Added few more stubs so that control reaches to DestroyDevice().
[mesa.git] / src / glx / drisw_priv.h
2020-01-23 Adam Jacksondrisw: Cache the depth of the X drawable
2019-09-27 Adam Jacksondrisw: Fix and simplify drawable setup
2019-09-27 Adam Jacksondrisw: Simplify GC setup
2018-10-30 Michał Janiszewskiglx: Add missing include guards
2018-05-29 Marc-André Lureaudrisw/glx: use XShm if possible
2014-08-15 Emil Velikovglx/drisw: add support for DRI2rendererQueryExtension
2014-08-15 Emil Velikovglx/drisw: Move private structure declarations to a...