loader: Avoid use-after-free / use of uninitialized local variables
[mesa.git] / src / loader / pci_id_driver_map.h
2019-08-28 Jordan Justenpci_id_driver_map: Support preferring iris over i965
2019-02-21 Kenneth Graunkeiris: Initial commit of a new 'iris' driver for Intel...
2017-11-07 Marek Olšákradeonsi: remove unused field in the PCI ID table
2016-10-18 Emil Velikovloader: remove loader_get_driver_for_fd() driver_type
2016-02-05 Jason EkstrandMerge branch mesa-public/master into vulkan
2016-01-23 Rob Herringvirtio_gpu: Add PCI ID to driver map
2014-03-19 Ilia Mirkinloader: add special logic to distinguish nouveau from...