loader: rework xmlconfig dependency
[mesa.git] / src / glx / Makefile.am
2017-08-04 Emil Velikovloader: rework xmlconfig dependency
2017-05-04 Emil Velikovglx: automake: scons: remove unneeded GLX_SHARED_GLAPI...
2017-04-17 Kyle BrennemanEGL: Implement the libglvnd interface for EGL (v3)
2017-03-23 Topi Pohjolainenglx: Prefer library path given by pkgconfig over the...
2017-01-27 Emil Velikovglx: automake: include builddir prior to srcdir
2016-09-15 Jon Turneydirect-to-native-GL for GLX clients on Cygwin ("Windows...
2016-05-30 Emil Velikovglx/glvnd: automake: include all the sources in libglx_...
2016-05-30 Kyle Brennemanglx: Implement the libglvnd interface.
2016-04-20 Marek Olšákglx: implement GLX part of interop interface (v2)
2015-11-23 Jason EkstrandMerge remote-tracking branch 'mesa-public/master' into...
2015-11-17 Boyan Dingglx/dri3: Convert to use dri3 helper in loader library
2015-11-17 Boyan Dingloader: Add dri3 helper
2015-10-02 Jason EkstrandMerge remote-tracking branch 'mesa-public/master' into...
2015-10-02 Kyle Brennemanglx: Don't hard-code the name "libGL.so.1" in driOpenDr...
2015-03-04 Brian Paulglx: use ARRAY_SIZE from macros.h
2014-12-12 Matt Turnermesa: Add scons files to distribution.
2014-12-12 Matt Turnerglx: Add headers to distribution.
2014-12-12 Matt Turnerglx: Alphabetize source lists.
2014-08-21 Jon TURNEYglx: Fix build since 679c2ef "glx/drisw: add support...
2014-05-23 Jon TURNEYFix build of appleglx
2014-05-23 Jon TURNEYMake DRI dependencies and build depend on the target
2014-05-23 Jon TURNEYFix build for darwin
2014-04-05 Jonathan Grayautomake: don't enable -Wl,--no-undefined on OpenBSD
2014-03-31 Emil Velikovautomake: ask the linker to do garbage collection
2014-03-31 Emil Velikovautomake: add -Wl,--no-undefined to all libraries
2014-03-11 Emil Velikovautomake: do not use symbols names for static glapi.la
2014-01-29 Kristian Høgsbergbuild: Share the all-local rule for linking libraries...
2014-01-27 Eric Anholtdri2: Trust our own driver name lookup over the server's.
2014-01-23 Emil Velikovglx: link loader util lib only when building with dri3
2014-01-18 Emil Velikovglx: use the loader util lib
2014-01-18 Emil Velikovloader: introduce the loader util lib
2013-11-09 Armin Kglx: conditionaly build dri3 and present loader (v3)
2013-11-08 Keith PackardAdd DRI3+Present loader
2013-11-08 Ian Romanickglx/dri2: Add DRI2 support for GLX_MESA_query_renderer
2013-11-08 Ian Romanickglx: Add functions and GLX plumbing for GLX_MESA_query_...
2013-03-21 Adam Jacksonglx: Build with VISIBILITY_CFLAGS in automake
2012-08-22 Matt Turnerbuild: Clean glx Makefile.am
2012-08-13 Christopher James... build/glx: fix include paths for out-of-tree builds
2012-07-24 Brad Kingautomake: Honor GL_LIB for mangled/custom lib names
2012-07-17 Matt Turnerglx: build tests after libglx.la
2012-07-13 Jon TURNEYautomake: convert libglapi
2012-06-13 Ian Romanickglx: Move tests from tests/glx to src/glx/tests
2012-04-13 Eric Anholtglx: Hook up the unit tests again using the internal...
2012-03-28 Jon TURNEYUse -no-undefined libtool flag in src/glx/Makefile.am
2012-03-21 Eric Anholtglx: Fix glXGetProcAddress() of global glX symbols...
2012-03-19 Kristian Høgsbergshared-glapi: Convert to automake
2012-03-07 Johannes Obermayrglx: Also put a symlink from libGL.so in lib/ for now.
2012-02-29 Eric Anholtglx: Convert to automake.