intel/perf: repurpose INTEL_DEBUG=no-oaconfig
[mesa.git] / src / intel / vulkan / anv_batch_chain.c
2020-05-20 Lionel Landwerlinintel/perf: repurpose INTEL_DEBUG=no-oaconfig
2020-05-20 Lionel Landwerlinanv: Implement VK_KHR_performance_query
2020-05-20 Lionel Landwerlinanv: add a new execution mode for secondary command...
2020-05-08 Jason Ekstrandanv/allocator: Add a start_offset to anv_state_pool
2020-01-29 Jason Ekstrandanv: Re-use one old BT block in reset_batch_bo_chain
2020-01-20 Jason Ekstrandanv: Add an anv_physical_device field to anv_device
2019-12-06 Jason Ekstrandanv: Always add in EXEC_OBJECT_WRITE when specified...
2019-12-04 Ian Romanickanv: Fix error message format string
2019-11-18 Jason Ekstrandanv: Use an anv_state for the next binding table
2019-11-11 Lionel Landwerlinanv: implement VK_KHR_timeline_semaphore
2019-11-11 Lionel Landwerlinanv: prepare the driver for delayed submissions
2019-11-11 Lionel Landwerlinanv: prepare driver to report submission error through...
2019-11-11 Lionel Landwerlinanv: detach batch emission allocation from device
2019-11-11 Lionel Landwerlinanv: remove list items on batch fini
2019-11-11 Lionel Landwerlinanv: invalidate file descriptor of semaphore sync fd...
2019-10-31 Jason Ekstrandanv: Use a bitset for tracking residency
2019-10-31 Jason Ekstrandanv: Add a device parameter to anv_execbuf_add_bo
2019-10-31 Jason Ekstrandanv: Allocate misc BOs from the cache
2019-10-31 Jason Ekstrandanv: Allocate batch and fence buffers from the cache
2019-10-31 Jason Ekstrandanv: Handle state pool relocations using "wrapper" BOs
2019-10-31 Jason Ekstrandanv: Replace ANV_BO_EXTERNAL with anv_bo::is_external
2019-10-31 Jason Ekstrandanv: Declare the bo in the anv_block_pool_foreach_bo...
2019-10-31 Jason Ekstrandanv: Stop storing the GEM handle in anv_reloc_list_add
2019-10-31 Jason Ekstrandanv: Fix a relocation race condition
2019-10-29 Jason Ekstrandanv: Reduce the minimum number of relocations
2019-10-29 Jason Ekstrandanv: Delay allocation of relocation lists
2019-10-29 Caio Marcelo de... anv: Fix output of INTEL_DEBUG=bat for chained batches
2019-10-28 Timothy Arceriutil: rename list_empty() to list_is_empty()
2019-07-31 Eric Engestromtree-wide: replace MAYBE_UNUSED with ASSERTED
2019-07-31 Eric Engestromintel: drop incorrect MAYBE_UNUSED
2019-06-20 Lionel Landwerlinanv: only resort to sync fds internally with no syncobj...
2019-04-19 Jason Ekstrandanv: Make all VkDeviceMemory BOs resident permanently
2019-03-07 Lionel Landwerlinintel/decoders: handle decoding MI_BBS from ring
2019-03-02 Lionel Landwerlinanv: add support for INTEL_DEBUG=bat
2019-02-24 Lionel LandwerlinRevert "anv: add support for INTEL_DEBUG=bat"
2019-02-23 Lionel Landwerlinanv: add support for INTEL_DEBUG=bat
2019-02-01 Jason Ekstrandanv: Implement VK_EXT_buffer_device_address
2019-01-17 Rafael Antognollianv: Validate the list of BOs from the block pool.
2019-01-17 Rafael Antognollianv: Split code to add BO dependencies to execbuf.
2019-01-17 Rafael Antognollianv: Update usage of block_pool->bo.
2019-01-17 Rafael Antognollianv/allocator: Add getter for anv_block_pool.
2019-01-14 Caio Marcelo de... src/intel: use new hash table and set creation helpers
2018-10-25 Eric Engestromutil: use C99 declaration in the for-loop set_foreach...
2018-10-03 Jason Ekstrandanv/batch_chain: Don't start a new BO just for BATCH_BU...
2018-10-03 Jason Ekstrandanv: Use separate MOCS settings for external BOs
2018-08-24 Lionel Landwerlinintel: decoder: unify MI_BB_START field naming
2018-06-01 Jason Ekstrandanv: Don't even bother processing relocs if we have...
2018-06-01 Jason Ekstrandanv: Refactor reloc handling in execbuf_add_bo
2018-06-01 Scott D Phillipsanv: Soft-pin batch buffers
2018-06-01 Jason Ekstrandanv/batch_chain: Simplify secondary batch return chaining
2018-06-01 Jason Ekstrandanv/batch_chain: Call batch_bo_finish at the end of...
