st: expose KHR_blend_equation_advanced if PIPE_CAP_BLEND_EQUATION_ADVANCED
[mesa.git] / src / mesa / SConscript
2020-03-30 Jose Fonsecascons: Prune out unnecessary targets.
2020-03-24 Marek Olšákglthread: compile marshal_generated.c faster by breakin...
2019-07-01 Eric Anholtmesa: Replace gen_matypes with a simple header for...
2018-10-19 Jose Fonsecascons: Remove gles option.
2018-05-12 Vinson Leescons: Add PROGRAM_NIR_FILES.
2017-10-03 Matt Turnerbuild: Remove HAVE_DLOPEN
2017-06-28 Brian Paulscons: add code to generate format_fallback.c file
2017-03-26 Jose Fonsecascons: Fix dependencies of marshal_generated.[ch].
2017-03-16 Paul Berryglapi: Generate GL API marshalling code from the XML.
2016-08-30 Ian Romanickglsl: Generate ir_expression_operation.h from Python
2016-08-27 Jose Fonsecascons: Take indirect gl_and_es_API.xml dependencies...
2016-07-20 Emil Velikovmesa: scons: remove left over src/glsl include
2016-07-20 Emil Velikovmesa: scons: list builddir before srcdir
2016-06-17 Brian Paulscons: put the generated git_sha1.h file in top-level...
2016-05-17 Rob Clarkmesa/st: add support for NIR as possible driver IR
2016-04-26 Jose Fonsecascons: Whenever possible decide what to do based on...
2016-02-05 Jason EkstrandMerge commit mesa-public/master into vulkan
2016-01-26 Emil Velikovnir: move glsl_types.{cpp,h} to compiler
2015-10-19 Jason EkstrandMerge remote-tracking branch 'mesa-public/master' into...
2015-10-16 Rob Clarknir: remove dependency on glsl
2015-03-25 Jose Fonsecascons: Fix git_sha1.h generation fallback.
2015-03-22 Jose Fonsecascons: Cleanup flex/bison settings specification.
2015-03-22 Jose Fonsecascons: Ensure git_sha1.h's directory exists.
2015-03-18 Jose Fonsecascons: Don't link program_lexer.l/y twice.
2015-03-05 Emil Velikovmesa: rename format_info.c to format_info.h
2015-03-04 Jose Fonsecascons: Use -Werror MSVC compatibility flags per-directory.
2015-02-20 Eric Anholtmesa: Add gallium include dirs to more parts of the...
2015-01-12 Jason Ekstrandmesa: Autogenerate format_unpack.c
2015-01-12 Jason Ekstrandmesa: Autogenerate most of format_pack.c
2014-08-05 Jason Ekstrandmesa/formats: Autogenerate the format_info structure...
2014-08-04 Kenneth Graunkeutil: Move ralloc to a new src/util directory.
2014-08-04 Jason Ekstrandmesa/SConscript: Use Makefile.sources instead of duplic...
2014-05-22 José Fonsecascons: Fix x86_64 build.
2014-03-08 Vinson Leescons: Add drivers/common/meta_generate_mipmap.c to...
2014-02-22 Vinson Leescons: Add main/pipelineobj.c to src/mesa/SConscript.
2014-02-13 Brian Paulscons: add meta_blit.c to src/mesa/SConscript
2014-02-05 Paul Berrymesa/cs: Add dispatch API stubs for ARB_compute_shader.
2014-02-02 Brian Paulmesa: move glGenerateMipmap() code into new genmipmap...
2014-02-02 Brian Paulmesa: move glBlitFramebuffer code into new blit.c file
2014-01-15 Brian Paulscons: add new shaderimage.c file to the build
2013-12-13 Courtney Goeltzenl... mesa: Add API definitions for ARB_texture_view
2013-11-16 Emil Velikovscons: drop obsolete enabled_apis variable
2013-10-26 Brian Paulmesa: add vdpau.c and st_vdpau.c to src/mesa/SConscript
2013-09-26 Kenneth Graunkemesa: Add core support for the GL_AMD_performance_monit...
2013-09-04 Timothy Arcerimesa: Update builds scripts to build object labels
2013-07-01 José Fonsecascons: Fix dependencies of enums.c and api_exec.c.
2013-05-01 Andreas Bollscons: remove IN_DRI_DRIVER
2013-04-25 José Fonsecascons: Support clang.
