Remove talloc from the SCons build system.
[mesa.git] / src / glsl / SConscript
2011-01-31 Kenneth GraunkeRemove talloc from the SCons build system.
2011-01-31 Kenneth Graunkeralloc: Add a fake implementation of ralloc based on...
2011-01-24 Jakob Bornecrantzglsl: Fix mingw crosscompile
2011-01-15 Brian PaulMerge branch 'draw-instanced'
2011-01-13 José Fonsecascons: Fix cross-compilation.
2011-01-12 José Fonsecaglsl: Make builtin_compiler build on Windows with MSVC.
2011-01-12 José Fonsecagetopt: Import OpenBSD getopt implementation for MSVC.
2011-01-11 Kenneth Graunkeglsl: Autogenerate builtin_functions.cpp as part of...
2010-12-19 Christoph BumillerMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into nvc0-new
2010-12-14 Brian Paulglsl: new glsl_strtod() wrapper to fix decimal point...
2010-12-01 Kenneth Graunkeglsl: Add a lowering pass to move discards out of if...
2010-12-01 Kenneth Graunkeglsl: Add an optimization pass to simplify discards.
2010-11-22 Keith WhitwellMerge branch 'lp-offset-twoside'
2010-11-20 Vinson Leeglsl: Add lower_vector.cpp to SConscript.
2010-11-19 Kenneth Graunkeglsl: Combine many instruction lowering passes into...
2010-11-16 Vinson Leeglsl: Add ir_constant_expression.cpp to SConscript.
2010-11-16 Brian Paulglsl: remove opt_constant_expression.cpp from SConscript
2010-11-16 Kenneth Graunkeglsl: Rename various ir_* files to lower_* and opt_*.
2010-09-17 Luca Barbieriglsl: add pass to lower variable array indexing to...
2010-09-15 Christoph BumillerMerge remote branch 'origin/nv50-compiler'
2010-09-13 Ian Romanickglsl2: Add pass to remove redundant jumps
2010-09-13 Luca Barbieriglsl: add continue/break/return unification/elimination...
2010-09-09 Jakob Bornecrantzglsl2: Fix scons build for all platforms
2010-09-05 José Fonsecaglsl: Add new files to sconscript.
2010-09-02 Christoph BumillerMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into nv50-compiler
2010-08-26 José Fonsecascons: Add glsl_symbol_table.cpp
2010-08-17 Ian RomanickMerge branch 'glsl2'
2010-08-14 José Fonsecascons: Add new source files.
2010-08-14 Ian RomanickMerge branch 'master' into glsl2
2010-08-13 José Fonsecascons: Build the new glsl2 code.
2010-06-24 Eric AnholtMerge branch 'glsl2-head' into glsl2
2010-01-26 Brian PaulMerge branch 'mesa_7_7_branch'
2010-01-25 Brian PaulMerge branch 'mesa_7_7_branch'
2010-01-22 Brian PaulMerge branch 'mesa_7_7_branch'
2010-01-22 Brian PaulMerge branch 'mesa_7_7_branch'
2010-01-15 Roland ScheideggerMerge branch 'gallium-noconstbuf'
2010-01-14 Jakob BornecrantzMerge branch 'mesa_7_7_branch'
2010-01-12 Chia-I WuMerge branch 'master' into opengl-es-v2
2010-01-08 José FonsecaMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into lp-binning
2010-01-08 Brian PaulMerge branch 'mesa_7_7_branch'
2010-01-06 José FonsecaMerge remote branch 'origin/mesa_7_7_branch'
2010-01-05 Corbin SimpsonMerge branch 'gallium-docs'
2010-01-05 Keith WhitwellMerge commit 'origin/gallium-draw-retval'
2010-01-05 Michal KrolMerge branch 'master' into instanced-arrays
2010-01-05 Brian PaulMerge branch 'mesa_7_7_branch'
2009-12-31 Brian PaulMerge branch 'mesa_7_7_branch'
2009-12-28 José Fonsecascons: Fix xlib build.
2009-12-27 Brian PaulMerge branch 'mesa_7_7_branch'
2009-12-23 Keith Whitwellglsl/pp: move static functions out of header file
2009-12-22 Roland ScheideggerMerge branch 'gallium-edgeflags'
2009-12-22 Keith WhitwellMerge branch 'i965g-restart'
2009-12-22 Ian RomanickMerge branch 'mesa_7_7_branch'
2009-12-22 Brian PaulMerge branch 'mesa_7_7_branch'
2009-12-17 Michal KrolMerge branch 'master' into pipe-format-simplify
2009-12-17 Michal KrolMerge branch 'glsl-pp-rework-2'
2009-12-12 Michal KrolMerge branch 'master' into glsl-pp-rework-2
2009-12-10 José Fonsecascons: Get GLSL code building correctly when cross...