2018-06-01 Scott D Phillipsanv: For pinned BOs, skip relocations, but track bo...
2018-06-01 Scott D Phillipsanv: Use a separate pool for binding tables when soft...
2018-05-31 Scott D Phillipsanv/blorp: Write relocated values into surface states
2018-05-28 Scott D Phillipsanv: move canonical_address calculation into a separate...
2018-03-07 Jason EkstrandGet rid of a bunch of KHR suffixes
2018-02-12 Kenneth Graunkeanv: Drop I915_EXEC_CONSTANTS_REL_GENERAL from execbuf.
2017-08-29 Matt Turneranv: Remove 'inline' keywords
2017-08-29 Jason Ekstrandanv: Implement VK_KHR_external_fence
2017-08-29 Jason Ekstrandanv: Use DRM sync objects to back fences whenever possible
2017-08-29 Jason Ekstrandanv: Rename anv_fence_state to anv_bo_fence_state
2017-08-29 Jason Ekstrandanv: Pull the guts of anv_fence into anv_fence_impl
2017-08-29 Jason Ekstrandanv: Rework fences to work more like BO semaphores
2017-08-22 Francisco Jerezanv: Check that in_fence fd is valid before closing it.
2017-08-22 Francisco Jerezanv: Add error handling to setup_empty_execbuf().
2017-08-16 Jason Ekstrandanv: Use DRM sync objects for external semaphores when...
2017-08-16 Jason Ekstrandanv: Implement support for exporting semaphores as...
2017-08-16 Jason Ekstrandanv: Submit a dummy batch when only semaphores are...
2017-08-16 Jason Ekstrandanv: Add a basic implementation of VK_KHX_external_sema...
2017-07-12 Jason Ekstrandanv: Round u_vector element sizes to a power of two
2017-07-10 Kenneth Graunkeintel: Move clflush helpers from anv to common/gen_clfl...
2017-07-10 Jason Ekstrandanv: Stop setting domains to RENDER on EXEC_OBJECT_WRITE
2017-05-08 Lionel Landwerlinanv: check return value of anv_execbuf_add_bo
2017-05-05 Jason Ekstrandanv/allocator: Embed the block_pool in the state_pool
2017-05-05 Jason Ekstrandanv: Allocate binding table blocks through the state...
2017-05-05 Jason Ekstrandanv/allocator: Drop the block_size field from block_pool
2017-05-03 Jason Ekstrandanv: Implement VK_KHX_external_semaphore_fd
2017-05-03 Jason Ekstrandanv: Pull the guts of cmd_buffer_execbuf into a helper
2017-04-28 Jason Ekstrandanv/cmd_buffer: Use the device allocator for QueueSubmit
2017-04-05 Jason Ekstrandanv: Replace anv_bo::is_winsys_bo with a uint32_t flags
2017-03-29 Jason Ekstrandanv/batch_chain: Handle another OOM in cmd_buffer_execbuf
2017-03-16 Iago Toral Quirogaanv: handle errors while allocating new binding table...
2017-03-16 Iago Toral Quirogaanv: handle memory allocation errors during queue submi...
2017-03-16 Iago Toral Quirogaanv: handle failures when growing reloc lists
2017-03-16 Iago Toral Quirogaanv: handle allocation failure in anv_batch_emit_dwords()
2017-03-16 Iago Toral Quirogaanv: handle allocation failure in anv_batch_emit_batch()
2017-02-21 Jason Ekstrandanv: Rename clflush_range and state_clflush
2016-11-30 Kristian H. Kristensenanv: Don't include two different pack headers
2016-11-16 Jason Ekstrandintel/isl: Add some basic info about RENDER_SURFACE_STA...
2016-11-09 Kristian Høgsberg... anv: Do relocations in userspace before execbuf ioctl
2016-11-09 Jason Ekstrandanv: Move relocation handling from EndCommandBuffer...
2016-11-09 Jason Ekstrandanv/batch: Move last_ss_pool_bo_offset to the command...
2016-11-09 Jason Ekstrandanv: Add an anv_execbuf helper struct
2016-11-09 Jason Ekstrandanv/batch_chain: Improve write_reloc
2016-11-09 Jason Ekstrandanv: Don't presume to know what address is in a surface...
2016-11-09 Jason Ekstrandanv: Add a cmd_buffer_execbuf helper
2016-11-08 Jason Ekstrandanv: Document cmd_buffer_alloc_binding_table
2016-10-18 Dave Airlieanv: move to using vk_alloc helpers.
2016-10-18 Dave Airlieanv: port to using new u_vector shared helper.
2016-10-18 Jason Ekstrandanv/cmd_buffer: Move state base address re-emit into...