2013-04-17 Brian Paulmesa: generate glGetInteger/Boolean/Float/Doublev(...
2013-04-11 José Fonsecascons: Add st_cb_msaa.c to source list.
2013-03-13 José Fonsecascons: Define PACKAGE_VERSION/BUGREPORT globally.
2013-03-13 José Fonsecascons: Define PACKAGE_xxx
2013-01-21 José Fonsecascons: Fix dependencies of generated headers.
2013-01-16 Brian Paulmesa: add new formatquery.c file to SConscript file...
2013-01-07 Alexander von Gluck IVmesa: Don't use rtasm for Haiku swrast
2012-12-07 Jordan Justenprogram/hash_table.c: rename to program/prog_hash_table.c
2012-12-06 Eric Anholtmesa: add set support (stores a set of pointers)
2012-11-12 Eric Anholtmesa: Import a copy of the open-addressing hash table...
2012-11-07 Vinson Leescons: Build src/mesa/main/es1_conversion.c for all...
2012-11-06 Paul Berrydispatch: Code generate api_exec.c.
2012-11-01 Paul Berrydispatch: stop generating separate GLES1 API code.
2012-10-16 Kenneth Graunkemesa: Remove support for parsing NV fragment programs.
2012-10-16 Kenneth Graunkemesa: Remove the NV program API functions.
2012-10-15 Eric Anholtmesa: Remove support for parsing NV vertex programs.
2012-10-10 Imre Deakmesa: glGet: add script to generate hash tables in...
2012-10-10 Imre Deakscons/android: add flag to check for enabled GL APIs
2012-09-29 Vinson Leescons: Disable build of assembly sources on Cygwin.
2012-09-15 Brian Paulscons: add new -p (prefix) options for yacc
2012-08-30 Tapani Pälliscons : add HAVE_DLOPEN to build environment
2012-08-29 Ian Romanickmesa: Kill ES2 wrapper functions
2012-08-24 Matt TurnerMove _mesa_dl* functions into dlopen.h and inline them
2012-08-24 Brian Paulmesa: rename texpal.[ch] to texcompress_cpal.[ch]
2012-08-18 Ian Romanickmesa/es: Don't generate ES1 type conversion wrappers
2012-07-21 Jordan Justenmesa: add glformats integer type/format detection routines
2012-07-13 Jon TURNEYRename sparc/clip.S -> sparc/sparc_clip.S
2012-06-15 Brian Paulscons: add st_atom_array.c to the build
2012-05-31 Brian Paulscons: add code to generate the various GL API files
2012-05-17 Jordan Justenvbo: add software primitive restart support
2012-03-10 nobledmesa: split error handling into its own file
2012-02-25 Vinson Leescons: Don't build the assembly sources on Mac OS X.
2012-01-22 Matt TurnerRemove src/mesa/ppc
2012-01-06 Brian Paulswrast: remove s_depthstencil.[ch] files
2011-12-13 Brian Paulmesa: remove unused depthstencil.[ch] files
2011-12-13 Brian Paulmesa: build swrast/s_depthstencil.c
2011-12-08 Brian Paulmesa: build new s_renderbuffer.c file
2011-12-08 Brian Paulmesa: rewrite accum buffer support
2011-12-08 Brian Paulmesa: new format_pack.c code
2011-12-02 Chia-I Wumesa: add ETC1 decoding routines
2011-11-15 Brian Paulmesa: remove _swrast_ReadPixels()
2011-11-11 Brian Paulmesa: replace api_noop.[ch] with vbo_noop.[ch]
2011-11-09 José Fonsecascons: Don't list m_xform.c twice.
2011-11-07 Brian Paulmesa: remove prog_uniform.c from SConscript
2011-10-31 Brian Paulmesa: compile new texstore.c file
2011-10-19 Vinson Leescons: Add uniform_query.cpp to SConscript.
2011-10-04 Brian Paulscons: add new files to src/mesa/SConscript
2011-09-28 Brian Paulscons: insert 'git-' into MESA_GIT_SHA1 string
2011-09-28 Brian Paulscons: fix write_git_sha1_h_file() issue on Windows
2011-09-28 Brian Paulscons: generate git_sha1.h file as with Makefile build
2011-09-17 Brian Paulmesa: move software texel fetch code into swrast
2011-09-09 Brian Paulmesa: add new pixel format unpacking code