac: add function attributes at call sites inste...
2017-03-01 Marek Olšákgallivm,ac: remove unused FUNC_ATTR_LAST enums
2017-02-28 Emil Velikovautomake: r600: radeonsi: correctly manage libamd_commo...
2017-02-28 Michel Dänzergallium/radeon: Add libamd_common.a to TARGET_LIB_DEPS...
2017-02-28 Timothy Arcerigallium/r600: fix r600 build when OpenCL is enabled
2017-02-28 Timothy Arceriradeon: remove unused radeon_elf_util.{c,h}
2017-02-28 Timothy Arceriradeon/ac: switch to ac_shader_binary_config_start()
2017-02-28 Timothy Arceriradeon/ac: switch from radeon_elf_read() to ac_elf_read()